Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 1st 2017 that legendary day this is home of long term cryptocurrency thinking golden hold people strong hand be in motion thanks for the reoccurring bitcoins someone sent me that was very nice I am back in the USA you're gonna see me in a second there's a lot to catch up on and I wanted to remind everyone they you still need your hardware wallets check out my links below crypto HW wallet they're awesome you can get your trace or their and your leisure nano everything and it's good to have them not store data don't store your cryptocurrency at an exchange and I also warned the remind I have a link below to the trays or site that explains how you claim your BCH through through trays or and that is that is an important link and I do want to share it alright so let me let me get because people people are asking I have not had time to do it yet people but we're gonna talk about this BCH and we're gonna call it be cash because if they're not using the bitcoin name then I think be cash is great you know it's a secondary cash it's Plan B whatever and people are using the name now calling it be cash it's a flood coin of course but why not just call it be cash I know they probably don't um they're probably not the biggest fans of it alright of calling it that so it's still you know it serves our purpose calling it be cash though so I'm back in the USA someone sent this shirt to me I think I know who it is I think it is an Australian friend of mine please email me if you sent me this pound that like button shirt really thank you much I picked this up in Australia yesterday I forgot to tell you Tim gave me this he has a lot of these these are like poker chips team had a movie that had to do with Bitcoin point Oh BTC we might work something out with him where we I don't know where he promotes he'll come on the show maybe he'll give some of these away I think they're pretty cool I know I have one that's nice to have um and one thing I want to show everyone is it's just yeah this is what my handwriting looks like it is a disgrace isn't it isn't that a disgrace people that's a little personal information there I'm sure people wanted to do that I I'm legendary for that all right this is a look at this someone sent me this is a ghetto nerd sent me bad his website is below I'm butchering everything doesn't prepare this you can buy this a Bitcoin at his site I you know I like artists I I'm not a graphic I know there's a lot of guys out there like graphic novels it's really cool that he sent this and that he's trying he's an entrepreneur he's trying to sell sell his stuff for Bitcoin and he's into cryptic RCB is also an artist and he's in Detroit shoutouts to Detroit the ghetto nerd and I'll talk about him another time again so let's let's jump again into this um whoa so yeah traveling across the world is tiresome but hey man I'm persistent I love making these videos for you guys I guess do what the shirt says to do there Pam hello tell that like button so okay I haven't had time you know in my previous two videos well first well the previous video was just a compilation video check that out the links to below I just had that scheduled to go live when I was on an airplane so I am catching up on a lot of things here I didn't know the Orioles that even one the other day I meet all these things it's hard to travel across the world from Australia to here and stop in Honolulu it's not easy I might but but on Sundays show that's a good show also I was you know I was talking about this month I want to use this Bitcoin whoo this uh be cash thing to my advantage because and right now the price is steady it's I mean it's I'm it's about 01 BTC I want to increase my Bitcoin Holdings by selling this altcoin but being powerful and I don't know since I was you know I was traveling around the the Gold Coast everything I don't know if I stressed it enough I've stressed in other videos you got to be careful with this thing you got to be careful what exchange as you go to and I am providing a very important link to below below to Aaron Vaughn wordham z– is a must read article at Bitcoin magazine beginner's guide to claiming your bitcoin cat well your be cash I'm almost calling it by its false name there and selling it by claiming your FUD coin and selling it so this has that article has all the proper warnings in it alright so please read that article before you jump into this before you mess around with it because there are easier than really the rebate they say there's gonna be replay protection can you trust these people one of the things is is that people have now are trading it I think and and um there have been major problems of using Bitcoin from it I mean the point is is just you never want to lose Bitcoin you want to gain Bitcoin and I guess you could get their scenarios out there scary scenarios where maybe you could lose Bitcoin if people aren't as honest as they say they are so please read that article that's one of the most important links I provided during this saga and what a saga it has been because people been looking to this August first state for a long time and it's just one of those another day they say bitcoins gonna die well look everyone bitcoin is around twenty seven hundred dollars still and what can I say it exists I mean if it went down the nineteen hundred dollars but you still could um through fighting and all this craziness it's still out there and I hope I hope you didn't sell your Bitcoin man I don't know why you'd sell your Bitcoin but I mean you get this free off coin thingy too which is very interesting I'm looking down to see if I have any other any other thing I wanted to share in terms of the you know people giving me such a nice things I'm just finding it now but I'm I'm home I don't know what messy hammer ID means for you guys I thought that was important everyone knows I my handwriting was caught an abomination by my physics teacher in 12th grade out loud there's an abomination Meister it's a classic line my friends and I still repeat that this very day it is an abomination they say what you will say maybe it's some creative people have messy handwriting mess I've seen Harry who's my father basically somebody it's just an inherited thing to uh pound that like button pound that light button so what else do we have here this is important stuff garland talking about handwriting people must be like and angry over there uh and I can't see you guys in the chat sorry so alright what else is nice here oh yeah gbtc the Barry Silbert fund whatever that is and is up to four hundred twenty four dollars so that is a very bullish sign people who don't know about technology and hard Forks and all this craziness and newbies that just want to be safe by buying a fund instead of holding your own Bitcoin it's up to four hundred twenty four dollars it's up so that's the equivalent of four thousand two hundred forty dollars in how they're valuing Bitcoin that's pretty impressive anyway I linked to the get owner comm slash shop you can get his stuff below that's a completely different there's nothing to eat was berries over debt also my friend int Mike I have an ex-girlfriend who works at Harvard for Harvard in Boston and does she sent me she said people are talking about Bitcoin and they're talking specifically about this site this MIT site digital currency initiative and so that's a real site I link to that below and smart people talk but what I forgot to link to in a previous video and I thought I had I never mentioned it you guys brought up to me that Charlie Lee or was that they were they had a litecoin site at MIT and Charlie Lee recently tweeted said nope it wasn't real it was students they took it down but this is real this DC I – mit

edu they're talking about it in Harvard digital currency initiative so no there's no big like coin thing at Harvard I think at MIT now I'm getting everything's confused was I am I heard in jet lag but there's a real berries it's in the news over at Harvard and MIT they're talking digital currency that is cool and I want to remind everyone I use Gemini comm to get my Christ quotes sometimes when I'm quoting it's a good place to know how much Bitcoin is selling for that's what we can see there's different places out there coun that like button 105 live viewers in the middle of the night here in Baltimore it's humid out there I I went running tonight and classic Baltimore I want to bring up the up like a couple things out like corn like corn community first of all there's a real community behind that all coin there's a real book community behind the Monaro altcoin so again with this be cash thing is that really a community behind it no no there isn't that I know of at least so again if you think this is gonna be sustainable for a while then great just believe it if you want to believe it but man again I see that price at point one five I'm getting I'm getting thirsty so I got to do my research after I get off up here with you guys I'm gonna start to decide you know what exchange I need to go to try to get this how to experiment so I'm not losing any Bitcoin you know see how I skate if the trace or has split it into two BCC yet in two or bch so we're calling it be cash now because that's up that's what it is it's a b-level digital cash like I mean if people really wanted a digital cash now litecoin already provides everything that these be cashed people want to do alright so you know thumbs up to light coin if you want fans to transactions if you want cheap transactions use like going well I mean so they're just creating another all coin and hey man it's the number it's a number for altcoin now as I said I'm like you know in my previous videos I'm like it's hard to believe that that the futures market are saying this is gonna be the number for altcoin in market valuation on earth and in it's just because of irrational exuberance I don't know if China people are buying it it's there's nothing special about it really and to send it's similar numbers that narrow is valued less just shows that we're in a you know people don't judge these things by fundamentals and everything but as long as people are going to misjudge the fundamentals then we as big you know Bitcoin holders safely if we can safely increase our Bitcoin Holdings because of this nonsense by ten percent that's that's just an alt that's an awesome opportunity so hey man as look if we're caught it'd be cash it's not a war to me at all there's it's not a war it's a way to help me out here because I know in the long run in the year 2020 I'm just trying to have as much Bitcoin as possible it's gonna go up more in value in terms of any off coin there or anything anything out there what was the title of this video I've already forgotten because it had it had taught it had talking points in it uh yeah so be cash is a fine name marketing and marketing it that way is funny and friendly Forks yeah I want to mention friendly Forks I don't link to this but a lot of you have remembered that I I when we had all this hard work fought back in March I was talking about the concept I came up with a term friendly fork and be my guess if you wanna if you want a fork Bitcoin and create your own all coin from and give it to free to people and make people happy and let the irrational markets pump up these markets then great great do it do it in a peaceful manner and don't you this isn't a friendly fork this be cash thing but as long as we call it be cash as long as you don't call it Bitcoin you're doing it out of you know you want to test you think you have a better Bitcoin well if you think you have a better Bitcoin don't call it Bitcoin call it by some other name let the market decide so this one's called be cash let the market decide I'm I'm pretty confident that the market will decide in the long run that yeah bitcoin is the better coin bitcoins the best coin out there better than all the all coins and and and be cash is just an off point and again I mentioned this in the other videos that this is the best time you got to value your wealth in Bitcoin now don't panic if you see Bitcoin price drop in dollars yet you still have the same amount of Bitcoin don't don't go crazy if you see the value of be cash go up in dollars look at how much it's worth in terms of Bitcoin it's around 015 now which is uh that's pretty cool I mean it's it's it means more to the world than aetherium does or again go back to manera because there's more there's more there's more theorem out there than be cash another thing I want to add chopped that mentioned that was mentioned on this show I think maybe in the chat very briefly was someone who was from Israel or maybe I did mention it out loud but I did not want to scare people and get all the the people who like butcher religions into their own interpretation busy really there was someone out there that learned about something club is shmita and he may be made insane videos about it it's it's something that was in the Jewish religion at one point I mean it's like saying for the Muslim religion picking the word Hajj and deciding it has something to do with doom porn I mean it's insane well August first all along is has been a holiday well this year the Jewish holiday of Tish above fell on August the first it is now over it is a day long fast and it started August 31st I mean July 31st where Jewish people mourn the falling of the the temple when the Romans destroyed the temple that was was insanely here 70 I believe anyway and we we mourn this because a temple is gone but it will made return in and in our lifetimes may the Third Temple be rebuilt soon may it be built but it is a very sad day and there was morning going on so I thought so people were gonna like try to turn this big you know worry about you know big coin was gonna die on Tisha Bob but so I didn't bring it up till now it is over now and I hope everyone who fasted had a good facet we should be happy that Bitcoin survived of course Bitcoin survived and of course the Jewish people survived in May the third temple be built in in our lifetimes may it be built so thank God hopefully soon in their lifetime so um so now we're happy that time of mourning is over you shouldn't you shouldn't be sad anyone out there and and again the whirring of Bitcoin should be over or Gaza so I should be conflating Bitcoin and look at me us they don't through it and I'm complaining you ignore that I'm just happy the fastest over I didn't have water for a long time and and usually you most fast when you're doing for health reasons you should have water but the Jewish fasts do not involve drinking water there's your little tidbit of the day okay I already said litecoin is the real be cash oh I have links to the market the crypto market Kat page for the currencies for be cash you can see what markets is being sold at I have a theory that the more markets that announce the more bullish it gets people get more and more excited that they can dump it but really if the more places to dump it it should actually go down a price but you know again I haven't even checked out if big tricks works yet or any of these ones that are listed as selling and obviously I'm not gonna even think about are the Chinese exchanges really doing her this or not I'm not even going to their pages okay I want nothing if you're gonna try to get try to sell your be cash don't do it in a Chinese exchange be real careful over there all right so is that oh no no here's the thing I forgot to say good I'm glad I look at my notes before I talk about this feel free to fork be cash also I think um I think it would be to to add cool to have something called BC to BC to I wanna I want someone out there to make BC to make up make a for copy cash if it's so great let's for Cappy cash and maybe that people will hold on to be cash and do an opposite of what I'm saying to do but yeah I I'm saying I don't I think it's a great if you got have an opportunity to get 10% increase your VAT your bitcoin Holdings by 10% by flipping this thing then flip this thing safely check out Aaron's article below to learn how to do that and some people like Idol well how do you know which one's gonna win win this is just an off coming dudes it's just an all coin so bad bitcoin is the winner so I but who knows there might be more irrational exuberance that gets it up to 02 for a while I don't whatever if you're getting you did point one you should be happy you can increase your holdings by 10% don't get greedy here it's free it's a free coin because just like with some bees all coins everyone's saying to buy buy buy because they're they're so high then all of a sudden they're worth half as much and you've lost the opportunity to sell sell sell that all coin alright so pound out like button do this shirt person who made this shirt please email me I'm pretty sure it's someone in Australia who was a great guy if it's you you're awesome thanks for all the free things people it's nice to be back in Baltimore until the 9/10 or whenever I'm going up I'll be in Dublin on the 10th of August jetlag won't be as bad pan out like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video i'll say hi to you guys in the chat real quick and again just have us have a strong hand if there's craziness and just try to be careful with the be cache but um use it use it to use it to increase your bitcoin by 10% your bitcoin holdings bye bye