edit by iylee hello this video is going to be about coinbase coinbase is a place you can go to link either your bank account or a credit card to coinbase and in doing so it will enable you to buy Bitcoin through this company okay now this company will store your Bitcoin for you in a wallet they provide however I do not recommend to store your Bitcoin in coinbase I recommend you take your Bitcoin out of coinbase and set it to your Bitcoin wallet excuse me and we have gone to you Bitcoin org o RG Bitcoin dot o-r-g and we had downloaded downloaded the Bitcoin core wallet from there in the previous video so once you've done that you're going to basically come back to coinbase and send your coins from your coin with base account to a address that you created in your Bitcoin wallet okay so right here you can see on coinbase that i am logged in and here is your dashboard okay you can click on that when you enter your coin base here you'll buy your your your Bitcoin okay even when you're in here you'll click that to buy your Bitcoin but what we're gonna focus on is send okay so we want to send our Bitcoin because let's just say we've already bought Bitcoin and it's sitting in coin base so we want to send it to our wallet so you're gonna click this button here to send and as you see it says said the funds but what's it asking for email or a Bitcoin address so it's asking for a Bitcoin address right so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open my Bitcoin wallet up okay here's my Bitcoin wallet okay you can see that I already have coinbase there alright now I have another one here but I have no label and that was what generated it with 2015 but let's just say we want to create a new label here so label we're gonna call it coin base so I don't to use my other one there and I have created we'll just create another one new address coin base and here we go okay we're gonna copy address close that paste the address here in coinbase let's just see first three letters 1mj last to be FX beat let's go to our Bitcoin wallet and corn-based too so let's open it does it match yes it does o FX beat the question mark and label coinbase after that don't worry about that we want the one below or here it ends there as you see address FX be okay so FX beat sure does okay so that it matches so now I'm gonna put my wallet here says I have 005 Bitcoin so I'm gonna 0

05 I'm gonna enter that in there I don't want to write a message it's okay send funds okay so it's saying you are about to send 005 Bitcoin worth sixty US dollars to the address that I gave them okay so I say sure send me my SMS uh-huh there it is so let's enter this code in because for security purposes they want to make sure it's me taking Bitcoin out of my coin base account so they text me in my phone so confirm send complete wonderful let's see when we get it and there it is Bitcoin incoming transaction my wallet just signaled right there amount 005 label point base to receive so that's it we just transferred money from our coin base account to our Bitcoin wallet by creating a address here in our Bitcoin wallet it was as simple as that okay so I hope that helps you you can explore coinbase on your own and figure out all the bells and whistles inside by just clicking on things but sorry about my cold here what I wanted to go over is how to basically get your coins out of coinbase and into your wallet okay so thank you very much hope you enjoyed the video