I've come across a very important trade tip when I was browsing YouTube videos today and I want to share this with you guys This kind of embodies my whole experience with cryptocurrency and if I discovered this maybe a year or two ago I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes I've done so I'm going to show you guys a very quick video and will explain to you guys why this video is really important to me this video is between Omar crypt0 and has interview with the market sniper also known as francis hunt already without again yeah I do have I'll finish with one or two other minor tips this is going to help you guys and they can get some of this from me

okay No shorting No leverage it takes discipline but that's slightly more patience yeah this is some of the stuff going up an event in a day just in a day you don't really stay in the game the way you don't make the money as you get shaken out the game stay in the game and you're going to be a winner we have an expanding market that's the finest thank you so much so what's up there so this is the distilled knowledge from this experienced trader in cryptocurrency and he said the most important thing which is stay in the game don't short to yourself by shorting what he means is there's just sell and hope to buy at a later time for a cheaper price and I did exactly that when I first started cryptocurrency you know I'm not afraid to admit my mistakes and that's one of the biggest ones you know when I started mining Bitcoin you know I was all excited about it you know I was mining and the Bitcoin was stable at $10 you know it's unbelievable now but when I was mining it was at $10 right so stable at $10 for three months and suddenly it rose up to $50 and I'm like damn I'm smart I would sell $15 I will buy it back at maybe $1211 and I'm gonna make a fortune well guess what it just kept going and going and going and you know in my heart I was just waiting for that one moment to just buy back and get back into the game but it just went up to a hundred and up to a thousand and now it's at 2,200 and it's just so hard to fight that kind of initial instant you feel like oh the market is going to drop tomorrow I really feel it I feel hunch that this market is going to collapse – the bubble is coming I want to sell now but you know the market will punish you for for overestimating you know when I made the same mistake again this week you know I was looking at a theory announced that you know 100 once a program hundred it's 130 you know it can't go up any more it just can't go up any more you know it had a hard time finding 100 you know going up to 130 you know it's going to drop down to maybe 110 maybe a bit below 100 I can just sell at 130 buy back at 110 nope same mistakes kept going up and not be serious now at almost 170 again you know that is the key hard hitter here like this is an expanding market and if you feel like you want to short something and you want to buy it back tomorrow then maybe you won't have a chance to you know this like like I said its growth this market grows at 23 50 percent a day and if you really feel like this is something that you think you should keep then keep it keep it because the market is just insane and the market is unforgiving second thing is also very important as well leveraged trading so this is something that the exchange is pushed to you if you go to Polonia ax and you see can go for a margin and start borrowing money and trading if you go to crack units well you can use a 5-time leverage trade on the BTC – US dollar so this sounds very promising after first because you get five times you quote you can Quinn temple could control your money you know I mean like five five makes five times more money than you normally would so if you're trading and you're winning you can like like like not just double but five times your winnings and that is actually a promise that um it appeals to someone who feels aggressive about currency but one thing you have to remember is that the exchanges will always act in their best interest they're pushing this to you because they can make more money for me to get more fees from you and the actual fact is that if the current season drops by any sort of freak accident you know one just one freak hour and the currency drops by say half right if it drops more than half its the exchange was it's going to liquidate all your assets you know it's going to liquidate all your money to try to cover up for that loss and it might just get split second it might just be like this split freak second and you can't login you know at that freak second to just put more Bitcoin in and your assets are going to be gone so that's why you should never ever trade on a leveraged position with cryptocurrency because you just don't have the tools to even do that I mean in real life if you trade on the leverage position you know the exchange can even call you say hey look you're you're you're going to meet a margin margin call soon but you know on in cryptocurrency they don't have your details they don't care about you Polonia overloaded as it is they just care about getting more money for themselves and that's why you never use a leveraged position so guys those are two very P points and I think he summarizes very well on trading of course this is not some trading advice I'm not the trading expert if you guys want to watch market sniper you can check them out on the link below I think he has some great advice if you want to watch Omar's journey Kryptos journey in consensus and when link is channel below but that's a very very cool video and that summarizes some key points I think the two key points I think if you guys are trading cryptocurrency what do you guys think about this tip do you think do you agree with the point set or do you disagree I would like to hear both put them on the comments below and also if you like this video please do remember to Like and subscribe to my channel I have tons and tons of videos about cryptocurrency different coins and I even have live sessions so if you subscribe you won't miss all any of these videos! thanks for watching