Hi, Guys! FAYSAL here from binaryoptionsdoctorcom com and hope you guys are doing fine

If you have not yet subscribe to our Channel, please do so and support us exposing scam software Today I'll be talking about a newly released crypto trading software that is called Crypto Shield and Crypto Shield claims that they are investing in crypto currencies and it's an auto trader basically You can earn at least one thousand and five hundred dollar per day trading with this software, But we found many negative sides of this Crypto Shield software First of all, my browser detects that the cryptoshieldco website is not secured

This guy is the alleged creator of Crypto Shield His name is Anthony Hopkins and he claims that he has been developing auto trading software's for a long period and now he brings that Crypto Shield app which trades on crypto currencies and you can earn at least $1,500 But we have found him on Google A Google search shows that the so-called Anthony Hopkins is not the real owner of crypto shield Here you can see his image is just a stock image and he has no connection with this Crypto Shield software and his stock photo has used in many websites for promotional purpose

So, now you know that the Creator is not a real person and he is a fictitious character If you scroll down a bit, they will show you some user experience that means testimonials Some people are expressing their views about the crypto shield As for example mr James Williams and others are praising this Crypto Shield software

We have found this James Williams and his photo is also a stock photograph You can see here It indicates that these users, the so called users are not real and they are just stock models So, these are the negative signs and while reading the disclaimer section we found that they are claiming that their company name/ company website is gates-waycom as you can see here

You know couple of days ago I have exposed GATES WAY software as a scam and we assume that same group of fraudsters are involved in making such ridiculous softwares and scam productions We will definitely not recommend you this Crypto Shield software Stay safe & don't get scammed!