How to buy all other crypto-currencies: the AltCoins and others? Where is it happening? Well, listen, it is what we will see in this video Hello everyone ! It is "Rousseaux, freebie

" And this chain is here to help you increase your standard of living, so you can spend more time on what you really like Today I meet you to show you how to buy all other crypto-currencies and AltCoins So I'll give a few examples I take a cheat sheet, you will excuse me Ripple, the NEM, the Dash, the Iota the Monero, EOS, Stratis, BitConnect, Neo, Qtum, BitShares, Zcash, TTR

Finally, there are more than 850 currencies One of the first things to be able to buy these alternative currencies, is that they are indexed to the bitcoin And some on Ethereum So you have to buy at least one of these two currencies I strongly advise you Bitcoin, since this is the main currency of exchange in the middle of crypto-currencies

And I showed you a short video that allows you to open an account relatively quickly and have it validated You can click here and the link will be in the description of the video Once you have not done that, you can return to this video So one of the platforms which is nice to buy the crypto-currencies is "Poloniex" Well, there are others, but this one, it is a lot

So I am for example Poloniex So I look at my exchange Of course, I'm already created an account for me, I accepted the conditions And there it goes to me during all crypto-currencies So, I had selected eg Stratis

Now the Stratis is Stratis platform, if you want more information on what this cryptocurrency There I course So I can see that it has dropped So since I started recording, it went back a little bit It has an eye on a rather special day, it is a correction of Bitcoin

And here, suddenly, I can buy Stratis, or there, sell So purchasing is done in Bitcoin Like I said earlier, you can buy some coins in Ether, after XMR, or dollar Well, in dollars, that's all major currencies globally I turn and so he'll have to put on my Poloniex of bitcoins account

I click on: deposit bitcoin there it gives me the address So, of course, important message, we must send bitcoin If I send for example, Ethereum well, it will be lost So then I go on coinbase, I logged on and I'll tab: Send which will serve me to send So, I put the address of bitcoin, I say how much I want to send

Suppose I want to send 0,015 There, I click: send the funds OK ! Total amount To confirm There it's done ! So, I'll see my transactions And it'll be waiting The transfer has been made, therefore, my bitcoins were sent

I'm on my account Poloniex and there, it is clear that I have my 0,015 bitcoins I turned on exchange and I'll buy Stratis Here ! 0015 I just had to click on the number of bitcoin I had and it puts me directly the largest amount Then I'll have eight Stratis Their price unit in bitcoin hop! Let's go! One buys

OK ! The price has changed a little during the transaction So there is here, I had orders expectations And there, it's good! I see that I have my Stratis now and I can go in my scales look what I have Of course, there's a little bit of expenses that are taken by the network as usual He believes the $ 40, I have And if we go down, Stratis, here, it's good, I have it here

Well, as you can see, OK it's not super user friendly interface like, but frankly, this is very understandable Well, it's in English Be careful not to make mistakes And for example, when you buy in bitcoin, good buy bitcoin and not use Ethereum to send And there are other platforms that you can use

Besides, if you have one you like, Well, listen, I invite you to share in the comments More importantly, if you liked this video, if it helped you a little bit, Well, listen, do not hesitate to drop a little blue thumb, always make me happy I'll put the little videos for crypto-currencies if you're interested for how to buy bitcoins And besides, I've put a little code sponsorship And listen, if you want to take care of your money and invest well, I invite you to you subscribe to the channel

And I tell you ciao to the next!