friends of all the press on my channel Channel techno review today will talk about how to make a very a lot of money very good money on the Internet in the crypto currencies rant long and I will not tell it like it all works so interact see other videos of other bloggers and other information can be found on the Internet and learn fully see what we do, we will work with the project killed connect with Connect is such cryptocurrency it is supported by Bitcoin accordingly we will make a bid and that is to give it in trust Here is such a robot and roughly in fact it is not a joke any so let's go to one of the possible options investment here can invest from $ 100 up $ 10,000, respectively, and an ode to move in different terms calculator volatility in general, this coin and what is funny is that every day, roughly one percent of homes with promises of your contribution but there is also such days of zero percent until then there is nothing not traded on this coin on the day and there is also such 157 153, and even if there happens to look Statistics All that have been here since the time when, and traded and 5 52 percent when the rate rises and so on but for 30 days on an average day turns 0 9 percent plus if you put more than one thousand dollars, plus you zero one percent just that is charged to you on the number of the project regardless of successfully hurts the Army or not successful this bonus you from the project if you invest $ 10 from 5000's project you will be charged 0 25 percent of it is actually not really a large amount of these here here here is thus that if the days were absolutely zero and you dripping money and at the same time after 120 days you can pick up the deposit is fully having increased it twice but this joke than reinvestment that is, if you will overclock your account 3 Investing constantly earned your day's not here comes the day at the Landing every day, I knocked invested here, you can reinvest the sum of multiples of 10 that is now currently can not reinvest I was here 18 dollars for two days, which I earned in the general project It is that here fuckin 'take-it took place on that He carried out the auction here and this here project coins really just say a very, very serious, they have release their payment card that will work within the system mastercard they have also application on ios and android here is a bit connect and it looks the same design in general can also create it we I downloaded but not Regal me odd somehow not yet interesting and even 4 wallpaper for the safety of what may decorate passwords they something else the way there Security Council to go through all the variations which are possible to download google itself authenticator on a smartphone at the entrance you will constantly ask for identification code and strengthen your security that your money is not stolen a moment of scammers that with regards to the project how to do in general, that there investment here, we must first create an account on the purse blokcheyn then buy directly bitcoin she does best local bitcoins required to leave a link in the description of the link as well leave the description packed connect the bottom register on it get in my team and will receive regular information support and write necessarily in comments about what you I signed up as quickly as possible to answer them in the comments and also those already there or see the post redirecting you either still somehow better to write first to comment because I just see them and immediately you will promptly respond to it but also on investment that you want to invest here also email me directly I will accompany your activity on investment I myself as you see here has invested thousand twenty bucks well, plus another ten top and and invested 9000 and changed in Bitcoins at blokcheyne and bitcoin is growing here now was castling his small but Inspect it has overcome its historical maximum in the four hundred fifty-five rubles for 1 bitcoin Bitcoins for 1 unit and it will be constantly constantly constantly grow buy better bitcoin as I said at the local bitcoins this marketplace where people sell part of bitcoins you can buy at a very very competitive price bitcoin with Savings Bank from any bank of Russia, I have something important to choose the necessary parameters here well and I must say, too, can see receiving a video on how to use this system online on youtube just a lot of them have a bunch of unscrupulous bloggers who sends you to a different kind exchangers such as x Chincha there and various other exchangers are good in principle, they will blame the money very quickly but you overpay There's a huge Commission at the same time he will get a blogger with you and referral to their advantage direct you to the exchanger you can look at without Chincha has a website what are the most profitable exchangers compare them to this website here local bitcoins where people will change Bitcoins and transfer money to their accounts and also sign up is very simple and at the inner office, and you receive a minimum Bitcoins just well penny commission you You lose here in the translation of these Bitcoins here in this blokcheyn-wallet, or you can do right here directly translate these Bitcoins to connect bit how it's done respectively click on the board even here we click on deposit bitcoin copy here this here address bitcoin then go into a purse or a block ry or other any purse you where you We bought and bitcoin and paste someone and here, respectively write the amount to which they we want to translate the internal bitcoin wallet a bit of a connection after that in the framework of the project we connect bit Bitcoins have already changed to connect bit coin as it is done in the internal exchangers as it all happens very, very quickly here in our transfer fee is only 200 rubles 230 it changes according to the Commission there are regular and have priority priority so-called transaction commission is a little more but your money will go very quickly but if Standard will translate it have to wait a little longer, in principle, nothing terrible is not present to further convert Bitcoins in bits and connect inside the system itself We go to the ex cinch or gcc czech them here or here top mk7 here we see the graphs As it rises falls coins and so on but it is actually very, very stable that is, this graph suggests that this coin very, very stable, and it will continue to grow with in general Bitcoins hereinafter bcc we push or all and the amount we are here fighting immediately here how much we'll get a bit of coins and connect here is at what rate we connect this bit of coin buying a further push to the Connect and bytes She then we connect goes into a pit toilet in here and in the future we Basically nothing will make no operation is performed and the press belts connect bit here and trying to drive the amount that we want invest for example $ 1000 10 I went and wine from this sum to you, I do I will not recommend you can log in with 100 dollars but in fact it is not interesting to me personally again say if someone will plan to invest here fairly large amount of money is required to write to me about it in the comments, and then we will contact you I will spend roughly through the process and tell you how and what here in general that the project works really pays project is very stable very steep, many bloggers have already pulled out of here huge amounts of money have an account and promoted which are but just at liabilities in the month to 900 thousand rubles while on deposit in their spinning of 2 million 900 means you slept here freely for 120 days You can fight off almost 3 million or reinvest and getting back in the day, and even more that is progressive system is a very cool look, we have also still standing so called coin market cops and we can see that bit connect is ranked 17th and capitalization of the currency is five hundred ninety-six million almost five hundred ninety-seven million dollars which means you can earn millions of rubles for this project well, and then press p connect front fells out of your wallet connect bit will be charged a certain amount of coins Bit sockets, and go on a so-called asset management who will work in the market and to work for you I will adhere to the strategy of permanent reinvestment and of course will tell you about it in general, about you and I will talk about their path in this project on their strategies and reinvestment and so on and so forth and the fact that in general, that this in the end will going to do a video of this kind every week so be sure to subscribe to a channel place the thumbs-up where this video with your friends a link to the project will be at the bottom of the description of register and write to me in the comments on this can also watch a huge amount for this project reviews online this is how much money people with him to deduce it was a canal view technicians earn money cryptocurrency will still continue to talk well and also directly reviews of sending Chinese goods do not forget about them