Hey whats up guys, it's One With The Blockchain and today I have for you 5 different ways you can earn burst coin without mining Now before we start I just want to say all the links are in the description if you want to check them out, lets get right into it

So first off for #1 we have BurstNationcom, it's basically a one stop shop for everything about burst they have links to the burst casino, their wallet, forums, all the downloads for their miners, wallets everything! They also have a really cool point system and they have like a troll box here too, so you can chat with everyone If you have any questions or anything you can go to BurstNation and check it out! yeah thats basically everything One thing about BurstNation is they do a ton of giveaways on there, I mean a ton, there is all different types of ways you can earn free burstcoin by doing basically nothing, just participating on the forums and doing other types of stuff like that

If you actually make a youtube video about BurstNation you can get 5000 Burst Coins instantly, you just have to post the link of you video and your burst wallet address and you can get 5000, thats easy burst coins right there Second up we have burstcoin faucet, which you can find right here, if you go claim free burst coins it takes you to the faucet you just copy your burst address, claim, do I am not a robot and they send you 3 to 5 burst, I dont know how much it is but its somewhere between there Next up we have the burst casino, you can win burst or you actually get to level one, which requires you to do a whole bunch of different types of stuff like wager rain and once your level one you can start participating in rains So if you go to the chat you can type in /rain 100 there we go i think that's it

It rains 100 burst on 10 lucky people, so I just gave out 100 burst People rain all the time so if you just sit in here and are active in the chat you can some free burst but you got to be active in the chat and if you just type one thing every once in a while or setup a bot or something they know when your botting and they will ban you So make sure you're not cheating like that Just be active and play the game and get some free burst coins just by participating in chat, that's pretty easy Another way you can earn burst, I think this is number 4 is from assets, assets pay out weekly, monthly it all depends if you go over here to the assets you can view all the assets that you have, asset exchange, you go asset exchange then go my assets you can view all the different types of assets, I've got quite a few different types of assets, I don't overall have very many but its still a good amount

I've got some UniBurst, thats a brand new one, OGburst, Casino some Burst ocean, BTCDragon, now casino is one of the most popular assets right now and what it is, is basically you buy a share of the casino asset and weekly they take a percentage of the casinos, burst casinos profits they take a small percentage of it, this right here the casino, they take a percentage and they divide it unto all their asset holders, so you get paid for just holding this asset and then on top of that, if that asset goes up in price you can sell it for more, so if you don't want it anymore you can just sell it I'll show you the transactions right here, Burst casino, last payout was very small 029, but I think I was only holding 2, I wasn't holding very many BTCdragon gave me 9 burst uhh yeah they pay out weekly, so thats really nice The next way that you can earn burst is just by having a wallet, thats all you have to do, just have a burst wallet, its free, doesn't require anything at all you just get a burst wallet and BurstNation has been making it rain on everyone's wallets like I've got 2 burst from them right there, 3 burst from them, 10 burst, 6 burst, 5 burst, 12 burst, 7 burst They've just been making it rain an insane amount

so all you have to do is get a wallet and that's it, just get a wallet, set a name and register yourself and your good to go Lets do a review of everything, alright so you got BurstNation, participate in the forums over there check it out, get some free burst by participating in some of their give aways, you can also get some free assets, I know someone was just giving away a couple of their assets on the forums, second way is the burst coin faucet, I think you can claim this every 720 minutes, so yeah you can get that and that gives you anywhere form 3 to 5 burst so you can claim that a couple times a day Next one is the burstcasino just be active in the chat, you can just say like "hey whats up guys" and just talk, just chat with everyone and eventually someone will make it rain, I know Adam comes on here a lot, the rain maker thats this guy right here MisterBurst, he comes on here a lot and rains on everyone So all you have to do is just get to level one, its not that hard, im just about there now and I've bearly been playing, get to level one and participate in chat and you will get some burst the next way is the burst assets, they also have the asset explorer on BurstNation

com you can view all the different type of assets, so if your trying to find what type of asset you want to buy you can look at the asset explorer and figure out which one you want, the final way is just buy having a wallet thats it, simple as that and those are 5 ways you can make burst without mining it, I mean mining it is a bonus, you can get a good amount from mining but these are 5 ways you can earn burst without mining at all!! If you liked the video make sure you subscribe, like, comment and ill see you guys later!