Coinbase vs Blockchain I just wanted to give a quick review of two cryptocurrency wallets so these are software wallets you know as opposed to the hardware wallets and I'm gonna show you coin base and blockchain dot info and you may be wondering why do I have two wallets obviously you do not need to you can have one but I'll go through some of these security features in the different wallets in why you may want to choose one wallet over the other so the first one we will look at is coin base which I believe is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet you can use it does allow you to store Bitcoin in January Bitcoin the new Bitcoin cash aetherium – you know a bunch of different crypto currencies and if I sign into it here we can see from a security perspective I can hook my credit card – coin Bay so if we want to actually put money from you know fiat currency traditional currency whether it's Canadian US you know really doesn't matter we can put that we can buy from our credit card and buy Bitcoin and then from there use that Bitcoin to you know to send to other Bitcoin addresses or to receive purely in Bitcoin now it does ask you to verify your phone number which is good and it does have two-factor authentication in this case this is using Google Authenticator which is free there's just a Google Authenticator app this is an absolute must so what happens is when you log in you put your email address or your username your password and it asks you for a one-time key this key is is a code generated from Google Authenticator you know that verifies that it's you because you've signed into your account created that key and only you can generate that access key it does also give you the ability to verify again with your Google Authenticator every transaction that happens which is good you know when it does show you you know how who's logged into where how many people have logged into your account where they've logged in from their IP address what devices they've come in through whether it's an application or a browser you know which which is great um so this has you know this is still really good security you know and I would recommend coinbase I've been using it now for a little while um the one downside of coinbase is their transactions can take a very long time to get verified and in certain cases your transactions will be cancelled because certain companies need you to verify their transactions typically within a 15 minute window in coinbase has had kind of a history of not being able to to meet that requirement for instance Swiss gold global rate when I was gonna send Bitcoin they said do not use coinbase because your transaction will fail because they won't be able to verify it in time so that's you know one of the one of the downsides of coinbase um the other wall that we're gonna look at is actually blockchain dot info so blockchain dot info is you know a site that you can go and put in your Bitcoin address verify look at transactions because it's a public ledger you can see the price of various crypto currencies but it also has a free wallet now the wallet with blockchain dot info has many different security capabilities much more than coinbase I can have a wallet recovery password where a recovery phrase pardon me where they give you twelve phrases and they they'll ask you those phrases at different you know numbers one through twelve so here's what the document looks like you get a document like this and then it'll give you twelve phrases that you write down and they're numbered so at if you have to recover your account at any point you know you lost your password you can't get Google authenticate er you know your phone was lost or stolen or whatever the recovery freeze is how you're going to be able to recover that so they'll ask you you know in any random sequence you know a bunch of different of these pass phrases so hey what's passphrase number six number eight number twelve you write these pass phrases down on here you print this out and then you store it somewhere very secure because this is you know your passphrase that you're going to be able to use to recover your account you know and if you lose this you know it's it's done they also obviously give you a username and password and there is also a password hint and a second wallet password so this can be used for basically any transaction so I can have it as a transaction verification which I've enabled they also have Google Authenticator as well so I can i can use my Google Authenticator which I have enabled and if we scroll down to the Advanced Settings I can do activity logging which I will do in even IP restrictions meaning your IP address of your of your home internet connection your work or you know wherever you travel you're only allowed to log in from those IPs now that's a great feature you just have to make sure that when you're your IP doesn't change because then you could get locked out of your account so you want to make sure that if you are using that feature you have all of the IPS in there that you will ever need or you can access that to change it to update it when you know your IP is going to change or if it does change I can block actual poor access to my wallet so people trying to to break into my wallet from tor so they can't be identified and in a brute force protection so if somebody's trying to guess your password you know they're gonna they're gonna run through it you know thousands of combinations of past this will lock them out you know after X amount of tries you know even though they'd still need your your second factor Google Authenticator ID so a lot a lot of security capabilities within blockchain dot info great logging and it's much quicker to be able to actually get transactions verified so I'm using both wallets wait right now I don't know if I'm gonna you know maybe just focus on blockchain dot info or maybe even purchase a hardware wallets then I have complete control even better security of my cryptocurrency because it's sitting in a piece of hardware that I own so it can't be compromised online because it's only online when I plug it into my computer you know when I make a transaction so that's a quick demo of both coinbase and blockchain I'll leave links below if you want to you know create a free account with either of these wallets like I said they are a hundred percent free you don't have to put any money in them you don't have to do anything they make their money by getting some transaction fees because that's how you need to actually have small transaction fees when you're changing Bitcoin and they will they will take a portion of that anyways you guys have any questions leave a comment below the video give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and we will talk to you later