title of this article blockchain announces its service plans for segue to X okay as you know blockchain is one of the largest Bitcoin wallet providers in the world and they have just announced their plans for the upcoming suck with 2x Fork now I already read the article so I know what's going to happen I'm just gonna read it out for you guys hope you get some value hope everybody's doing great hope everybody's doing phenomenal I am thanks for asking let's get into the article one of the largest Bitcoin wallet providers in the world blockchain has announced its plan for the upcoming SEC with 2×4 after block four nine four seven eight four takes place on the network the firm will decide it will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty so it's one of the oldest Bitcoin wallet providers in the industry servicing over 18 million issued wallets this week the company has revealed it's consist of contingency plans for the sequitas increase according to wallet provider segue to axis essentially is software upgrades that will bring improve capacity to the blockchain protocol blockchain says a team is working 24/7 to make sure users funds will be protected and saved throughout the fork in order to assure a safety the wallet Service says specific features will be inoperable for a period of time to keep your phone safe while the network is in transition we will temporarily suspend Bitcoin sent requests buy and sell and exchange functionalities throughout 24 hours before the time of the fork until the network stabilizes that's what they say bear in mind in the meantime you can transact aetherium it's just a Bitcoin that you cannot do anything with for your own safety blockchain services will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficult the company explains there we'll note there is no immediate action required by users but does advise them to make sure they have saved their password and seed phrases obviously additionally blockchain acknowledges the chance of blockchain split resulting in two tokens in separate networks the firm has decided on the tokens name on the token names and which chain it will support after the fork there are significant possibilities that a planned heart for world war sir will result in two Bitcoin block chains blockchain emphasizes they quote in in this case we will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty and refer to that chain as the Bitcoin they're the minority change has significant value we will make that value available for customers to hold or exchange for a period of time as we have done with Bitcoin cash I have a video up here in the cards that shows you how to get your Bitcoin cash if you haven't already if the minority chain is more is the one with one and beed blocks then we will call it bt 1 if the minority chain has 2 MB blocks we both plan to call we plan to call it bt 2 the firm will temporarily suspend transactions the london-based company further explains users that they will be able to view their Bitcoin holdings but blockchain will temporarily suspend transactions for Bitcoin like I said in theory 'm still works but just Bitcoin doesn't they will suspend it for a period of time for your own safety of course I'm more moreover even though the platform's buy and sell functionality will be suspended the firm nodes blockchain users can transact with aetherium during the block like I said in addition to Segway 2x contingency plan announcement the company has created a Status page called blockchain status comm I will link it down in the description the box as well as the comments so check that out a place where blockchain well users can get regular updates concerning defending fork alongside other announcements in the future that was the article I'm really curious what the price of the Segway 2x token is gonna be I hear a lot of stories that is gonna be like a thousand that would be insane curious what you guys think about the price of the on the new token and that is probably gonna arise out of this chain split and yeah if you hold your your Bitcoin in blockchain wallet just pull tight and you will have your the chain will split and there's nothing to worry about you'll get some free Bitcoin in there as a result of that that's it guys for now I I wanted to keep this video short and thanks for all the support I've been getting so far we've hit 1,200 subscribers by now that's insane and I cannot wait to grow with you guys do more newest updates more tips tricks I would love to get suggestions for videos in the comments if you like my style I just recently bought a new camera so that we can you know work to the future create more high quality content and I really appreciate all the donations that I've been getting so far so guys see you next video until then stop selling and start living the core in life don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential fertility resources and 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