Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is November the 6th 2017 buy and hold strong hand alright it's very early in the morning here in Israel back in the United States it's nighttime I get up early for these things I love it anyway be gold will be live soon people be patient your patience has almost paid off and keep an eye on it of course we will keep you updated over here and I know how to be patient because I have Bitcoin experience I've been through all this stuff before and you know it's great that you can come into Bitcoin and be just a total newbie that is the freedom of Bitcoin that is awesome but remember experience does matter here so if you're gonna listen to people if you want to seek advice make sure they have some experience so we're going to get into some matters of experience today actually and my tweet of the day it comes from the great cortex Oh is the vortex awesome or what man he's on the world crypto Network I love him he comes on my show I come on his show he is a man of experience here but his tweet says well first of all if you guys know what this tweet means I'm not even explain what it means you were around in 2016 you've been through all sorts of flood and turbulence before early 2016 and you're not you're not worried about and you're probably hope you're wealthy by now if you deal with this the following tweet means but you're definitely a veteran if you know what this tweet means and here's a tweet jeff garsik has indeed become the new Mike Hearn all right so so Mike Hearn was a a guy from early 2016 it was a cousin who was cause everyone was panicking over what Mike Hearn said and what he was he did he left anyway understanding tweets like this separates the men from the boys okay in this space so if you know a person who understands what that tweet is all about then ask them about 2x ask them hey what's going on with 2x and they'd probably be very calm they'll use their experience to guide you through what is going on just like I did on my show yesterday and remember everyone check out the links section below to see my archives to see the show I did yesterday it was a pretty good show there have been a lot of a lot of good shows and also you can get a link you know email me at a mattress or help calm if you need a crypto consultation need help something up your trays or and you can use the links below to get a trésor crypto a sturdy wire calm and cold t-shirts from cryptography D I'm going to have more t-shirts soon guys so I will have more teach when I get back to Baltimore I'll be wearing some new t-shirts so that's interesting that's a whole new story anyway experience so yeah you know I think bitcoin experience is the very uh it translates pretty well into having a strong hand okay so as you gain more experience to stronger your hand becomes when you have to deal with all of this you know the fun and the the players that are just bad actors in this space so pound that like button everyone if you like when I'm saying so far and if you do have experience in this space and you've heard me say pound that like button over a million times because you watch the show all the time you got to be able to make fun of yourself too that's another thing in life so here's another tweet out there by stop and decrypt he seems like a real cool guy by the way I got to get in touch to this dude he says I think you'll really enjoy the outcome it'll be an eye-opener for many newcomers and just another day for those who've been around and he's talking about the 2 X nonsense that's going on hey and I'm not anyway I gave my ho 2x opinion yesterday so check that out I'm not gonna really give my opinion anymore cuz there's nothing to worry about but yeah it's gonna be an eye opener for newcomers but it's just another day for guys with experience like I mean we just went through this with B cash I mean there's nothing to worry about all right back to the so let's leave the Bitcoin world here where we've got all these newbies panicking and the veterans with the strong hands the economic guy mich he has a you know I don't even know why I mention yeah I still read him I try to read him every day every once in awhile he has a good some good things he and he gives me some insight into like the mainstream media I guess the alternative views of the mainstream media that's what he gives out but he's not exactly a Bitcoin fan but it's good to read other opinions and he says a Bitcoin debate it's a bubble no it's not a bubble it cannot be a bubble of anybody that's the name of it so he you know he gives reasons why it's above the why it's not a bubble but would I took away from the whole the whole experience he did not mention the word fork one time in the article has no clue about it I said you guys once you get out of our bubble here they're the people who are talking Bitcoin out there they don't know about the fork they don't know anything and some of these people are holders some of them are critics but this is going to pass you know there's got to be turbulence and then so probably mich in two weeks will be like Bitcoin just crash two thousand dollars why is this happening it must be a bubble and he won't mention it fork it off if you want know who axis is going to end up in a dustbin of history baby like so many other things we've been through in life and in the encrypted currency alright and again going you know one thing we can take away from the mainstream media that I or the manged in mainstream is that cryptocurrency is Sinanan synonymous with Bitcoin and sometimes ethereal I mean it's that simple and it's important to remember and if you're into all coins if you think you're all coin is gonna become the next big thing you got your ear in for a world of hurt okay most of them are trash and again I love living in the world of Bitcoin but you've got to go outside of the world sometimes understand about how this is going to play out Bitcoin the world of Bitcoin really expand into the main world that we're used to and in the main world that we're used to they don't know they just if they know a cryptocurrency it's Bitcoin and it's aetherium they don't know you're all coin dude and it's gonna be in your all corn isn't going to be the Facebook – bitcoins MySpace okay it's just not it's not going on I mean bitcoin is so I mean dismiss write articles about dogecoin can you build anything with those do are there P and so to come back to outer space now are people building things with your altcoin legitimately everyone's building on Bitcoin and then it's theory all right that's what I mean whether you like it if you like icos or not you got to admit that their people are doing these crazy i SEOs on Syria but big Bitcoin conferences do they have dogecoin conferences or what and then you know you've got your exceptions and everything people gonna give me their one-offs that oh yeah you know in Sweden they had this one conference about my coin so my coin must be awesome great so again I'm going back if you if you must speculate in all coins if you must do this and I do not encourage people to do this you don't waste your precious Bitcoin on buying these things all right don't waste your precious on buying these second-tier off coins just use if you're gonna waste first of all don't but don't it's gotta be a first tier all coin you waste and just waste your big waste your free money on it okay you get a crypto dividend then you know sit sell some of it for Bitcoin and then if you must use it to you know say oh I got a theory of classic or whatever you want to get okay so yeah all coins are mostly worthless in the long run Bitcoin you know value your wealth and Bitcoin and you'll see I mean aetherium classic has gone down so much in terms of Bitcoin in the last few months it's not it's pathetic it's sad and if you're in classics consider it a top – you're all coin because it is it is in the top listings but so why do I play around so we're going to talk about if you're in class because people have brought that up um it's and people are trying to build things on us here I mean we've got Barry Silbert is behind us here in classic and yet it is getting rocked by Bitcoin okay and it might have its own what's one of these a Wall Street funds with aetherium classic soon you know like how they're doing a drawing a blank and so freakin early in the morning pound that like button when Adam draws a blank anyway so but I didn't want to say a theory well then we'll get to the classic thing in a second but one thing you know we're talking about Kripa dividends and this is pretty much a side note I randomly threw this in here i but you know we go through all this drama with Bitcoin where people are you know when a higher is the two at they don't like say guack they want to make their own version a Bitcoin into two X once they're on their corporate version of Bitcoin I think the next troublemakers will be people like I don't I don't like that digitally xx there's only gonna be 21 million bitcoins I don't want there to be 80 million Bitcoin or I want there to be an unlimited amount of Bitcoin so that'll be the next that'll be a challenge the Bitcoin meeting that's the next one so why don't we just take it why don't they just make their own crypto dividend of that right now why don't just do it make a friendly fork crypto dividend a friendly for crypto dividend that has no limit or has 80 million Bitcoin just do that now who and that's better than just being a troublemaker hey thank you Adam you're also on channel salute okay that was from X s Irma s Roma and he or she just gave me $50 $50 on the super chat well let me tell you something I salute you for that that was very nice and you that was really nice of you that was really kind and I appreciate when people take the time to appreciate this channel like that and that was very very kind of you and very very generous other people can do the super chat also and you know who knows what's coming what's coming soon I'm working on some things behind the scenes some partnerships hopefully we'll see maybe this is going to even become bigger soon enough you know there's there's a there's a lot of there's a lot of people I respect in this space and hopefully we're going to get together just not on this weekend Bitcoin because that shows every Friday and I bring the best guests to this in the space to this channel on that show and on other shows of mine but that's where you really see the people you got to pay attention to and check out the links below it you can you can see that video I made about who's who and who I think are the important people in the Bitcoin world and cryptocurrency world hopefully will be more visible in our partnerships soon enough there's some things going on behind the scenes hopefully so I know I'm that's kind of a nebulous little statement there but hey I want to throw that in there that's a little bonus for your $5000 there I wanted to give you something special and that was very nice of you for that $50

00 so okay so yeah maybe they'll be big they'll call it Bitcoin on limited again so we we already had a Bitcoin unlimited but they can call this next friendly fourth Bitcoin unlimited and by the way it's funny how the mainstream so people got confused by that they people think there's going to be a Bitcoin silver when that was just all a big joke joke on reddit I mean it was just a reddit joke someone created this Bitcoin silver thread and people wrote articles about it actually and it was just it was just as fake as the Bitcoin platinum one and most likely even the Bitcoin um uranium one was a total fake also that would seem to be the most legitimate but they never did anything either so you're there's people talk to talk with are they gonna walk the walk half the time you know there's a lot of trolls on reddit read it isn't always the best place for information you got it if you read something on reddit try to research it before you write an article on coin desk or whatever about it alright I've gone way off topic so here are three again links below there are three new medium articles about 2x all right and I have not read them yet and if you're a person who panics that don't read them these are more for the experienced person who's got a strong hand already who's not going to be scared who just likes to learn and thereby whale pot panda Jimmy song and Dan Roberts in I'll link to below I don't need to give the titles they're linked to below so yeah a theorem classic has a larger trading volume than Bitcoin on bit thumb all right so v um is an exchange in South Korea and remember I'll be in South Korea at the end of the month in the beginning of December so I'm gonna be able to report on this firsthand but there seems to me and I have mentioned this before the South Koreans just pump up top-tier altcoins in like a cyclical pattern here they're pumping up aetherium classic right now like it's it's the big thumb effect I call it the big thumb effect and vortex is in the chat Wow listen to Adam when he says seek out people who are experienced lots of newbies in this space held that like button there's your man right there there's your man right there pound it baby you might get energy huh can bring that when I just woke up I got it look you can tell I just woke up with this crazy hair man I bring the energy and people again if you think they're people with you must be on coke dude if you're still if you're so lazy and out of shape that you just can't I mean this is about fall is he eating right all right this is I was said a bad word this is I am specific freaking you know this is about eating right being healthy right yesterday was my freaking sprint day baby I'm sprinting in a parking lot over across the street and Bear Sheva baby and then I go run four more miles go down run to the market down there get me some what'd I get yesterday I mean you got avocado here this is pretty good what do you got some plums and stuff I mean you got to stay in shape people you got it I mean that's how you get energy in the morning be able to do these shows I look at vention big towel over there love it when Adam almost dropped the hair can't say woody alright alright yeah and I don't usually see the chat but I got it open pretty big I see 21 million x' in there all right now people are just like that are watching this on tape and you shouldn't you should all have to watch this thing live I don't know why anyway if you watch this on tape you're just like Adam I don't want to hear about who's on the chat and what you're eating and try to stay healthy here but no I feel don't do drugs people do not do drugs if they're so bad for you you just get caught up and you don't be coming at you don't become an experienced wealthy person when you're just addicted to drugs and there all sorts of different types of drugs out there I mean Coca Cola's got caffeine and it's a legal drug that it makes you on how it's some healthy all that sugar very bad for you alright alright so yeah it's the big thumb effect in Korea big thumb is that big exchange that's pumping etherium classic right now so on and so on alright so yeah be again be gold is live soon pay attention here will tell you what's going on don't forget about them that's a friendly for how many people in cryptocurrency just think cryptocurrency is just a trading mechanism it's just like I'm just a trainer they're like the they would day trade Apple if they could this is just a new I mean it's just it's just something it needs to be studied more because I mean they are just fueling the riches for us holders I mean it's great I mean they serve a purpose the people who just see see cryptocurrency as a trading mechanism 7 I mean I'm thinking about I'm just think about when I was running yesterday you know I just was talking about that running all right true economic freedom that's how I'm gonna sum this up here and actually it's a great way to some sum up is just being able to say whatever you want to say working for yourself I can't get fired I can't get fired because I work for myself I've gotten myself in a situation now you know but even before Bitcoin I got myself in a situation where I couldn't I was already an entrepreneur beforehand but now like you can't even take away my wealth my wealth does not it doesn't doesn't matter you know if the bank if the banks closed down and stole all my money from their grave if they stole my house great I don't care whatever I mean not like that's gonna happen in in the United States of America but but things can happen in different countries you know they do talk maybe in other countries well they take your house to take your they close your bank account all the time is horrible it's horrible what happens but here the true economic freedom I think can be defined as like can you get on YouTube and just say whatever you want to say and not worry because there are certain people that they have to cut back on what they're going to say because they're scared they're gonna get fired they can't give opinions so people have been saying like I don't why do you say some of these things you're dirt alienating your audience when you say I don't care what why should I care I already I have all this Bitcoin nothing's I'm not gonna lose my Bitcoin I can say whatever I want is that is true economic freedom and so with with me being able to run whenever I want and start randomly talking about plums or apples and healthy and not being healthy drugs are bad that is economic freedom and and it's it's Bitcoin has really helped with that and you know no one's taking my Bitcoin no one is taking my now it's my responsibility remember I can't do foolish things with it and try to be greedy with it you know that that's up to me and that's part of the responsibility but you know create responsibility there's great rewards with great responsibility and that is the economic freedom I can say what and look I can say like meat towels are freaking all the meat towel lifestyle you know that mentality is great you know minimalist lifestyle is great you know thinking outside the box it's is great and some people will go under that if you say the word McTell you're a sexist who cares who cares I mean men are better with money than women in general it's true it's true look I can say whatever I want to I'm still gonna have my channel I'm still gonna have you know my money and my my Bitcoin that is economic freedom that's why you must get into this thing people get into this work and then work for yourself become you know as had you've been listening to me back in the day when it was 400 500 600 dollars then you'd be dancing around to and saying anything you want to say alright that rant went but at least it was at the end of the show so the people who didn't want to hear it could hear all about Bitcoin pound that like one i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below and i'll just say hello to you West Coasters in the chat right now bye bye