Hi Dennis Hawkins of DennisHawkinsOnline I’m going to show you “How To Make A Withdrawal” in Altcoin Trading

Here are the quick and easy steps to make a withdrawal in Altcoin Trading Okay, so first login to your account Then notice your account balance over here and the amount that you’ve earned Okay, and go up here where is says, “Make Withdraw” and click on that Okay, you’ve clicked on Make Withdraw here

You’ve looked over here to see how much you have in your account balance We saw that there is $20 in the account balance So, right up here you’ve got Bitcoin only choice Right, so make sure that is selected Then, going to put in $20 here

I always like to put a comment for example when I made the withdrawal And I will do that according to my Japan time Then you come down here and click on: Request After you click on Request, you’ll come to this page It’s the Confirm page

So, again check the amount In this case $20 The Bitcoin amount at this particular time is going to be 0032 etc My note says I made the withdrawal on 9/27

Then you simply come over here and click on: Confirm So, once you click on Confirm, your next page will show, For This Period Alright, it shows the amount over here And it will show the total over here Right, the next step would be to go and check your coin wallet

I went over to my Coinbase wallet, and I checked and the funds were there instantly So, that’s the steps you take to make a withdrawal with Altcoin Trading Have a good day