Hi Dennis Hawkins here And if you haven’t signed up yet for the Altcoin Trading then what you do is you come right down here to this link, type it into your browser and click on it

It will take you over to a sign up page Once you’ve gotten signed up, the next thing were going to do is we’re going to make a deposit Okay now there’s one plan here It says 733% for 15 days

$20 to come in There’s the 6% daily for 20 days It’s a $100 to come in There’s the 5% daily for 30 days This is $200 to start

There’s a 3% daily for lifetime And that’s $300 to start Alright so this is the plans that they have available Alright, so to reiterate, if you go for the 733% for 15 days, you’re going to come out with 109

95% We’ll just round it up and call it a 110% If you choose the 6% for 20 days, you’ll come out with 120% If you choose the 5% daily for 30 days, you’re going to come out with 150% And if you chose the 3% daily for life, well that will depend on either your life or the life of the program

I usually go into these programs with a hundred dollars And test it out See how it goes before I invite my team in So, that’s the plan I’m going to select I’m going to select the 6% daily for 20 days

So, I’ll click right here in this radial, right? I always start with $100 Come over here and click on this Calculate your profit So, you could calculate from a $100 up to a $1,000 I’ll start with a hundred Come on down here and click on spend

Scroll down Now, I’ve already registered my Coinbase bitcoin wallet inside the system So, I’ll come down here and I’m going to select: Spend funds from Bitcoin Then click on Spend Okay, so we see here 6% daily for 20 days

Principal Return – No So, you do not get your deposit back in this Principal Withdraw – Not Available Same thing The Amount $100 Click on: Process

Okay, after we click on Process, we’re taken over here Here it is, Altcoin Trading $100 up here Now, you’ve got the choice of using any of these coins that you so choose but my preference is Bitcoin So, I’ll click inside Bitcoin

This says in Japanese, “Chiekkuautosuru” Maa, this means, Checkout, right? So, I’ll click on Checkout Okay, so if you’re familiar at all with Bitcoin, you’ll know that you have to come over here and copy this address and go back into your coin wallet And then you’re going to paste in this address And then you’re going to send your funds to this address I’m copying it and I’ll be back in a second

Okay, I went to my Coinbase wallet and I pasted in this address where it says, “Send” Next thing you want to do when you come back here is copy the amount that you’re supposed to send Alright, I’ll do that and I’ll be back Okay, so I waited for about 30 or 40 minutes then I went in and I checked to see if my deposit came in Alright, so here it says, “Active Deposit

” There’s a $100 right there The other way you verify it, of course, is go over to your Gmail You should get a Gmail from [email protected] It will have your Username It will show how much you put in and what plan you selected and for how long that plan last

Okay, that’s it right there Pretty simple ee Okay, talk to you again soon Bye bye