The biggest fiscal stimulus that we have ever seen We amid a series of financial crises, federádlní government is responsible for the following actions Thanks to the movement behind the Nakomotovým Satoshi bitcoin BTC is growing rapidly all over the planet So fast that every day, hour and second gaining more and more strength and support Everything leads to the biggest shift in the monetary system that the world has ever seen in a sector where one can anonymously without limitation to obtain and transfer the property without government regulation (reduction) or business parasites Wall Street insider, that escape into the world We have a statement to the world, declarations and statements to you for your prosperity For the good of the human species and the financial survival of our future genarací This is Satoshi Nakomotova message: The people of this world, now we see the greatest progress in monetary history Old World financial powers begin to crumble under the weight of digital currency That is just what mankind needs to achieve freedom and independence

Freedom in the choice of using peer-to-peer currency Financial institutions and the government will never control our stores or money The digital currency has created millionaires and billionaires who started with nothing With many others that occur in rapid succession, we have to protect each other and even others before the next financial crisis on Wall Street This is the answer The leaked secrets of Wall Street business insiders In the last 100 years, the emergence of 6 spoilers TV, Internet, email, mobile phones, e-commerce and social networks created thousands of multi-billion-dollar (dollar) industry

Education and digital inclusion currency will lead to mass having to receive and hundreds of millions of people will adopt and use the system as quickly as possible You just five percent of the world who now know about this form of money and other 95% on it has yet to come Answer the book this? Are you willing to accept the change to help yourself, your family and the world? Would you like to contribute to the dissemination of this system in the world? Most importantly Do you believe in myself? If you answer yes, then you are ready to move on, join us and start Share this knowledge with everybody and everywhere, where it will be possible FB, Instagram, sites, blogs – anywhere Students, entrepreneurs, workers They need it and appreciate this effort 700 000 people from 192 different countries it already uses The time has come to rest of the world 73 billion people do not know too Everyone should know about digital currencies We want to help you become the Robin Hood of the financial world Finally united as one man change the perception and treatment of currencies Lifestyle digital currency is the future of our money The power and that power is at your fingertips končcích We are Anonymous WE ARE LEGION, do not forgive, not forget, WAIT US For Arbovinky translated Arboletcz team