hey everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam check out this quick clip from CNBC and see how bullish they are on Bitcoin and why they think is too big to fail all right well Howard Marks today and your lucky day because big day is going to explain Bitcoin in a segment that we are calling before you now with a simple question here what if some of the reasons why Bitcoin goes up while Cato was sold to Houston holid Marx is credit he did say exactly think about gold right so yes look at what the how these things are bad let's look at Bitcoin and find out exactly what the value is and how do you look behind this here there are three things that create the value is deployment number one most important number is action how much is this currency being used number two when you have currency crisis in the world isn't it just like another currency number three the digital gold aspects of all poll earlier I'd rather that Bitcoin as a store of value than we do gold so why do I talk about transactions let's take a look at the chart that I have here if you take a look at the number of times actions this is the blue line okay that's numbers that said dollar battle you assign the transactions the orange line is the price you overlay them they're almost 1 for 1 exactly what's going on so what's going on behind the scenes here bitcoin is just one Facebook it's a social network okay and when we talk about Facebook we talk about monthly active users and a good coin is the social network for money so when to how you measure that monthly active users of the Bitcoin world you can look at transactions so more transactions are like having more monthly active users and that's why transactions really think behind this ecology that let's look at the next chart that we have here this is about the currency crisis okay I took this today this is Google Trends where in the world are people searching for Bitcoin look at these things here Nigeria South Africa go to the king that stuck out to me you know what is the calculator because Nigeria the central bank is actively intervening in the currency market in South Africa just having political crisis where the Prime Minister barely survived a no-confidence vote so you're starting to see Bitcoin take on the characteristics of a safer than the contract last an element show here is how it acts as a currency or how it looks versus gold right so in the past you could not see much of a correlation here between Bitcoin and go but you're starting to see in that and just anecdotally from the investors I talk to you are starting to see investors say you know what I'm going to buy bitcoins at the edge so those are the three things that are behind Bitcoin reasons are this book digital gold any other curves spk quick question okay government intervention United States is that people on the story no it's a dot there it is much too far to this to the decision all right makes me take the basket for you now Kavya five six I'm posting there were spaces hi there thanks for watching another great video from Crypt account so if you like this video please give us a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below now to make sure you receive the latest content from our Channel dr bill I can buy it see you soon bye