Jamie Dimon Interview however you pronounce his name he knocks Bitcoin again he's going for round two crackdown likely on worthless cryptocurrency the name of this article I'll link it down below Bitcoin news but stick around because it is gonna be interesting alright so for all of you that don't know the story JP Morgan bitcoin calling it a fraud saying that cryptocurrency is a fraud basically he's going for round two right now after he said that the price went down dramatically after which he bought 19,000 Bitcoin and made a crazy ton of money on that and now he's he's doing it again this crazy crazy bastard okay so I'm just gonna go through the article really quick expanding on his recent criticism of Bitcoin the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank is again out in the media warning it will end badly for the tech in a fresh round of press interviews demin told CNBC he is concerned about the flood of cryptocurrencies thanks to Bitcoin etherium and initial coin offerings icos and believes the government will soon crack down on a phenomenon predicting that the scenario will not be pretty the CEO reportedly stated that the authorities will eventually threats and users with imprisonment oh no forcing the crypto currencies onto the black market that is fun which basically drives the price down because people are emotional creatures and when something is scary you wanna back the fuck off he told CNBC right now these crypto things are kind of a novelty people think they're kind of needs but the bigger they get the more governments are gonna try to close them down okay so speaking to the economic times in India he added some more detail to his thoughts in did this time addressing the idea global governments might issue crypto currencies he said we already have digital currencies we already have digital rupee so I'm not against group digital currencies he said I'm talking about the creation of mutton here this is where it gets really funny I'm talking about the creation of money and value out of thin air hmm what is he doing with fiat currency I'm asking myself you know because the last time I checked the creation of one Bitcoin and costs around $1000 how much does it cost to create a dollar that's interesting right as the miners don't know the new remarks follow a polarizing state statement made by Damon last week when he openly called Bitcoin a fraud which resulted in a huge decrease in price but that was also because of some other stuff but he banked on it big time because a lot of people they sold after hearing this story and that he would fire any employee for trading it which is also pretty hypocrite if you ask me notably Damon is now being accused of spreading false and misleading information in a market complaint by blocks water a company in Sweden hmm this is interesting I'm really interested to hear your opinion about this whole story are you gonna sell or are you gonna hold I know what I'm gonna do I'll see you on the next video