Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is July the 27th 2017 this is home a long-term cryptocurrency thinking golden hold be in motion if you are impulsive then you will not like this channel for the financially mature audience where am i I can't see my face anyway crypto HW wallet calm you can get your leather case over there for your hardware device and all sorts of hardware devices like at Reservoir a keep key ledger nano all that stuff they'll get their treasures in next Friday so they'll be ready the ship Joseph says so do check out the notes section below if you're interested in that kind of thing and I'd like to thank the person who sent me some Bitcoin and I'd also like to thank all the people who've been sending me money in the super chat here you live viewers I can't see the chat right now I can only see this crypto h/w wallet advertisement in front of my face right now actually we're gonna have to stop the screen share but yeah if you liked a super chat you can send me like a dollar that way if people seem to like that thing anyway this week in Bitcoin is coming on tomorrow Friday 3:30 pm

Eastern Time it is going to be a blast we're gonna have a guest a bitcoin guest on from india actually oh look there I am so uh yes it's gonna be fun tomorrow tune in 3:30 pm for this week in Bitcoin and every Friday here on this channel it's not always a 3:30 pm eastern time but tomorrow it is alright so let's talk about the silent majority in Bitcoin I called them the silent majority these are the people who well they're not they're not obsessed with every little detail of what's going on for whatever reason they might be newbies they might just have some long-term thinking ability and stuff more so than other people and it's it's something that we need to remember that not everyone is in our little world here for for various reasons and it's great that 95% of the people don't probably don't even care about FUD coin or maybe that's an exaggeration but it's good to have a solid base of people who just either they don't know what's going on or they don't care what's going on or they just had they're just more golden holders and not everyday studying the price type of people so we hear a lot about people you know talking about this Fudd coin and all the things that worry about but you got to remember for every every person for every loud person out there there are a lot of quiet people and that's what I don't know how what percent of the side of my party I shouldn't say 95% pound that like button if you're watching this right now or if you hope that ninety-five percent of people in our community or sound rational thinkers so going back to the big BT c – e situation the exchange that have recently shut down something that a positive we can get out of that situation is that well there they had a lot of Bitcoin over there that bitcoins to the limbo right now it's not out there on the market being flipped back and forth so there's less Bitcoin available so what's going on in terms of supply and demand and price here are we going to see sigh noticeable effect from the lack of all the coins that were being circulated on BTC – EE is it going to affect other all coins – in terms of supply and demand but you know Bitcoin is entering this over-height period right now for various reasons so are we is it going to be more noticeable that there is left you know a lack of the amount of Bitcoin that we previously had floating around and that there's one less place to buy Bitcoin at or trade Bitcoin um I think that's a bullish thing for the price it's not good it's not a good thing if you want to get Bitcoin but again lack lack of places to purchase Bitcoin helps uh the price of Bitcoin in theory so think about that in terms of the bt c – e issue but again remember duck don't keep your Bitcoin on exchanges that's that's the biggest lesson we can learn from that situation look at this I'm trying to you see when I'm you're trying to do two things at once you don't come off clean here so we need to and again in in the long run things talking about long run memories let's try to remember all the people who are talking about this FUD coin this August first FUD coin let's remember who they are in the future so that you know I mean they shouldn't go up unboiled should we say I mean that they should be remember the people who are stirring up things right now we shouldn't just forgive and forget once all of this is out of our hair we need to keep track of everyone so I've heard a lot about boycotting people and well just keep in mind everyone is part of this fudge situation right now who's not being you know the most productive member of the community is being quite unproductive and in terms of holding back progress and scaring people is that's not cool it's not cool to since it's fun people out for whatever reason you're going out there and again inform it you know being an innocent you know a Jimmy sang isn't a person who's doing a bad thing on purpose that he wrote an article about all that but but there are other people out there so let's keep them in mind and not and not forget who they are but we'll get into that later so oh yeah I linked to Wednesday's show below also well one one guy who is the opposite of causing problems is Luke – jr

Wow he's a hero of Bitcoin this week he has a medium post out there that I linked to the short and sweet it explains why nothing will happen with Bitcoin on August 1st and it's not there to scare anyone or giving you any he gives them a platform the other side but he doesn't you know boost him up on that platform I mean he shows Jimmy saw how it should be done so here's one quote I want to want to share with you however there is a gotcha at least the current and I'm not gonna call it by saying Fudd coin code we'll use the original Bitcoin directories by default this means if you wish to install or use Fudd coin yourself it will mess up your Bitcoin installation using both together is outside the scope of this blog post however and I and I personally will only be supporting the real Bitcoin alright so for all you people say oh I want to get a free five coin here nothing in life is free dudes be very careful alright comment like fun uh Toby's in in a video he recently did he we mention Manero here yesterday he brought up something very interesting based on all the current a lot of current events in around Bitcoin right now involve Bitcoin not being that anonymous whether it be the BTC – II situation that guy got caught people are being accused of laundering money and all this stuff and they're getting caught so obviously Bitcoin if you want to do things that many people consider financially shady should we say that you shouldn't select Bitcoin you should go for something more anonymous so thus these anonymous coins are gonna start pumping themselves their communities are gonna start pumping other people might start buying them if they want to do such transactions so Manero whose prey is price has gone up lately perhaps that's part of the reason why perhaps the Monaro community is going to speak up about this anonymous how they value that and maybe – maybe they will you'll notice a price there I don't know but it was it was a very good point and I thought I should I should bring it up and then maybe anonymous coins are gonna be the big trend again maybe everyone's gonna forget about governance coins before governance coins becomes the big trend that's what I thought the D Craig type of governance coins would be big you know with everyone talking about governance but hey with the governance situation the funsters are gonna try to pull something in November also so hey you don't know what's gonna be pumped next and spin anyway uh BT c – e ID link to how the FinCEN finds the BTC – a virtual currency exchange a hundred ten million dollars for facilitating ransomware darknet drug sales all right you can read that article yourself yesterday I mentioned ICO that maybes gonna be illegal for Americans to purchase i ciose that was no that was not an SEC thing I was a little did not explain myself properly if the SEC makes it really cumbersome for Americans to get involved in AI cos then I CEOs are just gonna exclude Americans they're not gonna try – they're gonna be like if you're an American you can't buy from us okay so that's what I meant but again the SEC is gonna lay the SmackDown in some way so be prepared for something a gbtc Bitcoin investment trust that Barry Silbert is in charge of it's been around $400 for a little while now which translates into them valuing one Bitcoin at $4,000 which was really interesting and it really hasn't been affected too much by the fun coin fun show hey man I said before that that number that representation is something that Bitcoin could easily surge to once all the fun is gone once the segment is really there once people see the FUD coin is totally an altcoin yeah so that 400 is out there that means 4000 keep an eye on it keep an eye on Bitcoin see I mean because I mean you know we've talked about this big point hoarding situation that could happen people still are paying attention to August 1st when they study but that could be bullish for Bitcoin he's gonna be funny when that FUD coin gets on the market everyone is gonna try to dump it that you know the dares touch it I don't recommend anyone touching it so that should be very interesting there's a guy out there on Twitter and by the way you can follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt it's a fun time over there hi on coins yes I linked to him he's got a it's a Spanish Spanish Bitcoin spanish-language Bitcoin stuff hi on coins yes I linked to him below you should check him out he seems like a nice guy we've been corresponding and I just have to end you know people are probably saying what's this fun coin thing you're talking about and I'm not going to name it but you know there's been a lately out of China they're trying to create this altcoin that's trying to pretend to be Bitcoin that they're going to debut on August the first and people keep using the name all over the place putting it in their title it's nothing but clickbait and I don't play that game over here okay I'm not giving these people the time of day and giving them the respect I don't name a king of the trolls by name I don't name a lot of people by name because I'm not in it for the clickbait I'm not I'm not here to make you click on this to watch my video I'm trusting that you know anna meister brings you the best freakin content out there duties you're like making these videos and using the name of these coins and these people just and then writing $10,000 pretty cool I mean just it's ridiculous I mean you're gonna get three dollars more is that worth it really I mean do what you want to do and I know that does appeal to the masses so I'm gonna have I'm not speaking to a receptive audience here I guess but I guess I'm just trying to show you my perspective on this why I don't play that game and maybe someone who's watching this who also has their own channel or whatever or who's just someone who's vocal in the community can understand why you gotta take a stand and you got to stand for something here okay and that's what I stand for I do I don't want to give people who deserve no respect any respect just so I can make $3 or something like that or whatever you're trying to do out there because in the long run you're scaring people you're fighting people and you're just you're giving bad players in our space an unnecessary platform and I mean you don't have to be as strict as me not using their name ever when you when you talk but like promoting it in the title it becomes ridiculous after a while at least in my humble opinion so comment like button if you like the way I go about things over here or I'm just trying to give you information that I think is important I don't you know I don't go looking on the coin desk seeing what the headlines are and then you know leading them off and I just I'm out there I'm seeing what people are talking about and I decide what you know interest me and I share it with everyone here so yeah we mentioned that this weekend Bitcoin tomorrow 3:30 pm Eastern Time what else do we have in here down here there's something I forgot to do at the beginning of a show uh all right I get a reminder do nothing make sure your coins are not on exchange that is all it's really that easy so again if you're if you're worried about what should I do with my coins there you go that's how you take care of this current situation uh Digital bit box I just want to say that name again does anyone knowing the digital bit box that's like a Tresor you can get it down below oh yeah I'm wearing the shirt the awesome cryptography t-shirt you can also get one of those below by using the Meister discount code 10% off I've been using his uh in my thumbnails I've been using his art or his you know hey I really like these t-shirts I like what they they're ironic don't worry I don't support a bank it's just him making fun of banks and the bitcoin is better than the banks I know some people can't grasp that concept out there it's kind of embarrassing that you can't but whatever pound that like button if you're a critical thinker alright so uh what else we have here oh really important yeah I link to the old uh australian auction there was an Australian government Bitcoin auction a year ago they confiscated some drug people's money I don't even get into that what where the money came from but it is the ultimate example of buying and hold there there were a few people who ended up with 2,000 Bitcoin because of these auctions alright and I linked to to the blockchain that info address below you can see the address where the guy put his 2000 Bitcoin a year ago where he paid he might have paid about one point we don't know how much he paid but back then his stash that he acquired at auction was worth 12 million dollars and guess what guess what since that day a year ago whoever owned that those 2000 Bitcoin hasn't done a thing with those Bitcoin he bought and he held well well how much is his 12 million dollars in Bitcoin worth now 5

3 million dollars so those of you who hate rich people there's an example of how rich people get a lot richer and how you should follow the example a very simple example that they live by that I preach buy-and-hold don't try to do anything fancy because that very wealthy person had 12 million dollars a big point now he has 53 million dollars he did nothing remember seriously remember that the next time you hear some guys say oh you should keep some of your Bitcoin on an exchange because you've always need to trade it and you can make money so uh yeah if you're subscribed remember to bang that Bell button bang that del button so you can you can get an update you know what I even had my chat open on the side now so I can't even see if anyone's done you know as I see the names pop up look here ok yeah so now I actually oh look I'm looking into the into the chat for one second there do we have anything interesting Wow look at this one troll guy God my god alright so what else do we have left here there's some troll that just I mean they really love it man they must find me incredibly sexy if they keep coming back here over and over again I mean it's it's really strange isn't it why would why don't they keep coming back I don't understand the logic maybe you can help me alright so the bottom line in all of this is umm buy-and-hold have a strong hand don't freak out at any any situation stay positive how to think long term and since there are not many people who can think long term there really aren't and so if you if you know if you're if you're one can't teach yourself learn it because the long-term thinkers in the end whoa dude you gotta have a plan and they have plans and sometimes the plans are really simple and they become quite wealthy so remember individual responsibility self-sufficiency self-sufficiency resist peer pressure town that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below i post a new video here every day we'll be back tomorrow Friday 3:30 pm for this week in Bitcoin and yeah I think the Bitcoin flood that's been in the air has definitely dissipated lately that was part of the title of this title of is that I really I I guess I wonder I yes I've been giving you that feeling I I feel like you know that the beginning of the way are the mill the week everyone was all flooding it and it just seems like every time we have fought it dissipates and people even remember that so they don't have to panic and they don't do anything insane because when you're living through like the harshness of the worst part of the FUD you just get debt people can get down you gotta realize that we get into this the current situation where it's dissipating it feels so much better alright I have gone on with you wanna see you later bye-bye