– Hi, I'm Chiron which in Greek mythology means wise centaur, but that doesn't matter right now Get, get

What does matter is I'm CTO of Adbank What's Adbank? Let me show you Right now if you're digital advertiser, you give your money to a middle man He takes a huge chunk of it and gives the rest to a publisher Adbank is the new platform that gets rid of this guy

Go on guys, take it It's yours Grab it Don't be shy How do we do it? A peer-to-peer advertising platform built on the blockchain

Don't know what the blockchain is? Ask your nerdiest friend – The blockchain is a decentralized ledger — – Not now Go hang out with horse man So how does this work without the middle man? You know how Uber doesn't own any cars They built a platform that connects people together directly

Well, it would be so cliche if I were to say we were the Uber of digital advertising so I won't say it, but I'll sing it ♫ We're the Uber of digital advertising I hate it when people say that – [Director] Camera two Camera two – So why does that matter? Well, we're 100% transparent, open source, and fully auditable

Hey Adbank, do we say how much we charge? – [Adbank] Yep, it's on the blockchain – What about you middle man? – [Middleman] I won't tell you (grunts) – Why does transparency matter? Fraud fraud, fraud, fraud 56% of all website traffic is bots 56%! That's over half That means right now you're paying for pants, but you're getting pant Stop getting pant robbed

Get both pant legs now And we're gonna do it How? Artificial intelligence plus the blockchain allows us to differentiate between bots and genuine people Cool, right? That means with Adbank you can stop paying to show your ads to these guys and start showing them to these guys – Hi

Do you accept lots of cash? – Plus we're Canadian so we're stopping fraudsters without ever raising our voice Yeah, I caught you Sorry – Sorry – So if you like having more cash, and you don't like being defrauded, and you want to know exactly where your money is going then voila

Adbank And you can trust me 'cause my name means wise centaur Okay now that matters (dance music) – [Director] Alright cut Good job everyone