Test work is the key to the entire ecosystem of blockchain The ledger where movements are recorded let's stop calling you book and we will call block chain

The book has many pages where we are scoring transactions each of those pages we call block each page has a size limit If we talk about a notebook for example DIN A5 20 transactions like we fit on a page but if we make a little bigger notebook and we took him to an A4 for example a paper, a sheet for more transactions will fit right? Blockchain works the same way We do not speak of an accounting book but a chain of blocks and each of these pages the block call block chain is called because each page referencing the previous They are all linked and why we do this? It turns out that to generate a new page in the ledger you need to keep scoring transactions that are generated, not by us but by many other network users, it is necessary to perform a test job It is a resolution of a mathematical algorithm, a test that is complex to solve and also you can be adjusted in difficulty

What we get with this? If you create one of these pages is complex, it requires effort and that makes one of these pages is generated every ten minutes It turns out to be linked if I wanted to change page two of the book You would have to change all that are above page two Imagine if complex generate one of these pages how complex it would be to generate all the pages following page two because I wanted to alter a transaction that occurred some time ago So the simile of Tetris was valid because really when one of those chips falling and chips are falling over is more difficult to separate this record, it is more difficult to change Similarly in the block chain when a transaction is inserted into a block, one of these pages blocks are generated and above this they are linked together They make change one of these blocks is very complex if there are blocks above It is exponentially complex because to generate each of these blocks it is necessary to resolve a work test