Bitcoin crashing from the 11,000 down there to 8900 in a matter of minutes what's going on stay tuned so I'm pretty sure I know what's going on and I think the real reason what's going on right now what's the big deal with this flash crash is that we're literally over populating overstressing this system so coinbase is a major major website for buying and selling Bitcoin for people to buy with credit cards to buy with US dollars and then G Dax is their exchange G Dax has been down multiple times a day all of these dips this dip right here G Dax crashed again GD X has not been working for the last hour or so I'm not sure if somebody's attacking G Dax or what's going on but the issue is people can't buy there's no buyers buyers can't step in there to buy the dip and this is what's happening we're just have seller seller sellers sellers trying to crash that the overall markets are following each other all these cryptocurrencies are going down at the same time obviously look at this right now look at some of these buy and sell here and look at the price moving around here it's actually it's crazy I can say the least it's crazy and I don't even know what to do here look at this dip from 8600 back up of $10,000 right now this is all happening live you can see this move look at this literally it's because people can't buy people can't buy it's it's all it is I can't buy look at this you got a coin based right now you can't buy you can't sell you can't do anything it's just freezing up so the whole world is freaking out right now they're trying to either buy they're trying to either sell and they can't do it basically I'm identifying what I really think the reason is what's going on look at this litecoin down there to $77 I tried to buy I tried to buy they're at $77 multiple times I could not buy its back up there 293 this is nothing more than a technical glitch what is going on buyers can't step in to buy if buyers can't sit there and buy how can they buy now you can see look at that look at what's going on here it's insane we literally drops down there to $77 I put multiple or out there they all got canceled coinbase had canceled canceled canceled there's an issue there's an issue I couldn't buy I wanted to buy so many more coins at the $77 area I would have literally bought others by 3 or $4,000 worth of coins at that point but I couldn't and that's what's happening people are trying to buy they want to buy people want to buy these dips trust me it's not that people are literally panicking and they want to get out of this and their world is crashing what's happening is literally we had too many people trying to buy the system being flooded all day long coinbase is that issues it's been crashing GD ax has been crashing and you can see it's all because of coinbase obviously there's fear there's people trying to get in and out and people taking profit but what happens is people are trying to sell people are trying to sell there's no buyers I couldn't step up there I would have bought more I would've bought more I would have bought more glite coin I would have bought more Bitcoin but you can't do it it's literally just the system is so over flooded right now and that's what's dropping the price so rapidly think about this it's not like okay my like 1 is now worthless it's just that coinbase literally just can't match up the buyers and sellers so you have a bunch of sellers hitting market orders people just stop losses getting hit people are putting their stop losses out there and this is happening and people can't get filled so that's literally what this is right now it's a technical glitch a technical glitch on G da exes and clay mesas fault you look this I can't even pull up G Dax this is madness I don't know what's going on they need to figure their crap out this is really not the way I want to be trading this stuff so still I can't get into G Dax can't get into coinbase what is going on this is madness I wish I could have bought this dip a light coin down there two seventy seven dollars back up there 293 come on come on coin base what is going on with you guys what are you doing to me right now this is this is part of it this is part of being in a new frontier being in a new world of cryptocurrencies the world's is not ready the Internet's not ready the system's not ready the people aren't ready for what this stuff has going on litecoin bitcoin all making record highs a day but you can see just the system can't handle it the system can't handle all of this volume all these people trying to buy and sell and there it is so light coin bit coin make big moves to the downside and then right back up there so look at that like Bitcoin drop down there too 8600 back up there to ten thousand five hundred and now stepping around again so same thing can't buy can't sell it's not even matching up there I have no idea what's going on right now possibly somebody you know doing this maybe somebody's trying to really flood the system they're on coinbase maybe they're trying to slow it down they're trying to buy the dip they're trying to crash Bitcoin down so they can buy a cheap I don't know what's going on but something big is happening coinbase really screwing us today litecoin Bitcoin all making major moves a day up down all around this has been a wild wild day I'm gonna just walk away I'm gonna come back later we'll see what happens but I'm long either way I'm holding this stuff for a while I'm not worried about it I would have loved to about the dip here couldn't have bought the dip couldn't do anything coinbase really messing me up right now I'll talk to you guys later on