Hello everyone! Welcome to Bitcoin Flash, a fast 2 minute recap of cryptocurrency news taken place in the southern hemisphere Today my focus will be exclusively on Africa

I will be covering other parts of the southern hemisphere this week, one place at a time (All prices are in USD) For Full YouTube Video: Click Here Quick Market Recap For Today We will go over some quick market recap Chineses regulations push Bitcoin volumes to Over-the-Counter and neighboring countries Japan, Hong Kong, and many South Asian countries are experiencing high Bitcoin volumes

Next India considers issuing its own Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency as legal tender And lastly, the Ethereum fork Metropolis, and no we are not talking Superman, has finally arrived with its first iteration being tested on the Ethereum network I know Ethereum fans are finally happy that this has started Currently, Bitcoin is trading at around $4000, Ethereum is at $30000, and Litecoin is at the $55

00 price level South Africa’s Second Largest Supermarket Chain Pick n Pay Trails Bitcoin Payments We will now focus our attention to the second largest supermarket chain in South Africa called ‘Pick n Pay’ They are now partnering with Luno to allow Bitcoin payments Pick n Pay executive Jason Peist is noted as saying “Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are still relatively new payment concepts, yet we have been able to effectively demonstrate how we are able to accept such alternative payments” South Africa is a hot-bed for cryptocurrency adoption and ranks fourth in Google trends on Bitcoin related searches

[1] Namibia Weary of Bitcoin but Acknowledges Blockchain Going up north from South Africa, we now reach the Republic of Namibia where their national bank is weary of Bitcoin but acknowledges blockchain technology The bank says it does not consider Bitcoin to be legal tender and that people transacting with the cryptocurrency must be careful The bank issues warnings against money laundering and fraudulent activities Basically ladies and gentlemen, this is the same old news we hear everyday from other countries Another bank is afraid

When are these guys going to learn and stop fearing Bitcoin adoption?[2] Five Things Nigerians Need to Know Before Putting their Money in Bitcoin And lastly this is a rather light articleAn article by Vanguard nigeria, a well known online news publication site is trying to educate Nigerians on what they need to know before putting their money in Bitcoin The first one is more people are using Bitcoin everyday, retailers and vendors are accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin transfers are fast and flexible, it's extremely volatile, and lastly treat it as speculation and not as an investment

This shows education of Bitcoin is growing along with adoption[3] That is all for today ladies and gentlemen Once again I will go into detail and commentary on these topics for the rest of the week Please watch for new videos on the YouTube channel and on Steemit as well Thank you for watching Bitcoin Flash!