B2BX – first encryption Currency Exchange Today, traders and brokers are facing many problems associated encryption of money Problem # 1: Encryption currency trading demand is much greater than supply Traders want to do business with brokers encryption but does not provide monetary trading entity The remaining one solution that is feasible in the not regulate transactions but could not inspire the confidence of investors and traders In addition to encryption monetary liquidity on the market less than Brokers have the means to buy in full before They must purchase Bitcoin high inflation To solve this problem Institutional clients need is time and technical resources for example Brokers need to obtain liquidity from different platforms He was able to function properly For each platform in circulation Dian deposit brokers will need to contract And going through a verification program and this program can spend the whole month Liquidity and integration platform contains several technical difficulties Because each broker or exchange has its own system and API Brokers need to have software that can connect different liquidity providers And together the whole And then convert it into a single international format – FIX API Different market makers appear to have different issues But the solution in three letters and one number: B2BX We want to do brokers Encryption is the currency in circulation available to all brokers and institutional clients Brokers and exchanges will bind to B2BX platform to provide encryption currency market depth And our goal is to open to traders encryption currency market for everyone Ensure that retail traders have the ability from any dealer, Exchange and traders are encrypted currency trading Transparency is a major problem we want to solve it With the help of our integrated system B2BX It has five integrated encryption Currency Exchange There are still two other exchange in the integration At present our customers a total of 35 brokers there are five large enterprises in the industry These customers will first create a stable circulation again started distribution in circulation We plan before the end of 2018 at least 200 licensed brokers connected to B2BX Each broker must be qualified before participation Brokers Dian Dian hosting Dian Clearing Fund of charge All participants will receive a regulated exchange and financial regulation Exchange will provide brokers rating And play the role of guarantor of confidence when selecting a broker from customers B2BX B2BX is the essence of the global ecosystem encryption currency in circulation has permeability It will bring great changes to the world of currency trading encryption Of course there will be the great promise of benefit to the entire block chain community If you are interested to learn more about our products, please contact us immediately