hi everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam hope everybody's having a wonderful day today so it is about 24 hours four days since the Bitcoin fork and Bitcoin cache was officially activated via a user activated hard fork and I believe the first the Bitcoin cache was mined at around 6 o'clock yesterday so we have a brand spanking new digital currency called Bitcoin cache now if you all listen to my previous video I made a couple of days ago some of you may have had your money on exchanges or wallets that did not support bitcoin cache and I recommended people to just make sure they took their Bitcoin out of one of those wallets or exchanges and put it in a wallet or anything else that supported the Bitcoin cache so now we have two options a lot of people were predicting the demise of Bitcoin cache but if we look right here we can see that Bitcoin cache is doing very well indeed it's still very highly volatile and the trading as being pretty wild and crazy in fact I believe not too long ago it hits over $800 and then it's come down since but officially it launched in the around the 250 range so it's definitely been volatile and it's actually been well received now a lot of trading gets going on right now a lot of people also have not got their wallets out of that or not received their Bitcoin cache because they haven't found somewhere where they can exchange it or take it to in order to where they could sell it if they potentially do want to sell the Bitcoin cache so I am myself waiting and holding my Bitcoin I'm not trading anything right now as far as the Bitcoin cache goes because I don't know I don't know what's going to happen I don't want to get caught up if there's any issues or anything like that until everything settles down and becomes stable but I know some some of people out there are actually trading it selling it but I can get and that's fine that's perfectly fine so anyway what are we going to do next well let's have a look at what coinbase had to say about it so they they talked about well if you have your funds please remove them and I believe this sent out an email I got an email too so I did remove my funds before July 31st because they were not going to support the BCC blockchain once it was activated or if it ever got activated so a lot of interesting news has popped up about coinbase since then there might be a backlash now because nobody was expecting Bitcoin cash to be worth so much and as it is right now so potentially there's probably could be millions and millions of dollars in customer funds that whole Bitcoin in coin base but are not going to receive their Bitcoin cash now as far as I would be concerned if I have my money with them I'd be very upset because I'd be saying well hey I own Bitcoin and Bitcoin split and I'm entitled to receive an exact same portion a Bitcoin so I have a long Bitcoin I should receive one Bitcoin cash now a lot of these exchanges are not making any decisions and what they're going to do some have said that they may support it some of the ones that did not support it so we'll see what happens to our all plays out but I can see but some losses happening if some of these exchanges do not support or give you your Bitcoin cash tokens but you know rather than avoiding all the hassle and lawsuits and things like that and find out what's going to happen I would have rather just got my money off the exchange into a wire that supports Bitcoin cash and then I'll just deal with it myself rather than waiting good days weeks months however long it could take you know for them to sort it out so why do we think Bitcoin cash is going to be popular as a coin and do well well first of all I look at all the other out coins out there on the coin market capcom and all the other places where they're listed and pretty much 90% of them or more could be you know my opinion just junk but I believe Bitcoin cash is here to stay in fact I think it's going to do very well indeed there's a lot of event is to Bitcoin cash now some of these advantages here are actually detailed here below so the number one thing it is fast it will transact in seconds get confirmation in minutes reliability network that runs route congestion low fees and money globally for pennies simple easy to use no hassles stable a payment system that's a proven store value and secure the world's most robust blockchain technology and I think that's important because it's an offshoot of the Bitcoin which is proven technology for many many years and has never had any issues except for of course it be the transaction scaling etc it's proved to be very stable very reliable I think Bitcoin cash will be adopted very well in fact if it goes if it goes go down and drops in price I would definitely love to be able to pick up some more for sure because to me it is a it's a good stable currency I'm definitely not going to sell mine that's fishel not not right now I'm just going to hold onto it and just reap the rewards so now if you take your the current price of your Bitcoin and your Bitcoin cash and you combine them together that means Bitcoin total with its offshoot its little brother those as to whatever you want to call it is worth over 3,000 like two hundred dollars right now that is absolutely amazing but of course things could change and it could go down that's for sure but there's definitely a lot of advantages to hold in and keeping Bitcoin cash and it looks like it's getting a lot of support and I would know people out there just to look and see what happens I mean by the way now obviously I'm not offering investment advice here everybody should do their own research and due diligence before they invest in anything at all and as everybody has a different level of threshold for some people might be a hundred dollars some people might be thousands of dollars so I just provide this information on my own personal observations and entertainment purposes only so where do we go from here with Bitcoin cash well personally what I'm going to be doing with my Bitcoin cash is I am definitely going to be holding it like I've always said as far as these cryptocurrencies go my personal investment style in this field is just to buy and to hold not trade I may trade some of these smaller little out coins that I believe are pretty good but as far as Bitcoin Bitcoin cash I am just going to personally call this I'm going to wait and see what happens you know it could be a month two months three months a year from now a few years from now but I'm a believer and I'm definitely going to halt anyway if you did enjoy this video today please like and also please subscribe to my channel I definitely do appreciate that and there's one more thing I just want to announce here as well that in the next few weeks it could be two three weeks a little bit longer I'll be giving away twenty five dollars worth of Bitcoin and that will be when I reach my 250 year subscribers so keep a look out on this channel all those future details all you have to do is just leave your information in the comment section and with your bitcoin address your receiving address and I will be long after you do a random pick and we'll announce the winner the $25 a Bitcoin alright well thanks very much once again please like please subscribe and you all have a wonderful day bye for now