Hi guys, Alex here This is a very short guide on how to invest in the Bitconnect program

To get started please use my referral link to create an account at Bitconnect Alternatively you can type CryptoAlex as your sponsor in the sign up form First you need to deposit Bitcoin in to your Bitconnect Bitcoin wallet by copying the address Then send Bitcoin from your personal hardware or software wallet by pasting the address in and selecting the amount you want to send In this case I am sending just over $1100 because I want to invest $1010

I am using the hardware wallet Ledger Nano S Once sent you will see an incoming Bitcoin transaction in your Bitconnect Bitcoin wallet Once confirmed it will show up top The next thing you need to do is exchange Bitcoins for Bitconnect Tokens In this case I want to invest $1010 so I will need roughly 4

8 Bitconnect tokens Go to the BCC exchange and enter 48 BCC It will automatically have the last bid price Change the last number up one digit to ensure the buy order goes through instantly

You can now see that the Bitconnect tokens are in the wallet Lastly, go back to the dashboard and enter the amount in you want to invest Confirm you have read the terms and click pay from Bitconnect wallet, then click confirm Scroll down the page and refresh to see the amount you have invested update Thats it, thanks for watching

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