hi everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister doing this video choti unscripted I'll be looking straight at the camera not have my nose because I was just on the great channel of chase that coin and he mentioned the radio by the way everyone subscribe to my channel subscribe to his channel subscribe to all the great pic 1 channels out there but anyway the corner radium and it was kind of a joke and it got me thinking their dance I just wonder who is even putting money into these on the exchanges in what differentiates them from other ones and I do they all have their those special thing and just makes you wonder how many of really potent dumps but at the same time I began thinking about the old days of the Internet and how I first time I ever was only espncom sports chat and he was just the most amazing thing in the world and they will today anywhere forums anywhere just talk about sports but it was a thing they need is really got me deep into the internet so I'm thinking to myself right now becoming doesn't do you can't really do much of anything with all coins you can trade according to some people are going to get into corn just wanna trade anymore these magical coins and I'm thinking to myself this is our people say this is a real user case for big one that you know this is not something it does but for some people trading is something that it doesn't mean that the young people out there today you can't just trade $5 worth something anything out there can do that on the stock market etrade you these things are fine these trading outpost out there a call and trading outpost because you there unregulated obviously there in Eastern Europe but they appear like they could be a lot of fun for certain type of personality and could really get people in the grip of currency cities all coins they sure purpose just to be trading just for these gains I need some form of gambling on recommending do this I'm just looking at the situation I think all Cummings actually grow a lot and I i in this 16 that their people were personnel is out there they don't want to trade and they want to make but they don't show people in order for them to consider have here first pick one is still the gateway to the balkans his order to help the prices of a pic but I mean me next year a rush of young guys I think that's a demographic that just wanted lipman trade you all these things and just in the money that's what they're gonna see act is that wrong people is that they could these exchanges in playoff games and maybe one of these always does exceed their mind again I don't recommend that you trade because it is risky my god and guide you followed regulations you probably can even join up the ones in america have to have a certain types of qualifications if your guy foes regulations are going to be scared to use the ones in Europe anyway this is a unique point we are in in the Bitcoin green world and I don't know it could explode this off season being breakdown it really does fake reviews all these crappy little all going to mayor there were forty thousand dollars but we could really have a rush of people into it one day because so few people knew about being quite right now and dust even fewer people know about all and even fewer people know about these changes in the UK recently make a lot of money perhaps thought you later