hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is November the 8th 2017 a day that will live in glory for at least the next few months or so remember have a strong hand ok so it was an interesting day today wasn't it today was a good day as they said I want to say one other thing to be the man you've got to beat the man oh wow remember that ok this is a moment to be proud in in the Bitcoin world you just don't sit there and say oh well you guys were trying to destroy us and take all of our wealth and ruin our savings and now that you gave up we're all gonna be friends and we're gonna be polite and we're gonna be gracious and we'll let you just go about your business yeah we're not gonna we're not forgetting who those bad players were who tried them I mean there are some of us here we've been saving patiently we've been doing the right thing we've been responsible we've been long-term thinkers and then you have these people who just they're trying to ruin everything they're trying to to say hey don't be a saver be a spender come to my business let's change bitcoin to bail out my coffee business or my social media business or whatever they run so I'm not you know everything turned out great in the long run as I said it would but ice beforehand I said we're not going to forget the bad actors and I'm not again this is not about blame this is just about how to act properly if someone tries to destroy you you don't forgive them you don't forget okay so we're not gonna forget all the people who are in on this and we'll be reminding you of them throughout the years to come and who knows who knows what will happen but let again let's keep it positive but I did want to say we everyone should be happy everyone this is the time this it's not a time to be polite and reserved and say okay let's move on to the next issue of business if it's time to celebrate people celebrate and people are celebrating all over the all over the place so again I'm not this is not about scapegoating or anything like this but there were people that were part of an active group a very small group of people outspoken businessmen who weren't very friendly so they're not going to be forgotten they're going to be boycotting and hey hey I mean if you want to do business with them that's your business but just think think about it though think about it if you're a saver at least and I know whatever most people watching this don't even you know they don't even care about savings which is unfortunate that you can't be part of the 20% but if you've been watching this channel all along now you see why it's important to be part of the 20% why it's important to be patient with all this I told people do nothing do nothing and just wait this thing out and in the end we're gonna look back on this and laugh one day and you know what in already it looks like how look how overblowing this list people are like oh definitely bigger bigger than be cash it'll be much more important but be cash did it was nothing it was all fun that's why you don't panic and move your Bitcoin to risk your picker you just wait it out it turned out great it turned out great so great job to all of the people all of the holders out there all of the long-term thinkers all you guys in the 20% with me all you guys who watch this and all the people on Twitter have been say you know and Adam you know I don't always agree with you but you were right all along here you gotta take a patient approach to this don't jump into things now as all of you know I wasn't gonna have a 2x show every day there people were planning all this nonsense around it just play into hands hyping it up hyping it up it was nothing that's why I never say king of the trolls name or any of these people's name they don't need to be hyped up and I learned my lesson a while ago you don't hike these people up they will go away they'll be called out for what they are which is nothing nothing nothing the majority of people out there don't know about this stuff don't care about this stuff are holders of Bitcoin and that's what gives us our strength and again you know there are people who trade and do crazy things and that also helps the Bitcoin ecosystem it makes me wealthier that's great that's awesome thank you / do foolish things I kind of warn you not to do foolish things alright so I told you not to worry think long term don't be impulsive let it play out do nothing you did nothing you won we won that's it and when I say we want I mean the holders I mean the the people who are smart again the smart people who are not impulsive we're rewarded in this situation that is why the Bitcoin world is awesome because in the end of the day the right side wins the smart side wins wins and life goes on and I said to everyone you know there's gonna be some turbulence in November but there's going to be a December and December is coming early here because we're past it and you know people said well Bitcoin went up to 8,000 they drop down to 7,000 today that's great who cares I'm a holder I'm thinking about 2020 or 2024 or 2028 I don't care whatever you're gonna pick out something negative from a day that was totally positive if you're if you're a trainer again maybe you've got hurt today great you're not a real trader none of you say you're traders or real traders really make five percent of you or something it's so silly if still after all this you cannot understand who I hold it is the best policy if you still can't grasp it if you still can't grasp it I don't know what to say pound that like button that's what I'm gonna say and seriously comment like take some time right now go to tech ball on Twitter follow me on Twitter over there check out the notes section below I haven't if you're watching this live I haven't put all the pertinent links there yeah okay they're not all there yet cuz I want to jump right into the show when I woke up yes I'm in Israel it's in the morning here I know it's night back on the East Coast so it's been good I mean I'm happy I'm happy that it's out of our hair and we can move if there's like positive the main HUD event is gone but it was just fear uncertainty and doubt these people were selling that's all they were selling so they could bail out their businesses so they could control I mean I mean I even know what the there are three guys behind it or something I mean it was such a joke all right so be gold meet up in New York City on November 9th which is what it would that's Thursday right I'll link to that below soon so if you're interested be gold you're in New York City in Manhattan go meet up with them I mean you know some of this weird about today's show I still have notes from what this show was going to be like before the news broke yesterday and again when the news broke I was aware of it and I appreciate people emailing me and telling me about it the please I knew about it already check my Twitter first when something like this breaks and you'll see that Adam Ari knows I don't have to you know send them a bunch of emails and send them a bunch of comments on the comments section just go in to Twitter and start participating there on Twitter I'm already that's why I say check my Twitter throughout the day I'm giving you stuff you're not I'm giving you stuff live that you're not gonna get here I retweet the greatest guys out there that I respect there are smart dudes this is all about being smart it's all about long-term planning and it's all about not being impulsive and doing ridiculous things and we're not worrying and not worrying there's nothing to worry about nothing nothing in the book I was right and all these other people with their clickbait titles and everything were wrong and now I guess they can make up other little fantasies and fairy tales or whatever to trick the 80% of the clicking on them or what I do think people get jollies out of this fun and out of spreading foot I really think is a personality type that gets a high at it at a spread in this stuff and likes to live in a world of fun and likes to make they're people worried that's not me I don't want people with the worry I will people be efficient with your time I want people to be efficient with their money I want this Bitcoin thing to go to the moon and I don't want anything getting this race if I see an obstacle I'm gonna tell you that's an obstacle right there ignore that obstacle run through that wall baby because you can that wall is a paper tiger it's paper thin they're just making it look like it's thick and scary it's nothing and it was nothing again and now we can focus on positive crypt of dividends like the be gold friendly fork now do you understand what unfriendly for kids with a friendly fork is you're going to understand real soon because I got some big old news coming up below Todd I got to get through this so anyway as I said so right here I have a link that I was going to share lecturer is preparing for the segment 2x hard fork that's so funny I did even if this was gonna happen there were it was going to be fine people the respectable third parties we're gonna get you through this and get you your Kripa dividend now it's not going to exist anymore the scripted dividend or maybe it will there's a rumor going on whole rumor a rumor I'll get to that a second okay so yeah listen to smart people you'll be fine now all the clickbait clowns have to find some other Fudd to over blow so I even know what that's gonna be what do they got someone on Twitter made a joke USA vans Bitcoin maybe that'll be the next thing they they spread some some made-up thing or I don't know I mean I can only get it'll probably involve beef hash some of them you know and not everyone in be cash as a troll or whatever is a troublemaker but there definitely are there definitely you're so proud to be tax people who are just waiting for this 2x thing to happen and we're so happy and really oh it's gonna do the dirty work for us get rid of the be difficult the real Bitcoin and we can say were the real Bitcoin so they'll come on there's some of them have come up with something like we must buy coffee of government make a rule that every American has to buy coffee show everyone that we'll have to use be cash because again I'm gonna get you it in a second Bitcoin is not used for little purchases it's not it's a no one's using crypto currency to buy little things it's a love it's a freaking it's a semi to put to you some telling these words it's a freaking stamp basically all we needed to be able to buy coffee with we need to make luinis small little teeny transaction fees in and Bitcoin has $10 transaction fees which is total poll I mean the segment has lowered the fees segment has done everything these clowns have said that bitcoin can't you but people don't even want Bitcoin to do that yet people don't do it people don't use Bitcoin in that manner okay I'm even gay people use Bitcoin cut gold and hold the save so what happened to saving these people over in the 2x Lanterman saying some of them and be cash like king of the trolls I don't think they know what savings is they're part of this generation that's totally forgotten what savings is you have to have savings as a basis of an economy you must have savings United States of America 80% of people have forgotten that in the Western world in the United States oh they do we spend spend spend and that's what be cash and maybe 2x we're all about just like encouraging the mentality of spend spend spend spend spend just spend on coffee for the heck of it every single day spend on coffee spend on coffee so you're gonna need B cash you're gonna need B has business better than dollars whatever spender if you're gonna be a wasteful person spend your dollars on coffee every day your cryptocurrency say be Bitcoin is for saving it's not for this coffee stuff no one uses it for that get get it through your heads get to the real world like I do talk to people every day who s there isn't about Bitcoin they know won't Bitcoin just buy coffee they want to preserve their wealth there in third-world countries with their bags close every day okay we're crazy things happen they don't want coffee that people want invent people that content me are about savings our old-fashioned are smart you're a fool if you want this if you think this technology is about making buy a coffee easier you just PayPal or whatever our music electronic money we already have electronic money it I mean it's PayPal huge PayPal for God's sake but again what I'm saying but I mean I'm yelling here and I know people like the rants kind of like funny if you'd like the rants but what I'm saying it doesn't you know all this stuff that I'm saying that the beat has to look to X people warned or whatever it doesn't matter because at the end of the day the holders have spoken we don't want to buy coffee this is what bitcoin is this is the way bitcoin is set is the staying we have the conviction we have the conviction the other people to X had no conviction there was no one behind it the big hash people I mean I guess a some of them are passionate about coffee or whatever but in the or what their business is bailed out they couldn't that people are saying well no one's going to use Bitcoin to build a business on what well I mean ya know maybe not a coffee business yeah who cares about these coffee businesses again again who cares about it if you do go invest the coffee business okay okay don't be a saver because you know and be part of 80% spend all your money on coffee I save and you all know darn well how how that savings has paid off for me personally I'm not gonna put it into the numbers for you if you're smart enough you've got every single hint that I mentioned on here about Ted DiBiase and R&R shyster and all that stuff look up those are fruit you know use your head a little bit that's halogen and there are plenty other people savers who have been rewarded in a similar manner to me but all they did was simply use their heads only a year ago it was $700 for God's sakes hey okay now this ranth is going on much longer this is gonna be a long show um so yeah hmm scuse me whoo where are we here Kent so here's a tweet of the day or one of the many tweets at uh oh okay yeah so one other thing there's gonna be a lot of not-so-smart money coming in real soon now I mean they didn't know about this fuck did this insane seg with 2x fun but like Doug Casey's newsletter the free one that I get that I get spam to one of my accounts ever day sometimes twice three times a day Oh Doug Casey's newsletter talks about now is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency he has some guru and I'm not even gonna mention this gurus name because he's led some people down the wrong path is guru all he talks about is cryptocurrency oh you got to get in this one that one that one bitcoins going up a thousand percent buh buh buh buh buh and all these people are just blindly following they're going with the hottest trend let them come in come into the Bitcoin space I don't care help pump it up I don't you know I've tried to warn you guys you should just buy Bitcoin but you know you want your neo your BS your China coin or whatever you know I can't stop the fools from making me wealthier for wasting Bitcoin on these crazy coins but I'm just saying the Doug Casey stuff has ramped up to a whole new level over there so I mean it's pausing it that's good for not so smart money I'm not gonna call it dumb money that's not real nice it's float is about the flow there's a wall I'm not so smart money coming in from individuals who have no idea what a Bitcoin having is who have no idea what a fork is who have no idea of the beat hash or this or that or whatever who think like point yeah I want to buy the Bitcoin called litecoin those type of people great yeah I mean we need newbies we need to educate people that's great but they're just gonna make smart patient people not impulsive people wealthier god I love this space I love where the smart people are rewarded and it's really unfortunate they're people on social media who are smart who use their smarts to kind of spread fun and I don't know why they even do it half the time I guess they have some self-interest somewhere else maybe in some ICO or something they're trying to pump I don't know it's it seems like there's some people out there that are doing things and I'm not gonna choose specific names or anything like that of it you know this is not a witch-hunt but there are intelligent people out there who just do some silly things spread some silly stuff and it's just not helpful for the overall community but here you're gonna get the honest truth okay and sometimes you're not it's not glamorous it's not glamorous just to sit there and do nothing people are like do nothing there doesn't so what good is a good place yeah it was the best advice it always is be a holder that's just doing nothing that's just with watching your investment grow getting crypto diffidence 10% on your savings is unbelievable and all right so here we go tweet from Alister Melanie can anyone update me on the remaining FUD lined up for Bitcoin I feel a little uncomfortable there doesn't appear to be much left okay yeah so what is the next end-of-the-world scenario that a bad actors will try to promote I mean hater haters gotta hate I guess I mean there's always gonna be haters but I mean something it's such a fun storm that they're not gonna be as a fun storm like we we just had these last few weeks for the rest of this year I mean I maybe there'll be some minor things pop up or I don't know not going to talk about that I mean I've got Bitcoin and identity politics one of these days people just thought that's a preview I have notes talking about that all right Alistair Melanie another tweet of his that I was going to share before all this happen Bitcoin thinking outside the bank I like that saying okay so yeah there's a rumor that 2x it's still going to happen many lingham posted something about it toward a Meester posted something about it and that that like some road miners are gonna do it anyway bring it on free another crypto dividend is great great do your little crypt of David it's fine if you do replay protection that would be awesome maybe I'll be worth $100 we all get $100 weird 2x cone out of China or whatever you got I guess some people are saying this is a totally made-up miner who's saying this I'm gonna link to that eventually again it's it's not going to now because the show is live everybody but Richard Hart replied to Vinnie immediately and said be crash took half the miners no one cared we moved so again if some miners want to still do 2x great great do it do it a fork they could a friendly Fork would ever put briefly protection in great be my guest no one can be that no one wanted to stick in the first place so again pound that like button subscribe to this channel check out the notes section below for you to get shirts at cryptography D a crypto consultation at animate resort help calm to get a Tresor and well Tresor has been a great tool lately really has been people tell me there's a new Tresor coming out you know they talk about the the ledger also which is great you know this storage devices are great because they promote responsible responsibility the responsible people is saving saving it goes hand in hand with your storage device so and that's something I believe so yeah Twitter was on fire today I mean this one to be the biggest day so remember at Tech ball tcch be alt is me always check their first when there's big news because usually I'm already talking about it over there soon follow me okay so some be tax people appear to be totally shell-shocked by this announcement about the to X wasn't happy I mean one outspoken guy the guy who went to Washington University just like I did I'm not gonna say his name I mean he is just look he's coming up with these excuses like oh it's it's the the trolls that are spreading you they are they they're not letting people talk there's censorship the usual excuses the the people are mean on Twitter they could okay if you if you really think that trolls can control something like this so-called trolls and can control you know can can stop to X that like they've been because of censorship on a reddit that no one cares about can do that's the reason for all your problems alright dude that's the reason for that that your be cash didn't get to pump because of 2x and that's your excuse I mean that maybe you're a troll I mean if you put so much value in so-called trolls if you think so highly of trolls and I just I don't know maybe you are what I don't know wears a psychology in that I mean what is I mean wears what line of thinking is that I don't know I'm a positive that I don't try to you know blame you know come up with the hack dude no one cared no it's this 2x I know it was your big tool to hurt Bitcoin so your dream I mean these be cash people talk you should see how some of them pop on the flipper name is coming soon yeah I mean it's like this was like they are living in a whole other universe where this great thing is about to happen but and then they're the center of this universe they're like well widening Jimi's son's game theory mentioned be cashed and why didn't he mention P first so he was probably going to mention it but did you if they're just that you just about at all going dude people could use like coin just as easily to buy your coffee think about that seriously you're just another coin you're not the Senate you're not the big dog to be the man you've gotta beat the man whoa that's supposedly a pretty good ESPN documentary that just came out by the way about Ric Flair he really lived a rough life that's why you don't do drugs that's why you don't you don't become an alcoholic and stuff I do want to see that I don't watch much TV my friend back in Baltimore taped it we're gonna watch it uh tore Thanksgiving weekend anyway so um you know so another thing that this guy was saying these people don't want to change you saying the big corn people won't accept the upgrade they wanting the 2x was upgrade why would they accept the upgrade why won't they change why would this reminds me is it's a personal thing I guess it reminds me of there's people back in the day they came up they had this new prophet they had this New Testament thing and they said to the Jews why won't you change why won't you accept our new way our new testament a new prophet change your ways so you know accept their changes to the book a changes to the protocol you know God can have a son why don't you believe that and why are you so stubborn why won't you change why won't you original why want you're the original but you should change you should do this upgrade you should upgrade and then then people in the powers-that-be the Romans were like come on just change be more like us and the Europeans and all the nations of the world what the Jews were be more like us give up your ways you've given up just change your ways change your protocol change the way you do things and the Jews were stubborn they would not change we would not change we survived every attack every attempt against us to change us to change our ways to give in we were the original and we are still here to this very day where is Rome where is Greece where are they the world still talks about the Jews the world still wants the Jews to change the Jews are the talk of everything this comparison can be made to Bitcoin everyone wants Bitcoin today there's only one Bitcoin there's only one Jewish people they do not change we do not change we have conviction be like a spit coin have conviction never give up have the strong hand of history with you that is the Jews the strong hand we will not change and Bitcoin should not change and should follow that precedent look don't be a hater of the Jews learn from the Jews learn from this stubbornness that you you call it stubbornness and you know it's funny throughout history the Pope's had meetings the Communists had meetings on how to stop the Jews had a change of Jews we're gonna have these bathrooms use and we will define that we will make them do this the Germans had meetings on how they would change the Jews and they could not change the Jews and all the people who choice who taught who trying to change the Jews lost all the people who try to change the Bitcoin will lose because we are stubborn we have conviction have conviction have that strong hand the Jews are forever the Jews will not be destroyed bitcoin will not be destroyed conviction wins the future I told all of you a few days ago I used that stefan molyneux quote okay conviction wins the future I was right to consign with the conviction here Bitcoin won and will win and throughout history no matter how small how weak someone might seem for a bit those with the conviction will survive and will continue to flourish and be the one that everyone else wants to be everyone else is jealous of and makes up the lies about tries to bring down all the time so many the attacks will keep on coming the Bitcoin the attacks will keep on coming just as they have kept on coming to the Jews it's expected it's expected when you're the original when you're stubborn people don't like that people want you to change and they say why won't you change change for the sake of change they give in they want you to give in changes giving in changes being defeated in this in these cases Bitcoin will not be defeated learn learn from history alright so there's your little Bible father today so he cash again I kind of went over this book before beep catch people saying and remember pass men have lent but still we got a lot of viewers here and if you want to do the super chat through the super check I still don't even know how that works all right I mean I I couldn't do a super tech I've never done it before but obviously a lot of people do but they give me the super chats I appreciate that live viewers I really do BTC alright so be cash people saying they won't be able to use ok so this is what I was gonna say I was gonna share beforehand because people were saying that you know bitcoin is not going to be able to work for two days during this hard fork I was gonna say I don't care know what use it for coffee who can't if you're a holder which is most people so trainers weren't going to be able to trade Bitcoin for two days oh woe is me what the price is going to drop the 500 great it's a golden whole thing baby it's a gold who cares and they kept on talk about the flipping will start because people are going to be start using beat hash to buy their coffee that's kind of what's going to trigger the the flippity that people are gonna instead all of a sudden switch to beat ash because they're gonna be unable to use Bitcoin no it's not happy people don't use cryptocurrency for these things so it's not gonna trigger anything and again if you by the way if you do use a cryptocurrency for small purchases I don't know of anyone who does it didn't use my coin if you wanted or didn't use B cash I don't really care good luck be cash people for the people who love small little transactions and need to buy coffee and want to give away something that is for savings that don't understand savings who are just wasteful you know when they get $10 they spend $11 then used to go try B cash out be my freakin guest you'd but it's not a good if B if for some reason you could high fees are not the end of the world for Bitcoin if you couldn't use Bitcoin for day it wouldn't be the end of the world it's still a savings mechanism and again be cash is not the only all coin out there people be cash people you better remember that you think you're the center you're not the center you're not the original and maybe someone book you know you're gonna have your fork on the 13th you'll gain some legitimacy if some people fork off from you I don't know if that's gonna happen you know they're saying we all believe in one because sure there will be no Forks haha we're so great we're sort of great there won't be any four actually that's not a sign not being able to produce a crypto dividend that's not a good thing hey the coins that produce the cryptic dividends are the tight they're the top ones alright so someone just gave me two bucks and he said I love Jesus so that's great you too and you know what when you're part of the original you respect you have the right to say whoever you want to say is Messiah whoever you want to say that's great and then from Bitcoin that's what I'm saying if you want to create your own all coin your own fork of us great you can do that just don't tell us to change don't don't say you're the new Bitcoin you're the new one don't leave us alone if you believe in something else leave us alone you for a friendly for sure awesome experiment make your own altcoin that is awesome but leave us alone don't try to be an unfriendly participant in all this don't try to be someone who changes one who destroys the original who one who tries to wipe the original off the face of the earth be your own thing fork off you know the many religions have produced other the Judaism has produced other religions successful ones and here in against someone just gave me to Jimmy the hobo maybe two dollars he says I love Jew yes I love jus us I love Jews awesome I am Jewish I love the Jewish people and I wish more Jewish people were on YouTube you know giving out this Jewish pride and stuff because unfortunately there are a lot of Jewish people who are say they want to be they want to fit in they want to fit in on no no we can't protest let's let's be you know fitting in hasn't worked very well for the Jews who tried to fit in over the years you can see the exam all they they don't they're not Jews too much longer they just become blend it in to the rest of society and they conform and that's weak you gotta you got to have conviction dude convene in the end of the day people respect conviction all the haters of the Jews the biggest haters in the world they respect people like me who stand up who just don't sit there and don't act like cuffs and take it okay no one respects a cuff people respect people with conviction and Bitcoin people have conviction you're not gonna be a cup here and say all 2x people haha that was great you tried to destroy us go you know we love you now no no no I love koutou says yeah the guy keeps give me two bucks thank you uh mr Alan see there that's very nice he I think he would say I loved you too so yes Jew again we need we need more Jewish people come into a Bitcoin Jewish person oh all right all right and I'm not gonna get into it so uh yeah all right so so few people so anyway okay be cash people for the flipping their their dissing be cash people this is either okay you are not the only all point out they are and I said that so since I mean no people really use Bitcoin for coffee so again what was the point of the rush to the block side in this this whole block sites the big that's been going on some of these people have been so rush oh we got to have a solution we need a solution now we need a solution now we need a solution now goods we never meet we don't need to rush this at all Segway was the solution we didn't even need to implement Daggett because people don't use it for small the people were throat were filling the men pool with spam transactions there were bad actors trying to make it seem like oh so many people are using Bitcoin for all these little transactions they dumped this whole thing was an act this whole thing where we're bad actors just I don't know they wanted change for the sake of change they wanted to be dictators they're just as a personality type that likes to be in charge and change people and dictate all right so again let that let that again let the mark again let the market decide if all of a sudden people want to use it in daily transactions then people all move the V cash I guess but that's not happening that it's look at it's not having people are holding bitcoins it's a store of wealth again and there's Bitcoin is what it is is the world reserved of cryptocurrency and it's a pleasure to hear the people complain and they want their businesses to be bailed out and he wants some outside force to to make us to make us change I mean that's what it's not gonna happen in cryptocurrency you're not gonna be able to force people to change that is the glory of the Bitcoin world you cannot change the golden holders you cannot change the buy-and-hold you cannot force them with a gun this is not though the world of democracy and all that where the voters can vote you to be a slave and can put a gun to your head and force you to give up your wealth that doesn't happen here no one is going to be forced to do anything in cryptocurrency when you control your private that's it and you're not affected by people trying to force you to do things there's no so all these bad actors you can't force it you can try to do your little tricks you could try to make yourself seem bigger than you really are I'm not playing that game I'm calling you out as not being big big and you know you're you're like The Wizard of Oz behind the curtain you're nothing you seem all big you're nothing and I'm gonna keep reminding the next one of you comes up I'm going to call you out and again we blow these things that are proportion so people in our community the next big negative thing whatever it is the people who get high off of that fun and negativity I don't know what your problem is see a psychologist or you do come to me I can maybe help you become a more positive person but again we're gonna have a December just like I predicted it has come early but but all you need all the negative people who want to change through force you're not gonna be able to force us okay so more crippling dividends are coming soon hopefully to X was a failed attempt if you don't like Bitcoin just fork off and have some replay protecting okay we it recalls time to shine and thank you for helping Newt or to XP gold you played a role you played a role and by the way I was going to have a new poll my new poll was going to be are you tired of 2x fun / hype clickbait material but again I'm not gonna put that fun out there because there is no more 2x food hype clip clickbait material out there and yeah I was tired of it and I think that was going to win Andy Hoffman says this is truly the biggest news of Bitcoin history a point I cannot emphasize enough at this point I view it as it's upside potential as limitless this is the kind of stuff that we're going to start hearing all around instead of fun thank you Andy Hoffman of cryptical in central comm he will he'll be linked to below eventually and again I love it at this point I view this upside potential as limitless yes to the moon baby I can't predict what it's going to hit 10,000 people don't ask but you know think 2020 be patient and again for all you people who said what I'm going to sell now and buy back when it's at $5,000 dude now you you don't do that because nothing is guaranteed the 2x situation wasn't guaranteed so now we're not dropping down the 5000 it looks like had we had a 2×6 duration yeah we would have dropped down the 5000 so I hope you didn't sell your Bitcoin I all I've been preaching is hold so that's why you don't do you people are like Adam you shoot you've got to sell it that the top is now so just buy in when it's cheaper when all the funds going on no nothing's guaranteed that's why you have a strong hand and you hold really think about that right now traders think about that pound that light button and again the price did drop some a Bitcoin and might drop some more who cares because now people aren't getting they're gonna get their free crypto 2x their 2x crypto dividend alright great so I mean we're here for the long run ok be gold information there is an open through open pool request request from one of the treasure developers to add Bitcoin gold and that's one step before it is merged and officially enters the code base also Bitcoin gold main net launch is set for the 12th and I and hopefully the trebles you know offer support from the beginning all right so that's what I've heard again so the 12th 4b gold is gonna come out finally and you'll you'll have to decide what you're gonna do then we'll talk about that but treasure might have support as a there's an open pour request okay that's good that's interesting white coin it went through the big thumb effect remember the bit thumb effect is the random all coin is being pumped in Korea by the bit thumb exchange litecoin just had a bit thumb effect pump use the term again is it again as I said you know who cares if he cash goes up now or light coin goes up be kicked Bitcoin is as strong as ever and it's great to know that I was right and I have been right and that listening to smart people with experience is paying off and it's just as simple as I want to say one thing we catch fan king of the trolls is saying he'll be in Los Angeles at 8 p

m and give everyone who asked who asks $100 in B cash because that's now impossible to do with said would coin so I be giving away free B cash to prove his coffee point I mean great you're rich you're awesome you're you're a billionaire you're a billionaire give it away give it away I'm not saying to go to downtown LA and hang out with this guy but I did notice that tor who's originally from Baltimore totally ripped on king of the trolls under in that up Meetup or a group or whatever I'll link to it eventually good job my brother from Baltimore shoutouts to Towson man even though I'm from Northwest Baltimore and north of the Northwest Suburbs Towson is a little different from the northwest suburbs we know we all can be friends Jew and Gentile all right okay so yeah what would happen the savings people let's make savings cool again that's what bitcoin is about savings golden hold these these be cash people these to X people the bad actors they don't understand savings they understand coffee they understand being wasteful and just spend spend spend spend spend spend live the American Dream spend spend spend no the American Dream is saving and being and you know being able to live a lifestyle well you don't have to work for anyone else where you work for yourself where you can retire when you're done and are so gonna be halfway retired or or live this like whatever you want to call my life I don't know what my lifestyle is called lifestyle of the free and famous I know I don't know about babies I am free though and I don't have to work for anyone I could wake up whenever I want to I can live wherever I want to it is awesome it's because of savings it's because of long-term thinking so anyway I'm atomizer with Bitcoin make sure this rotmeister remember subscribe this channel make your shows if you do check out the next new session below pound that like one have a strong hand have conviction have long-term thinking be a saver people this was a great day bye