edit by Iylee so today I'm going to show you how to exchange crypto currencies for a different cryptocurrency um just a little security note right off the back is you have to always be careful with these online exchanges oh they're not government backed like FDIC insured or anything like that so if one of these was to go out of business you would potentially lose all your crypto currencies so research the ones you're using like right before you use them because things change over the over time but and generally stick with the ones that are really well recommended by a lot of people online this is one I'm using it's called COO coin I specifically went to this one because by Nantz is a really well-known one but they stopped taking user registrations and bit recs is in the same boat so I was just looking for one that potentially offers new signups and this one does so so far it seemed pretty good definitely has a lot of good reviews from people so I'm pretty happy with it so but first I'll kind of explain the idea behind it you'll hear the kou-kun thing all the time kuu coin is a crypto currency and what their kind of gimmick is is the more cool coin you have essentially you have control of they give you a portion of the transaction fees from the COO coin website so potentially if you hold a bunch of it then you could get dividends that are worth a decent amount of money depending on how well COO coin does so the better cool coin does the better the holders of goo point oh but on top of that it is a crypto exchange so even if you don't care about anything to do with boo coin you can still use it to exchange whatever listed currency for whatever other of listed currencies so they have a whole bunch you can trade I'm gonna show you today I'm just gonna change some aetherium into some kook coin and kind of show you how it works so essentially I'm gonna assume at this point you have some cryptocurrency if you don't have any I have another video showing how to buy like either some Bitcoin Bitcoin cash or aetherium with US dollars and I'll link you to that video but if you are doing that row I recommend you do either aetherium or Bitcoin cash because it does have the fastest transaction period right now bitcoin is a bit slow because it's a bit overwhelmed essentially go to your wallet where you have your coins and in this case I'm transfer em straight ethereum wallet and G deck so I'm going to do it with aetherium this works the same for whatever cryptocurrency you're using so I would just say withdraw here and I'm gonna say a to an ETH address so if in your case you would say to like if you were transferring Bitcoin cash you would say to a Bitcoin cash address like whatever it is so now it asks for my aetherium address so that's something I need to get from ku coin to transfer it to ku coin I'm gonna go to ku coin and I'm gonna go to my assets and then right here there's a withdraw right here sorry there's a deposit option and that's what I want to do and then it lists all the currencies right here so so whatever currency you want to do you essentially just find it in the list here and it's going to give you an address to receive it at so in my case I'm transferring aetherium so I'm going to look for ETH in this list right here it's not always set up amazingly and also it can be a little confusing because there's some that are very similar to others like B CH is not the same as BTC and ETH which is a theorem is not the same as etc' so if you sent one of those to the wrong number then they would be lost forever so make sure you double check what you're sending it to is correct so again I'm looking for ETH here so it's not that one either so it's right here a theorem so I'm gonna click on that one so double check that the name here is correct like there's ones that are very similar to aetherium like etc' is listed as a theorem classic if I try to send aetherium to aetherium classic again it would be lost forever so I'm need to double check that I'm sending it to it's correct so sending it to my aetherium address and then this is my whole address so this is what I need to copy this is what I semi aetherium to so I'll copy and paste this I'll copy it I'll go to my wallet and I'll type in I ETH address like a page paste it and then I can choose my mount so I'm going to transfer like 05 aetherium and then it's gonna ask for a two-factor code this is a security setting a lot of wallets have so I'm just going to type that in so then I'm gonna withdraw my funds and this is going to go to my aetherium address at KU coin so it's successfully processed but now it's going to take a few minutes to show up in my KU clean wallet so don't be disturbed if it's doesn't show up immediately so go over to cuckooing here and you should be able to see it depending here in just a second so I'll click back to the overview and then go back to deposit billing aetherium I scroll down still isn't straight up but we'll just give it a minute so cuckooing is running a little slow today just be as a whole bunch of new signups you see now that the deposit record is showing up here at the bottom so hopefully another couple minutes will be fully confirmed and then I can show you how to buy another cryptocurrency using the cryptocurrency who transferred into ku coin so as soon as the transaction shows up as succeeded we can actually use it to trade so I'm you see down here just says that it succeeded so we're good to go so actually exchange referred to for different cryptocurrency we just go to the markets tab here and then we can essentially click on anywhere you're interested in it so I'm gonna use my etherium to buy some of the KU coin so if I click on the KU coin 1 right here it will bring me to the market for it and then up here I'm gonna trade and change this to a theory M instead so when I go to aetherium I'm gonna click on kcs right here to trade it for join and it's going to ask for another 2-step verification code so then to actually convert the Koo coin that if you're going to the KU coin we just go right here and we just click on the best price right here and just look on the max and essentially it's just gonna slide that all the way to the right and say that it's going to exchange all my theorem or Koo coin which is exactly what I want and I'll just hit by and then it's very similar like G Dax and the other ones that you'll see your buy order has been placed and then if you if it sits around awhile it'll show up in the active order orders if it completes immediately it'll just move right over to the delt otherwise it'll sit and active then move to delt so if I go to the delt right here you'll see that it already bought all of that ACS using aetherium and I've successfully converted my cryptocurrency and now you can use that kcs by anything else you want like I could go to the sell option right here click on my ACS and then click on any other currency I might want to transfer transition into so for example I might click on a neo which I have a little bit of and then I can say – by neo using kcs so that would be right here so it's as simple as that to transfer one cryptocurrency into another one on KU coin I will have a link at the bottom that is a referral link I'd recommend if you use kuku and recommended some friends use the referral link as well because that will give you a little bit of cuckoo and long term as well so it's pretty cool exchange works very well for me so far again always be very secure about your cryptocurrency don't leave it on the exchange and also always do your research right before you use the exchange as things change day by day for how reliable the exchange is and how long it's going to stick around so if you have any questions just leave a comment below