Welcome to insert Cointent I'm Kevin and this video I'm going to talk about bitconnect bitconnect is a lending platform you lend you money on bitconnect and then receive daily interest on your loans and the interest rate is very very high-no less than 1%, this is now the way to get rich quick and I'm invested let's find out okay bitconnect so as youtubers travon james which swear they make then really shit loads of money so by the lucrative loans referral system when new members sign up you also get money back distributed and travon james has in one year more than a million dollars made Loans and referals bond to miss only 1 mm thick neck booming just look on youtube you endless videos of which youtubers promote bitconnect and lots control of money I myself for a while and follow bitconnect I think investing in bitconnect can be very profitable but it is certainly not without risks find aversion bitconnect for me to be a high risk investment but he word more about that later in first project in short works if you follow a link bitconnect minimum amount of under $ this amount goes to the bitconnect tradingbot acting in daily bitcoin Once you have completed these loans and Select the start of your interest I put 239 days racing here every day distributed and at the end of the day you get your original investment of $ 100 back again is ok for the good now for the white bed bitconnect is a very closed business The website is nothing about team find developers and is not find out who the owner is No bitconnect whitepaper and there is no evidence that the Training bone anyway exists and if there is no training bot is coming true the money will tassel six will now how likely is it that this 600 million cards within the next few months together landfill Now of course you ask right off kevin go despite the many red flags invest in bitconnect the answer is yes, I would invest in bitconnect bitconnect my strategy for the next 100 days is as follows I invest $ 500 bitconnect I do not reinvest daily spring but kees all interest as soon as possible a hundred days I have one return on original investment goes bitconnect or through these dogs dismissed it and c beer that I 500 lost words to do nothing lobith craig contrast, another year or two threes I keep daily risk free collect daily interest you want my bitch connect adventure Watch click the Subscribe button then I'll help you weekly updates about my bitconnect merit Well you also have a flutter flag After building what's really funny you read your site is to understand there is a Bergsebaan do we invest in review only money that you miss it is not without risk, but if you First among village comes days then you're good okay to so you have to bitconnect ask pictures then in the comments click the link in the description to bitconnect obligation to account to make do your own research and see you quickly with an update on my first week bitconnect layer