Crypto Hello! Well it's a bloody feast for you Horror and Horror! And what happened? And how could they allow this? Tears drip Sob sob Do you want to know the truth ?! Hold it! Bitcoin burst! And we will all die! Aaaa! The truth bursts bitcoin is not the first time

But the crypto-hamster memory is short, therefore such quite expected events, which are called boring word correction, with a regular periodicity repeated on CryptoRink But every time, hamsters with pain, suffering, panic and bewilderment in their eyes ask? For what?! They can not believe that the Fairy CryptoMir can be so cruel, and bitcoin – insidious After all, they were repeated from every iron, that already tomorrow bitcoin will cost one hundred thousand dollars And trusting these rumors and their greed, having sold apartments, cars, extra kidneys and typing credits they rushed to the meeting with an easy heart and shining eyes already gaining a huge speed crypto-train At the very highs

On the most hayah Completely forgetting the ancient wisdom of traders About these same hai and hu (waved his tie) Although, I admit the idea that most of the newcomers in CryptoMir she did not even know her hamsters Already painfully far from the economy people managed to drive in bitcoin using a TV But there are pluses Now looking at their own gutted gut and puddles blood, cryptochyachi very well master this ancient trader's wisdom Haha

Yes, it's cruel! But before you climb into the crypt, get your brains out, learn market, try your hand at small amounts And do not go to the whole cutlet in bitcoin, as it advised some talking head in the TV! Neuchi and lazy people driven exclusively by their own greed, purchasing bitcoin at highs make rich not themselves, but those who sell it to them All!