bitconnect capital release & bitfly vs coinbase pretty good news we're starting to see them pop up so uh Lena kain she she did a video so I'm going to leave the link in the description go check her out but she did a video recently 120 day release so that is absolutely awesome you know it's just good to see you know gives us the warm and fuzzies so I'll play a little bit of it just to show you what's going on like what what she filmed um I turned the volume off but basically she states that you know she's in the process of doing it you know she's going to show the time and everything and yeah I might bounce around a little bit but it's pretty simple to see you know she shows all her you know her deposits or you know her loans which are about 60 G's so she's ballin but yeah 532 is the time where she was to receive it so you're going to refresh the screen right now and you see the lending wallet so Lebanon eleven thousand three hundred and twenty bucks so that's really awesome I'm happy for you know I mean it's got to be a really good feeling to to get that size a size of investment investment back so yeah it's awesome so she no she just goes through the motions she shows that you know this is a capital relief she just wants to make it very clear which i think is really cool you know you know she just she goes through the motions and shows you know that it's not B F and then she chooses capital relief I'm looking forward to seeing that tap I haven't even touched that tab yet but I'm looking forward to it and congratulations to her too because she was invited to the annual event in Thailand so yeah she goes through it a little bit more and just kind of shows she shows herself do the reinvest which i think is pretty badass and she states a something along the lines of you know she was uh she wanted to stay up the same amount that she has coming in and let me see if I can show you real quick what the numbers are and these are very ballpark numbers as far as what she has coming in but wispy so yeah seven hundred and change a day that's just you know supposedly for the first twenty four these are very rough numbers but I'm sure you get the idea I mean those are some serious digits so yeah pretty badass so congrats to her I think that's awesome it's great to see and yeah I'm pumped for her you know other than that bitconnect capital release & bitfly vs coinbase let's get to the next topic bitflyer bit flyer is coming to the us

which i think is awesome because you know coinbase is cool and it's not you know like for small exchanges and such you know I recommend it but you know I mean I sent a couple of payments I sent one and a friend sent one you know to my coin base and they flagged me as a as a person who's selling Bitcoin on eBay or whatever so you know just something to be careful of it's not that I won't recommend them because you know they are very easy simple to use but whatever bit fliers coming out there in 30 36 states 34 states they've already gotten approval so as an example coin basis in like 38 or 36 states so I think this is great news and this is this is the world's largest it's Japan's largest and the world's largest Bitcoin exchange by volume and you know it says it right there so I'll leave this article in the description as well I think it's pretty cool I'm excited for this company I'm going to check them out and see how they are you know they're going to be stationed in San Francisco so yes that's about it I'm going to move on do some other stuff in a little bit but hope everybody's having a great day the team's going awesome thank you everybody for joining my team the chat room has been awesome I'm going to do another video in a little bit later when I have some time about fit Lake there's some information on bit like going on that that's interesting but that's about it thank you for watching as always thank you for subscribing and any comments are appreciated let me know if any of my information is inaccurate that's about it team Joey rocket out bitconnect capital release & bitfly vs coinbase