edit by Iylee hey everybody its mass from cryptic crypto and today I'll be showing you how to send funds from your finance account to your coin base account so for today's up we're going to use we're gonna go ahead and show Bitcoin so you would log into your coin base account and on your front page you're gonna go ahead and see the accounts tab you would click on set tab and it'll give you the choice of either receiving Bitcoin Bitcoin cash Assyria more like coin depending on what you're trying to receive you will click on the receive tab for the corresponding currency and then show the address now you have the choice to either use the QR code but since were you sending from the be from Finance that's not available in this transaction so you would go ahead and copy this address here you want to always make sure that you look at the first two numbers look at last the first two numbers of digits numbers or letters and the last two numbers of letters to make sure that you're all squared away and then you go over to your finance account now in your by Nancy count you're gonna go up to the top right hand corner and click on the funds tab and deposits withdrawals once you're in that tab for whatever currency that you chose we chose Bitcoin you'll go down to that tab and select withdrawal clear the old address put the address that you're sending to and you will fill in how much you want to send if you want to send all they conveniently put a max button there for you and then you would click Submit now once you submit your gonna get a confirmation email in your email attached to your finance account to verify that it's you making this withdrawal and then the money will be processed and sent to your point base account and this same process works for eath works for Bitcoin cash and works for litecoin if you had any question you can go ahead and leave a comment below if you enjoyed the video subscribe hit like and I'll see you guys soon thank you