Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to bitcoin tonight tonight is October 28th 28th 2017 buying whole strong hand at least it still is in Los Angeles and Anchorage in Honolulu hello West Coast people on this October 28th 2017 alright remember to follow me at TechBalt Tec HBA LTE on Twitter it has been amazing Twitter lately and thank you for the people who keep sending me Bitcoin all of my pertinent addresses below I'm going to add all the links to this show after this I'm a little a little late on setting everything up tonight but if you watch this if you're not watching this live you can see all the important links below that pertain to this show so really quick here a lot of people are posting about be gold what's going on and there's a lot of anticipation the deagle network is not it's not activated yet it's not live yet don't worry if you have Bitcoin on the 24th or whatever day it is you're gonna have your beagle but what's going on is there are a lot of scammers out there they actually post in my comment section about ten times a day I have to erase it they give these links to say claim your be gold and click here and then will Twitter there was a a post that says click here to get your be gold and people were asking me on Twitter one guy was like what is this why is be gold doing this this is so scamming of them to make people give their private keys they're not doing it these are if there are fake tweets out there from scammers trying to get you to give them your private key so they steal all your Bitcoin and they're taking advantage of the situation of the ambiguity out there about or the nebulous situation as surrounding be gold and so I just want to clear it up for everyone there is you can't get your be gold now there's no way if someone says they have be gold they're lying to you and they're about to scam you out of your Bitcoin so don't let this be gold enthusiasm of your Bitcoin the very patient you will hear about it on this show when be gold is activated when your wallets will be able you'll be able to get your be gold easily through whoever again please don't give your private key up to anyone for any reason it's not a good idea so be careful out there so I have never seen such aggressive scamming in my life in terms of I mean they are leaving this stuff everywhere I ask other content providers if they're getting left with ten faint be gold sites on their comments section a day and I mean it's floating around Twitter it's terrible so be careful people those day I mean that's why you should watch these uh you should watch the show every day people pound the that like button I try to give you original content here that you're going to hear nowhere else so we've all noticed that be cash is pumping and many of you have noted that I talked about as I've said for a while the be cash was it's not dead yet there's a community around it Simon Nixon told us about the community witness firsthand I see people talking about the cash on Twitter they're legitimate fans of it and that it would pump getting closer to the 2x situation because all the to X people were gonna fund Bitcoin in and people have a natural tendency to panic when they should when I've been telling people don't panic out of Bitcoin but people are gonna panic outta Bitcoin and it's gonna help pump be cashed so some be cash bad actors are gonna jump on that and probably it's already started they're already that you know there's one guy the guy that says I'm not gonna name his name he makes videos every day he's associated with the company that competes racemic he said he's a big supporter of people who aren't in support of the real big coin this guy anyway he's made videos lately about be cash is gonna pump and how it all looks great for be cash with all this horrible 2x you know 2x and big coin you're gonna add all that up you should just go to be what is you're gonna hear a lot about that and in Korea there's gonna be cash pump lately and people that in Korea they don't care what be cash stands for they just care old it's going up I'm gonna jump into a big pot so I mean if you've got a murder talk about this a little later if you get atop a top-tier altcoin I mean it's listed in the top of coin market cap and it's going up people pile into it there's no logic behind it there's no the people don't believe in it so not me making these predictions about be cash pumping it's a it's not that I like to be cashed I'm just hungry I'm talking about the psychology of the masses here they pile into stuff when they see it going up they don't care what it's dance for they don't they don't know there's a battle little I mean they just see it as a regular all calling to probably I don't know anything that's what it is it is but I know a bit main is as I heard was telling a lot of products lately me they encourage people to buy in be cash king and that's their businesses they if they want to do that they want to do that so expect I mean there might get Thanksgiving pump again around November 15th it's kinda it's going to increase more and as the turbulence in Bitcoin increases the puppet in V cash will and all the voices out there and to say the king of the trolls is on the 2x side is its I I don't think you should say that I see I think he's on the BT cash side I think he'll dump his to X I think he'll dump his beagle for the V cash but anyway whatever he's gonna do he's not gonna did help be he's not gonna be helping Bitcoin so keep that in mind and I look forward to visiting Korea to see how all this kind of mindless pumping goes sometimes to see if they just pile into something just the gamble and I'm not saying they're mindless in Korea I mean over there there's some smart people in Korea but clearly so they're the way they'd acted towards some of these all coins they just pile into stuff so it'll be interesting to be in Korea I will be in South Korea again what is it November 29th to December 6 something like that all right oh yeah on Twitter there's a tweet about a company added the word block painting to its name and its shares surged 394 percent what a world we live in still we've got these people who they hear the word blockchain oh I gotta jump into it it's just like the you know the late 90s early 2000 when you added dot-com to your business's name everyone started getting you millions of dollars so hey if you want to add adblock came to your company's name you're gonna increase the value of your company might have needed silly but hey that's the world we live in hey I linked below this weekend Bitcoin Giacomo's ooh go money Triggs Levi and Ansel Lindner were there it was it was a great time it was a great time and again found that like button I got the links below and remember to subscribe to this channel and of course follow me on Twitter and hey super cat people how you doing I'll notice you if you do a super cat yeah November 29th the sixth I'll be in the in Korea and then I'll be hopefully in South Africa Johannesburg and March 10th so we'll talk about that hospital Meister event my buddy from Mozambique contacting me yesterday so I'm gonna have to email him back wow it's fun to have friends all over the place and yeah and again I don't know why people keep sending me big coin it's great and I are they wanted to test out my Segway to dress is that I have a segue to dress everyone I got that a three at the beginning of it you can get them in Trezza work have a treasurer people get a treasurer from one of my affiliate links below and again holding andy hoffman has set this now basically jimmy song said this to i mean holding is the rain fight than 2x bad actors okay that's the way to do it hold your bitcoin don't sell it for 2x or you know it's gonna be fun just there's so many people out there and don't even know about these Forks and i'm just going to be holding anybody that there's not gonna be a panic out of bitcoin or something like that's all you do until you fight don't don't worry about this 2x i've said it a few times I'm gonna keep singing just that's what we do here anyway we're holders so we're already doing the right thing I'm not too worried I just know there's gonna be some recants out there good well maybe I should go to pay cash now because of all this problems between to deal what you're gonna do people I mean I love Bitcoin is the leader there's gonna be a December there's gonna be a 2018 so uh all coin Forks I wanted to talk about some and originally I was gonna eat it before be cash started pumping I was going to talk about how beat how it be cash one of the pump they should just create a loyalty corn that there is someone gimon gonna go king of the truck or king of the trolls and uh rocket man whoo they should just create their own Fork of B – and cause a loyalty coin and say you know you're gonna be able to use this loyalty coin for Christmas on our sites to buy coffee and by miners and just a special loyalty coin and it shows that you'd like B – and they would announce it at like the worst possible time for big coins you're drawing all the side and so it's a way to encourage holding of the of the root coin hey we're going to create this loyalty coin so make sure you hold our root coin and you'll get these free loyalty coin and other all coins I can see doing this – in the future and you know they can have like well we're gonna have a special event so we're creating an event coin and it's just a way for individuals who have a big interest in some of these all coins to pump up there to make people hold their all coin to make an increase in value and buy their off of pop coins so that they get these loyalty coins these these friendly Forks that they create on their own these friendly crypto dividends and again they're gonna want to do it at times when Bitcoin is looking bad and it's just it's something to when you had when you were able to say my alt coin heads unfriendly fork had its own Krypton dividend Thank You status that makes your coin a legitimate route coin and I can see this I can see people just doing it for the heck of it saying well I need to make my all-consumed more legitimate so I'm just going to create a fork anyway and there are wealthy individuals out there that can do this and I need some of them in the BTS community but in other communities to see I mean if if litecoins ever looking down one day maybe someone's gonna do this with white corn and I wonder you know I you know when I'm thinking about these concepts of loyalty coins or event coins that you fought off as crypto dividends ah I was thinking I was thinking about how the scheme now I don't like steaming I'd like to steam it I mean I say this all the time and people I like stated because I get the steam and then I trade it in for Bitcoin of course but someone could fork steam and I'm not a technical person here fork steam in a way to only reward people who vote their post like so they think they give it I don't know there's a hole deep if you really get deep into this and creative with the working of the altcoins to benefit you individually here and so I don't know and maybe create a knot and create a new steam it but just create a new reward system on top of steam it which especially rewards you and your buddies post I don't know that there's an idea out there if someone was the play with it be my guest again hey if you want to talk this kind of thing with me I've opened for conversations critical consultations we can set it up point one big coin an hour if that's too expensive for you well we can cut it down to a half hour we could talk whatever but again I'm available for cryptic comes to help set up your trays or and discuss all sorts of ideas you may have people have come to me in the past to discuss Forks actually there's a very legend anyway we'll get into that story will be revealed one day I'm sure he's out there alright alright big core big core speaking about a crypto dividends yeah yeah bit cooler apparently but this is the new airdrop they're gonna do you're gonna have to use their you're gonna have to reveal your like discuss this beforehand your private key but there's no rush to do this people the way that the claim is set up they're gonna assign you your big core and you're gonna be able to pick it up whenever so right now it's like nine dollars ten dollars is probably not worth it for you to play all these games of your private key and experiment and see like how this really works or not but hey man it's like of 2019 it's worth a hundred dollars and you still have your private key free with your your big coin that you had now at the time the snapshot or whatever they dream the snapshot on November 2nd then yeah you'll figure out a way to claim your your your bit core and I understand why they were doing it this way and not the other way I'd liked it when you they had that whole claiming mechanism that was really cool the way they had it oh well they're doing it differently so I guess I'll talk about it more again I'm not obviously I'm not revealing my if there's a if there's an easier way to do it I'll do it but I'm not I'm not playing around with my Bitcoin private key to get big core but if it changes if something changes I'll keep you all updated I'm gonna link and again you can email me to a dimitra's or help did I say that jyan Bhandari has a new video out it's about Japan and just traditional economics I'd like to yawn a lot he said when he was in Japan he didn't notice anything that had anything to do with Bitcoin I guess he wasn't looking for that kind of thing but it is interesting that he didn't notice anything he saw nothing Bitcoin related in Japan but again he's not a big coin person so maybe you only noticed the ending I'll link to his video when I update my links below alright I shouldn't put this in the title I don't know why I didn't the gbtc the big the Bitcoin investment trust is going to sell its beak it reveals and one of the interesting things I found about out about this is that that investment trust the gbt the Barry Silbert whatever you want to call it they own a hundred seventy four thousand one hundred seventy four Bitcoin and the same amount of be cash obviously also and that's over one percent of all the big point out there they own and I'll link to all the pertinent links eventually it's not LinkedIn right now so that's a lot of Bitcoin they own I think that's something we all need to keep in mind in the future I mean that I didn't I never thought about him like I never thought about it that way I never actually took time to think like well how many how much do they really home Hey I mean that's that's not speculation that's not like saying like king of the trolls and owns three hundred thousand Bitcoin no they really owned over one percent of all the Bitcoin that's out there right now there's so you know over sixty million big point out there right now they own a hundred seventy four thousand they also an over-under study four thousand be cash so they sell other be cash on which they say they're gonna do that'll bring out the B cash price I guess I think I don't know in this crazy market who knows but yeah in theory it should if they're dumping all there be cash but but for me it's more it's it's just interesting it's interesting to think about that they know so much I mean they were so so the exist you know we I talk about like why would people want to own the gbt G or mistrust oh they're a huge player I mean there is something backing it up there when you own one percent of all the over one percent of all the Bitcoin your little trust if they really own it and I believe they do you've got something backing up you but again all of this you know if the bad thing is the people who are involved in this trust there be cash holdings are being liquidated without you know and you can say well that's good that's great now that's another reason you should really control your private key and not you know they're being forced to sell their be cashed what's gonna happen to their be gold they're not they're I guess the gonna have to follow the same policy here and just liquidate everybody's be gold eventually to you and that's I mean again if you're a newbie and you just don't want to worry about stuff I guess then you know join that truck you know own some gbtc but that's not really owning Bitcoin and I just showed me why because you're not gonna get your crypto dividend whenever you want to with it you're gonna have to depend on what up Eric silver does we're selling it and amen that's not that's not controlling your credit cube that's not owning your big point all right yes on Sunday which is it's already Sunday here in Israel I'm gonna visit the Tel Aviv a Bitcoin embassy again I'll probably be there about 8 pm

tonight if you're not to Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy we'll hang out again it was cool to see everyone last week but Allah say it's still in you know what's Coast time this is a West Coast show and we're letting back it's still uh it's still Saturday the 28th there I mean I'm probably saying all sorts of dates I'm so confused and it's already daylight savings time here in Israel all sorts of confusion going on here what time it is all right oh yeah gimme some he was talking about on the world crypto network just for conviction that Bitcoin holders have that just reminded me of my quote the other day that of stefan molyneux conviction wins the future we have the conviction other than 2x people what are they they just you know they be some business people want to do this there's one developer or wants to doing a bunch of different things the bitcoin people we were holding this stuff through think it can fall two thousand dollars you know if it falls two thousand dollars that day November the 15th dude I don't care man I'll be I'll be jogging around Israel yeah whatever man bring it on voice because I know that it's 2018 is gonna come still we're gonna so we're gonna have turbulence but hey there are many like me out there many like me out there and remember I just don't own two or three or ten Bitcoin and there are a lot of but there are a lot of guys that like me out there and they're the same thing they don't just own one or two and they're not there got strong answer smart guys and our long term fingers go to national crazy things like buy a bunch of all coins or C sake safe havens in B cash during uh you know drops but hey if you want to see us seek safe haven and because if you gonna do you I know I'm doing the right thing here and I'm holding my Bitcoin because we have conviction and again let it drop 3,000 points that day or that week camera please again 2020 focus fill 20 focus on way beyond 20 further but I try to get all you guys to focus on 2020 because that's when we're having are having alright alright this is becoming a long show another friend of mine recently sent me a photo of a Bitcoin ATM in Baltimore I think that's good I don't know where he I texted him back is that the one that's near Hopkins speaking about the one near Hopkins again I have relative who was gonna buy somebody's trying to get it from coinbase but he wanted to go use the Bitcoin ATM your Hopkins I don't know what happened to him but I know an associate of his ended up buying a Bitcoin with my point base affiliate link that's linked to below so hey I don't like coinbase lists the best way for Americans to you get it's an easy way for Americans to buy Bitcoin so buy your Bitcoin there and then just take it off take it off immediately don't don't store your big point on the home base take it off as you know there there's semi bad actors or they're bad actors you know they try to be nebulous about the whole 2x situation I don't care you know I don't keep any big coin they're like control I put it on my prison or of course or you know and my storage devices I've got other stories of Isis now too obviously um so alright crypto gold central calm that's Annie Hall inside check it out um he had a great video great interview with maneet Riggs and and it brings up a they brought up a subject that I brought up before that these traders trade anything with volatility that's in the top 5 of coin market cap smooth that's that's why you have to think about the reasons why because just pumping it's in the top five traders don't care at all they're gonna trade whatever's got volatility and high volume and there you go so I'll link to Andy's tweet I'll link to this obviously crypto cold central calm I talk about it all the time Andy is it friend of mine and he is an impressive individual who was you know totally a metal guy and now is I mean he's a big dude in our space now it's just amazing to see the metamorphosis and if someone you know has been on a desert deserted island the desert island or whatever for two years and they used to you know watch uh Andy on the Greg Hunter show and now they gonna see Andy they're probably gonna have a heart attack but people's minds change shifting this is the way of the world you can't you can't live in a basement nothing and just be stuck in your ways changing you know the future is not the future is not you know logging up a case of silver around the future is your little treasure with your millions of dollars worth a Bitcoin wallet found that like button all right what else we okay here's some tweets that involve people who are outside of our little bubble and that that Simon has alluded to before these are the be cash pumpers here I want you people to know so I'm gonna link to this but I'm gonna read you for those of you thinking you missed the be cash training here's a bit of perspective for you well you're just getting started folks the flipping is upon us all right obviously I didn't write that but that's the kind of thing that's out there hey you can deny it but there are people out there then say those things and trust me I don't think there's gonna be a flipping again you've got your people you know they were talking about the etherium opening maybe these are the same people again because again a theorem is not about if you really understand aetherium you would have never made up this flippin thing about it because again I'm trying to provide okay I'm getting into different subject matter okay going back to the be catch poppers absolutely okay first of all I'm gonna before I read this one I could reiterate it's absolutely ridiculous to move your your your Bitcoin based on you you know you're worried about an event that's about to happen you're supposed to be a strong hand person this is a weekend tweet here but they're like 80% of people are weak Anders so this appeals to people what if B cash is the preferred place for people to park Bitcoin during the fork and then we can't find the reason why don't what's that all right so yeah I don't understand the second part in between but yeah they're they're spreading this kind of you know parked or being somewhere you just hold your daughter Bitcoin like I was saying but anyway they're gonna create these people creating these rumors are a common of the de Geste shop said and this was a comment left on their one of my videos it's amazing really Bitcoin has managed to start defeating the altcoins by creating all coins out of itself the honey badger created another defense today's I find it fascinating it's amazing how big Point has managed just to defeat the alt coins by creating its own office by creating these crypto dividends all right flashbang link of the day is some old video of mine where I was talking about how cheap big firm use and how you should get a lot of Bitcoin and it's just something to remind yourself of how quickly things change things can be four hundred dollars one day and then they can be you know $5,700 I'm here with my fast people and that's why you just you're remain a holder and you remain happy okay now that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video dude check out the notes section below they had all the links right now i hope i covered everything i said i was going to cover bye bye i'll say hi to you in the chat