hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is November the 7th 2017 buy and hold strong hand value your wealth in Bitcoin remember to check out the notes section below very important links that correspond to all the topics that I talk about in this very video also you can get a shirt down there from cryptography to use the Meister discount code also trésor links I'm going to talk about Tresor today it is a great tool to have crypto h:w wallet calm is you can use my affiliate links alright to get discounts on things that you need in this space alright something I forgot to say yesterday when I was talking about how it matters Bitcoin experience matters you want to talk with people who have Bitcoin experience make sure they actually own some Bitcoin also there are people out there who talk a big game and then they don't even have any skin in the game they don't even own Bitcoin I mean that's a good question asked you actually own Bitcoin dude you're talking a big game alright comment of the day I think this might be from two days ago David Hanlon wrote in the comments section and I read my comments section some of you guys leave some great comments and of course then there's Dino when you when you're in this space you got to deal with the trolls they they're hilarious alright but this guy is in control yes Adam or as Buddhists say don't just do something sit there I like that that that is kinda that's kind of like my philosophy with Bitcoin just don't do something sit there don't do something for the heck of it and it also says also the Malaysian government once had a policy whose name you might like to adopt it was vision 2020 vision 2020 buy-and-hold 2020 people remember Bitcoin having is coming up in 2020 if you don't know what that is look it up if you don't know what that is and you own some big when I ate it you really should know what that is all right Trey okay Tresor they email me because I mom on their list and they have given an update about 2x about what they're planning on doing about splitting it's not complete yet their update there's still some stuff left up in the air but as I said you don't have to worry do nothing these legitimate companies are gonna take care of you tell you what to do Johnny just keep your just store your Bitcoin on your trays or do nothing anyway if you want to do something they start to give you some guidance into what to do again I'm not doing anything until it's proven safe but I linked to the Tresor blog post below which explains this stuff I'm not going to get into the details but anyway that's why you check out the links section below people because you're gonna get introduced people are asking about this 2x thing Tresor delivers transit resort issued answers in that in that post that I linked you below alright and there are rumors that be gold they're gonna say something about being gold for you soon to that I think I'll make some of us happy well let's wait on that before we talk about that alright financial freedom tweet of the day I really love this tweet I have more financial freedom than the Saudi multi millionaires who are being arrested in Saudi Arabia just because the regime doesn't like them now you know in these in those separate countries with kings they may arrest whoever they want to whatever we're not going to talk about why it's going on but what's going on is in Saudi Arabia they're arresting rich people they don't like and they're freezing their bank accounts to says they might let it might let him out of jail eventually but they stole their money and so the great beauty beauty on he's a great guy he's one of my like important people of crip of Bitcoin and crypto he tweets out every billionaire in every country should have at least a hundred million dollars in Bitcoin for safety it can't be seized frozen or roof okay so if and when billionaires wake up to this that you know what I live in us kind of sketchy country I'm a billionaire my bank accounts could be shut down in any time they could take my house I need to have something that I'll be able to run away with and so I should have 10% of my value in Bitcoin why not I'm a billionaire what's the worst I lose 10% I lose a hundred million dollars I'm still a billionaire that's the that's the worst thing that can happen if I had it in Bitcoin the worst thing that can happen if I don't have my assets in some assets in Bitcoin is they take away everything and I have to flee the country with nothing and that that would be bad as I couldn't live my billionaire lifestyle but once they realize that that's gonna pump up the price of Bitcoin I mean because they're going to need a lot of Bitcoin Bitcoin freedom insurance in order to make sure they'll be but it's worth it it's well worth it dudes so if you're a billionaire washing this pan that like no no do pound that like button but also yeah you should start buying up your your insurance now well it's still relatively relatively cheap because we don't know where the Bitcoin price is good you know what I'd even check the Bitcoin price I don't think I checked it this morning I know it's really early Oh morning here I know it's night back in Baltimore and everything and I'll be back in Baltimore for Thanksgiving I again I'm in Israel right now so and I am from Baltimore originally for the newbies here that's that's why I talk about Baltimore alright so yeah it's uh you could flee you can flee with with all you with you know a lot of money if you've got it in Bitcoin there so that's awesome there's Saudi there's out of the guys getting arrested I don't think they they had a big coin back-up plan unfortunate for them all right so let's done you know something I'm Richard Hart brought up on that this week in Bitcoin show remember check out the links below you can see that my archives recent shows that I've done but check out these recent shows I find them to be quite entertaining and educational and when Richard Hart is on you learn a lot trust me dude anyway he said we should demand replay protection for our 2x crypto dividend you see that's all it is so I linked to this Marcos's article about new to the 2x lack of replay protection I don't want to scare anyone out there again remand if you're like a newbie or not a you know if you get scared easily don't don't read these articles we're about to X it's all going to be fine but what I'm saying is we should we should remember the companies that don't care about this that then they're like all Truex is fine we don't care about replay you know we don't care about the this replay protection no no no no we're not gonna forget you but also we're going to be proactive because 2x is just a crypt of dividend that's all it is that we're getting for free that us holders are getting for free so we want it to be safe that's why we wanted to be we want to get our but you know if you're not gonna be gonna be a jerk about it then be a jerk about it or whatever but at least we should we're asking you nicely in advance and we're telling you that if you're if you're a person who thinks it's cool to not have replay protection we're going to remember you after the fork because again this is all this is is the formation of a new crypt of dividend an unfriendly Fork but but in the end of the day it's gonna be fine you know there's still people creating this flood but when you come to Adams channel the bitcoinmeister you get reassured hey this is just we've lived through this before I've lived through this before people have B cash it's gonna be the end of the world also it's not so Andy Hoffman has a great tweet out there that says per the vortex major wallets and exchanges will create custom replay protection for 2x be patient you'll get your crypto dividend yes be patient and again I just mentioned how Azure is trying to do something so be patient people there might be some custom replay protection but it would be great if the 2x people I mean are there actually isn't really anyone behind 2x I'm the one guy working on it or whatever if he could just put some replay protection in there so that we could get our free crypto dividend easily so we everyone can be happy because again we're the majority Bitcoin is Bitcoin your alt coin is your offline buy you know do your do whatever type of all cone you want to do you know yesterday I suggested you could do an altcoin and that has unlimited amount of Bitcoin the thing you're doing with this 2x is just a silly and ridiculous is that so but we we just want our free crip the dividend I mean we're we're the 20% we want to be safe we want to turn our crypto dividend in the Bitcoin so we can become wealthier off of the 80% stupidity okay and again it's important to call these coins what they are they are all coins they are crimping evidence never use the word Bitcoin to describe them their names your be cash be gold eagle is a friendly fork to X or biscone you know branding and marketing does make a difference here people a lot of you aren't familiar with that and we are part of the masses we the consumers the holders the traders whatever you whoever is out there we are the masses and we have huge influence over what things are called so over social media so a name is very important a name is very important so call them by their proper names be cash Bisby go calm what they don't use them that we're Bitcoin is there's only one Bitcoin again it's be cash speak big eyes king of the trolls works on be cash that's great can the can't Rosa you pump it is be cashing Korea all right going back to the 80% and 20% concept I was thinking about this remit another way of looking at it another application of this constant is that 80% of the stuff you're going to encounter in life the weather being cryptocurrency whether it be just any in any study it's going to be just a waste of your time you've got to narrow down you've got to be able to look at information social media and say okay this is this this is part of the 80% I gotta ignore it here's the 20% this is the sweet spot here let me focus oh you've got to learn to focus on what is important on the 20% that is important because from the 20% you're going be able to gain basically a hundred percent of knowledge and it comes down to that and you know you know video providers or content providers in the space – but you know 80% of it is horrible and 20% of it is pretty darn good but you gotta figure out what the 20% is that is why I created that video that says you know the who's who in Bitcoin video it's linked to below I tell you who my 20% are like think it's given you the greatest information alright aetherium aetherium is in the news they have problems with the with that wallet okay you know you don't have to worry too much about it if you've got that wallet then there's a lot of etherium that is stuck apparently I'm not gonna get into the issue but what I am going to do and I'd link to an our corn desk article about it if you want to learn about it but there is a Twitter a tweet by art place or art clay and he says he comments on this situation because this is it's not that good I mean it's it's not good news good news shouldn't really bad news shouldn't it should kind of hurt the price of something you know when but when Bitcoin exchanges have had problems the person Bitcoin has gone down but he says and somehow the market does not give up s I'm not using the word wonder if it's proof of the strength of a theory UM's network effect or the sheer stupidity and irrationality of people number 2 dude number 2 it's the sheer stupidity and irrationality of people in this market it's the 80% they don't even know this is happening they don't care whatever and again it isn't aetherium per se that's how it's this wallet that's having the problem it's disparity thing but it isn't it isn't good news it isn't good news and there and part of the bad news or interesting news is that people are already starting to talk about compare this to the Dallas situation which was fixed by a hard fork which was which formed a theory of classic or which really anyway they kept the oath of the old Shane alive so already they're talking about hard-working aetherium to fix this problem to fix a big player in this in the etherium space not necessarily fixing aetherium it's a fix it's fixing a third party's issue and it's a bailout it'll be a bailout to to the people involved in this now I say yes the old days I'd be like no they're not they should they shouldn't fork they should it's your ability I don't care about its ability I don't care about I don't care whatever do what you want to do I want my crypto dividend my criminal dividend I want you to fork because I know if they do fork this time to correct this problem probably the same thing is gonna happen someone will continue the old chain they'll be like in a theory a nother etherium classic basically this is how a theory in classic so that's that's the issue of a theory I'm gonna leave it over there you can give your opinion on it it's not the end of the world that they hard work obviously because we saw beforehand with the fear in classic it wasn't the end of the world we learned from that and these Forks are crypto dividends we've learned it's fun stuff it's fun stuff for holders it's great so yeah good luck to the people out there that lost the theory oh my I feel bad for you it's a wacky wild world out there it really is pound that like button check out the note section below and do subscribe to this channel all right I have a Jordan Peterson video I linked to I thought it was very interesting he told it tells people to make friends with people who want the best for you be friends with people who want the best for you and that's going to improve your life a lot and it also includes you know dropping the people who don't want the best for you just the bad the bad actors in your life the ones who want you to fail are the ones who just don't care about you at all I mean you want to be surround and you know the cool thing about cryptocurrency is that I had this space but the bitcoins please I have met a lot of people whether it be in person or over the internet who want the best for me who want them you know we have a lot in common we want the best for Bitcoin thus we want the best for each other as holders we want we want to see the best and it's it's been interesting these last few years you know I used to I do not used to think that you could be friends with people online I didn't think that was true friendship I guess I kind of old-school that way but I I learned you know you can be friends with people without really actually physically meeting them now I have met some of my my online I had you know Laurie and damerov is a guy I you know met in South Africa I used to come a good friend of mine and everything and he's again a person who wants the best for me and you know it puts a whole new perspective on your life when you compare here when you've got that mindset of you know I want to be around people who have a lot in common with me who want the best wit for me who you know our common interests benefit each other and you know when you compare those friends with your your friends you grew up with and you start thinking like some of these people I'm friends with back home or wherever from college from high school what did it what's going on they're kind of stuck there they're they're not giving out a good vibe and again a lot a lot again a lot of people were friends with drug addicts and stuff and it's not good I'm not but I had some friends I do have some friends with some alcohol issues I've had friends with alcohol issues through through time anyway I've gotten off on a tangent speaking up but that's just something watch that video I thought it was a good video and in an inspirational he can be brutal sometimes but life can be brutal life can be brutal and Bitcoin can be brutal I like that about the space you can't run and hide here government isn't gonna save you and you have to deal with problems you have to deal with in life you really do when it boils down in real life you get up and one at some point you're gonna have to deal with your your bad actor friends and call them out and just either move on to new good actor friends who care about you or just thump the old ones and it's just it's it's part of growing older getting experienced and wiser wisdom is it can can be somewhat painful but it's it's good to have and I I was mentioning that before you want the people in the space who know what they're talking about with you want people life who have real experience – all right what else do we have here Hawaii Bitcoin Hawaii Bitcoin dot-org was sent to me by someone from Hawaii who commented on a past Hawaii video of mine they've had all sorts of issues the state of Hawaii their government is is really bad toward Bitcoin okay and they basically ban coinbase so people wonder why I have a hard time getting Bitcoin this site I just stand it at least they're trying to help people get Bitcoin they're trying to inform people in Hawaii about Bitcoin so people I keep getting contacted by people and why you want me to visit home we'd have a an event there I'd love to do it someone's got to organize it I had like no time to organize these things and again I'm gonna be in South Africa speaking of organizing things in March March tenth of them a Meister a bitcoinmeister event and it's it's really hard to organize oh hopefully they'll be hopefully we'll be able to organize it okay great core crypto okay crypto dividend update well so big core big court I'm not touching it yet people there is an update on steam it that I linked to um you do have to reveal your Bitcoin private key in order to get your big core crypto dividend okay and I'm gonna read some stuff and they know that this claiming process is going to it's going to slow its gonna slow down it's now as many people are gonna claim this way people will not use their private keys until those keys are no longer used for Bitcoin probably again you can you can move you know you can have your private key on your trees or remove all your Bitcoin off your trays or then you can use your private key but who's gonna really do that for Bitcoin I mean it's not even a one for one you're getting for every two big coin you have you get one Bitcoin one big core is worth ten bucks I mean it's not worth it but eventually people do move all their stuff off their private key and so this is this snapshot is gonna be good for a long time but most likely people aren't gonna do this for weeks if not years okay so big core it it's not worth my time it's not worth me just messing around with my private key or revealing my private key too big core but again in the future if by some miracle bit core is worth a lot then the snapshot will be good forever in theory and I'll be able to get my big core you know in the Year 2024 or something so again it you check out the link below the steam it link you will see what you have to do to get your big core and you probably aren't going to be too happy about it alright and the price of big core has doubled lately someone told me and that probably has to do with the fact that they are only going to give out a maximum of half of what they could have given out last time they are again and I said they're only giving out 05 BTX for every BTC you have it probably has to do with how all the big core is not going to be claimed by bit coin holders for a very long time if ever so circulating supply of big core is not going up as much as it first appears you know when you see they're giving over they're giving away all this big court will they're really not giving way to all this big court so that probably has something to do with the price jumping I can't believe I spent all that time on that crypto dividend bake or at least they're a friendly a friendly crypt of dividend is there not a fork oh yeah by the way someone asked me how does the super chat work Adam I actually don't know how the super chat works I have never done a super chat I just received super chats go ahead and do a super check could someone post in the comment section how this you how you do the super chat I've never done that before I have never get donated to anyone through the super chat you know what I like to do to content were content guys content producers that I like I just mentioned them in my videos i retweet their stuff i give their links below and i love if people did that for me too you don't have to do the super chat just tweet out this video retweet up retweet this video like this video spread it over social media follow me on twitter we have over 5,000 followers on twitter it's been growing at tech ball so you don't have to do super-tight you don't have this check out you can check out my cryptocurrency addresses below send me cryptocurrency I don't okay or do it you know be as I've said I love the people who freeload here you know this is free information I I give you free information now if you want more than free information if you want to email me then then you're gonna pay okay if you're you know I have a consulting I'm giving out free information every single day and I encourage you to use that free information any way you want you don't have to give me anything but once you start asking more questions and stuff and I've already given you the information for free I can't waste my time repeating myself a lot of people asked me to repeat myself when I've already given out the information for free so if I'm going to repeat myself you're gonna pay I mean you're wasting my time so I mean if you don't understand that logic then you don't understand business your time is money people okay I'm not I'm not it's not a I'm not running a charity and I'm but I am giving out all this information for free here every single day in the end of the day it isn't a charity when it boils when you're not gonna be able to email Adam the same 50 things everyone already asked and expect to get it for free again when it's already free for you you gotta you haven't had the compensation so that's a little insight into how business works there are people I know a lot of people are helping to charge for anything how can I charge for anything I hardly charge Randy anything I came in for free every single day here so remember to tune in here every single day for this free information and you can check out the notes section I mean and the archives excuse me and just go over every single thing I've ever said and get it for free again you don't have to give me a thing all right so yeah there's something called one other crypto dividend there's aetherium crypto dividend um I'm not gonna mention that's hang on tweets me oh yeah super chat we talk alright so there's something there's something called data coin out there it's not the original data coin it is a theory on crypto dividend it's called streamer data coin alright I'd link to their information below we are dropping a total of ten million data to all four hundred thirty three thousand addresses aetherium dress etherion dresses aetherium addresses which held at least one aetherium at block four to seven oh eight nine seven this equals around one percent of all Datta coin in existence and amounts to approximately point one data per held aetherium alright what i want to say is they clearly have started this distribution I own some aetherium again for various reasons I have had I have some aetherium and I saw that I've gotten like my data coin and crypto dividend from them thank you so holding again aetherium produces crypto dividends I actually think you can produce script of dividends much easier with the theory of much easier at the theorem than you can't because you don't have the fork ethereal to create these crypt of dividends bitcoin you kind of do and we're not gonna get to the technicals and it was something else I've forgotten to mention a few time there's a guy named Rhett out there who wants the fork be gold so it doesn't have a pre mine I don't know how well he's doing it on that but I thought I would mention that because I keep forgetting to mention that it's just something that's interesting out there read read has a he's out there on Twitter a lot maybe I should give a link to his Twitter below I will I haven't done that yet I'll do that now and again be cash be cash is gonna fork I've spent about be gold with Rett be cash is gonna fork on November 13th I hope some keeps that old Shane alive let's have beat a script of dividends to what the heck anyway pound that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below and remember financial freedom people I had more financial freedom than that Saudi dude because I've got Bitcoin I can say what I want to the government could take all in my house but I can run away with my Bitcoin he can't do that he can't say what he wants to that's just that's financial freedom being able to say what you want to that was mentioning yesterday show check out that and now I'll say hello to everyone in the chat bye