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Well, thank you for joining us I do appreciate it Yeah dinner was just served, but I pulled off a little bit, so you guys don't hear me chomping in the background Um let me go ahead and put this up here Pre-order the Ferrari right Alvin black Hold on hold on I just have to come back the dough real quick Let me see something if y'all know who this dough, biz She's probably one of most legit charters I think that make videos on YouTube Dough right So yeah great minds think alike and she knows a lot of the traditional Forex You know technical analysis feels I don't know none of that um so I have learned a lot by watching her videos and you know so I can better Inform you guys sometimes with my method a lot of the times we both see charts the same way So make sure you check our videos out – she is legit with her charts So shout out BAM I'm go back to you know So yeah, which arch I want to see real quick We got about five minutes While I eat this this pasta real quick

I know some charts up to You I'm not gonna do b2x right now I'll probably do tomorrow's video on that though, so I don't want to you know do it before because I think it's a You know it's worth its own video, so I'll do that tomorrow probably You Yeah, I've been saying Bitcoin castles about since like $200 in my little Denzel, Washington video And it's definitely you know not broken if anything has just taken a break Given the rest of the market a chance to make some money, so it ain't the only one um But it is in the market today one of the strongest coins So if you don't have it, you know now's a good time to get it again, we'll go through all of this in a few minutes, but Bitcoin guys probably best coin in the market right now best off point in market Outside of a few uh unknown Maybe not button-down but few smaller cap coins my Bitcoin cash is probably the best reward with the lowest risk Yeah, we'll check out Birds real quick this one actually looks like a buy right now This is actually one of the only charts that is a buy right now You can see on a 343 the orange green is well above that orange actually broke into Above the 231 and what it looks like as well as we got this 77 about the peak through that 231 so that's gonna give us the extra boost we need to really break this thing out into where we were before and That will be right about there so right now You can see that We basically hit the hit the ceiling twice and now we're officially in the money zone So just think of this as you know a normal correction right one two, and this is gonna be three up here So we're in this money zone right now Which is exactly where you want to be buying that and once we break out it's gonna Be just like it did over Here, you know it's gonna bang around in there a little bit like a pinball, but once it breaks out of that 130 I expect I'll go all the way up to 168 what a good chance going all the way up to a 189 up there which would essentially Get us to the top of That run altogether Right So that's gonna be our new ceiling once this thing fills out If it's able to do it all in one cycle That's what it would look like now Given the market and all this craziness, that's probably not gonna happen until after Thanksgiving but this one has already started the process right and I actually see this with a lot of charts to where everything has been beaten down so much to where you almost got a Very very very good shot with these all coins right now Just holding it for about a month To get back to where we were About a month ago, right? just think of this as Almost one big cycle where it went down and it's gonna go back up and basically right now We see everything from the midpoint

Which is a theoretically one of the best times to buy Right because what goes down must come up? In order to keep going up, and I don't think these all coins are in the global bear market I think we're in a Six-month cycle and we may very easily Be coming back to the point Where everything does something like that, but there's a 2 X basically you got hedge funds in on the money right now Big boys are sat down at the table You know and all these alts look like a bargain right now So you know with this free Bitcoin go money that they're getting we could easily see something like that which basically locks us into you know roughly about a six month cycle 120 days 140 days some but somewhere in there how many day is that what 190 days was six months? What's 190 days whatever that is is that is that thirty cuz that came to about that by 30? 120 days and six months So maybe not 60 Let's pay a little bit more is it 120 days six months plus six months I Think is 190 days Right 180 days yeah, six months cycle BAM look at that nail on the head get that boy prize somebody get that boy prize There you go cool Dinner will begin in three minutes make sure you hit that thumbs up button guys listen We got 90 funky odor We got 90 four people live on the air twenty five lights I'm giving away cash money in about three and a half minutes What time is it right now? You got till eight? Forty eight thirty seven if we can break 50 lights In the next two and a half minutes somebody's gonna get some cash money live on the air If not you gonna have to wait till I'm done and leave you question in the comments answer in the comments But I try to give away money every day We haven't been able to do it y'all been trippin when you come on this channel early You know we hit that thumbs up button you know shared love for the fan So go ahead and do it don't beat young saying just chill of paint bullet

That's all I ask that's all I ask But yeah Birds, let's Virgil It's good right now um a lot of the all coins look pretty good Given given the risk that a flow In the market right that's how you have to look at it That's why I always talk about macro and micro right every you know a lot of times We're trapped down here in between you know to two weeks You know I'm saying we're looking at this coin saying Oh my god it went down you know forty Fifty one percent I lost half my Bitcoin I'm freaking like you gotta you gotta remember This is all part of a much much much much much larger cycle so don't get caught in the weeds down here in a macro or Down here in the micro understand the macro so that you can better prepare for the next phase right that's all we do That's why we cut the candles off We don't need that we look at two moving averages There's seven and the 77 and if you need You know something thrown on top of it you can throw that 231 right there? But but most of the time really to be honest That's all you need and actually let me go ahead and load up this other chart, too So make sure you hit that thumbs up button

What do y'all got right now? Y'all got about 30 seconds See how many likes we got 61 likes I appreciate it Go ahead and ask this question of the day real quick Our question of the day How much will Bitcoin be This time next week that's our question of the day right now is about seventy three seventy four hundred go ahead Man, I haven't even shared this in the Facebook group Oh Let me do that real quick, and then we'll go ahead and get started shout out the omar Shout out the crypto Wrong group So let me go ahead and post a link to all our people on facebook And we will go ahead and get this thing underway 102 people rocking out with the boss right now I appreciate it Thank you for joining us you can see We got a lot of comments happening That's because I'm about to give away some cash money the question of the day is how much will Bitcoin be this time? Next week so when we come back in seven days what's gonna be the price of BTC Go ahead and dump any comments if you haven't done so already jump in the live chat and we will be picking a winner in about two minutes Probably sillier than that not about two minutes Right at that bam-bam-bam Okay good, I guess

We'll start with what ET see Very well Well it's nice Cool let's do it Boom boom Now from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK And if you're like me you must not like money There's November 5th you guys and as you can see bitcoin is still sitting pretty strong northa seven thousand dollars bitcoin cash Coming up nice and the saddles on the knight slowrun six big dialled eight and today We're looking at the whole market to see how these horses are running and which one might take the lead By this time next week if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best My name is became My friends know me as a crypto traitor And I am the boats of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day You can prop it as a result and today is no exception So with that being said we are jumping live into our chat right now to give away some cash money Let's see who is gonna be our question of the day is how much? Will Bitcoin be this time next week we come back in 7 days To look at these four horsemen how much money well one Bitcoin being worked So without further ado let's go ahead and do it Let's just pick somebody imma stop, right Yeah BAM my man gen boots Was strong with said ten thousand 10k all day big Jimmy Ain't mad at it Just might be you never know you never know it'll be a lot of happy people Bitcoin $10,000 system Thanks We got to what you know um so here

We go Big Jim big coin winner of the day From your favorite Jim alright jump in our Facebook group They're number one Bitcoin group in the world sing me your bitcoin wallet So I could send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation Thank you for joining us Thank you I haven't seen your name before so welcome to the money team you can see it's just that easy to get paid you guys if This is your first time tuning in come on in the doors are always open Thirteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other make some money It's called the number one Bitcoin Group in the world type it in Facebook come on in you can see we got an awesome community you guys we got the bodyguard Young saying hold me down for Planet Fitness young San hashtag No, sleeves sun's out guns out my man Brock from Hershey, PA It was a good time man, we come together whenever we see some charts ready to make some money shout out To miss Dianna she got her own channel now You know helping out the beginners get set up in the crypto verse you know I'm saying This is all is about right here together each together everyone achieves more te 8m bam and now you play for the money team look at that look at that look at that We got action already alright Let's go ahead and jump in the charts and let's make this money And today We are looking at the four horsemen you guys Bitcoin Etherium neo and Bitcoin cash I haven't done it in a while because the be honest it hasn't been that much to talk about But today it looks like you know Mark is shaking up a little bit Bitcoin cash You know Sam is coming up nice

I so so Essentially we do have a big shift happening right now I don't know if you guys are aware of it But some major players are sitting down at the table up until now you know Bitcoin has just been some cool little Techy thing you know a couple people made some money on it You know the banks don't officially endorse it, but they can't publicly you know denounce it either so a still this gray area between you know governance and Industry in corporate, and you know can we regulate it Can we tax it is it a bubble? You know whatever whatever art is all that a long story short Industrial money is coming to the table and from what it looks like Bitcoin gold No, I'm sorry Bitcoin to X B to X Is going to be pretty legit B to X is gonna be legit the futures are like north of what 2000 right now so that more or less Helps to redefine the correlation between these four horses, and how they will Begin to position themselves in the upcoming weeks, and so that's what we're looking at the macro right first things first Bitcoin All-time highs $7,300 It's pretty amazing really really really amazing actually all right Let's turn the candles off We don't need those check it out you guys again We are looking at trading view comm I know we got a lot of people first-timers welcome to the money team, baby I got a list set up for you It's called chart like a boss you watched that playlist You will see exactly how I put this chart together

It's a very very very very very easy method It's called the boss method its patented intellectual property I'm exclusively for the rights and replication of Brendan Kelly LLC this is the boss method you guys I own it and I give it to the people for free if you are a profit-seeking Entity you may not use it without my expressed written consent Which you will never have if you're a person use it and use it funded me It works quite well, and it's quite easy There are two rules to the boss method green above orange by Green below orange Sell That's it That's it and you can see with Bitcoin We buy it We make a lot of money

We sell it Whenever two Gringo's glow to orange and we come back like cook crack and ready to roll right So um I think the last chart I did live on the air with you guys this is it right here all I did was took a Fibonacci right there went from the breakout To the breakdown those two purple circles that gave me 246 breakdown all the way up there, which we haven't hit yet I think when I made this chart about a week ago We were sitting somewhere you know somewhere like over here I think I think we were like yeah, this was like right around there And I threw this thing up and I say a Bitcoin will probably go up to like 7600 before it catches its breath look at that came pretty close nail on the head um, so now we have a situation to where We're looking pretty similar to how we did Right there But I don't think we're done going up yet, I think over this next subset of time all those major players Particularly these guys who are more or less? Rebuilding their entire financial network on the blockchain and they're doing it through That So in order to do that This thing is gonna continue to go higher Until That network goes public which will happen right around there They didn't get interested, then it'll probably fall back down here in a matter of days right but until then I think now is The time to ride that wave and to set up our next move, right Bitcoin is gonna continue to go higher it may go high as 8200 What is the seventy nine hundred before to end the next week probably not next week? But two weeks after that I think it's gonna have to take one week off All right do something like that and then we'll be right back right back up Just the same as we we're right there right it'll take like a couple days little micro break and then break out again I think the ceiling for Bitcoin is eighty five hundred naturally, I don't know if we'll get all the way to ten thousand like my man Big Jim was predicting but After split you never know you never know

I think I think this thing is setting up to have a nice run Like we did back between April May June when the altcoins and Bitcoin both go up simultaneous And hopefully that will be able to happen after that split right there So that's Bitcoin you guys it's set up to Continue to go higher The the ceiling on this cycle, which is basically breakdown the breakdown This is almost a six month cycle I took all the way from you know to begin in a 2017 all the way half past June right, that's that's a six month cycle, that's a deep deep cycle You don't break out of that overnight That's why when we hit it right there We broke down when we hit it right there We broke down That's what's gonna happen when we hit it up here

Then break down right And so we're starting to understand that we're starting to see how this money is coming together behind the scenes and one of the best options right now to supplement that flow of money is Bitcoin cash if you watch any of my videos After this fork happened this last Fork happened You saw me make one where I say it's gear money Don't make none inside of about two days I have Bitcoin cash pinned down like a fraction on a seven minute candle And I said y'all better buy to buy it now is gonna go up Guess what happened BAM it went up You know went back down has been going down but to be honest on the seven-minute candle You don't expect that to last forever, right so now we see a situation to where we're back on a 343 and this thing is running right it's made some money boss method you would have fault down here Right green above orange by what are you at your? Plus about forty percent in the past two weeks Congratulations, baby That's how you make some real-deal money, right So here we go now Bitcoin cash Let's check this out

We bought the Freestyle on a Fibonacci real quick break down To breakout, let's see if we hit it BAM what we got well We go where we get where we are So we get that can we get that Hmm Maybe let's turn candles on this the only time I turn the candles are to check My accuracy No, I don't really like that I think it's this one over here That's probably tighter Actually that last one wasn't bad what we have what I did here was basically I said I Want to drop Fibonacci from the place where that green went below the orange and that orange changed direction? Right I? Did that to the area where the green went above the orange and the orange changed direction? That's more Or less how a drama Fibonacci not actually that's not bad because you see we wrote that blue line for a while once we fell off we fell off pretty hard so that's a Confirmation in addition to it We hit our head on the blue right there came back down so that's a confirmation so we get in Confirmations on all the sides what I like to see is up here if I would have hit that nail on the head To that three two I would have known that we had a pretty pretty good relationship But you know it doesn't have to be perfect as long as you understand the relative Association of everything and I would have liked for that you know to be down there somewhere so instead of me playing with it for The time being I'll just leave it as that as a rough estimate, but What I see with this thing right here are a few things, and this is when I turn on the 231 This is when you know I get another level look at it when I'm looking at the macro To see inside of this chart, and what I see now is that? We broke we broke down at the one six That's the one six right up there, right yep That's the one six, so we're broke down off of that coming down a little bit but We will catch ourselves and the good thing we have gone for us as you can see that The 231 is coming down and the orange the 77 is going up That's called a it's almost like an interior divergence But because the green is above all of them essentially the 77 plus the seven will overcome the 231 So this thing will basically have to go flat for a while But will have the momentum from the inside to continue going higher you guys see that because essentially what we have here are Two different moving averages that are both positive we have the green That's already in an uptrend we got the 77 that's in a strong uptrend and in the 70 the 231 is already starting to dovetail a little bit that thing is already starting to flatten out so once the 231 flattens out and does that and you're good, you know all signs are moving in the same direction Right and that's when you got some real-deal profits right now This thing is basically breaking through all the little micro levels that it broke down on so all those little Fractals right there this thing is basically crunching through it every little step that it goes up And so that's why you'll see some resistance right there

You'll see some at the next step Right there right this is just places in the market where you know for whatever reason the market? Didn't want to sell it so now they don't want to buy it right you got buyers and sellers on both sides So there you go, that's Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash is still going up expected to go sideways for a little bit You might even see this green drop down In between that white and that orange down in there somewhere that do not be worried that actually would be Decent that will give the orange of time to go flat to save a lot of more energy to make the next run long story Short this thing is probably the best option in the crypto versus the biggest bang for the lowest lowest risk right Everything all that all the smaller out coins are being crushed right now You want to see one that's being crushed Let's check out a few Ian The Bitcoin this thing hurt my feeling so bad I was hoping I was hoping I was pulling for it too I was pulling for it Point O for wow wow wow wow I Was hoping look I was hoping I was hoping I don't even know what this is that's a crazy chart right there hmm So this thing has officially broken all the way down you guys atheria M– is is broken all the way down We do have And we have this is what I don't like about it We have to go all the way back to like the beginning of this break out cycle right so that was the peak We have to go all the way back here for me to draw any type of Correlation that will allow us to save ourselves, maybe it wasn't right there probably like right there Yeah, that's it right there, so we have to go back to March Right where if you were on the call earlier what I said? I think we're in a six month cycle right now Which is about a hundred and eighty days, but essentially what it'll mean is that all of these? That's a lot more than 180 days

I think etherium for whatever reason I think it started early, so there's that like 270 the theorem is like a 270 day cycle But some of these other smaller all coins started later, so they were like I'm 90 days in on this one somewhere But I believe what's happening with this one is We do have a chance to catch all the way down here at the 786 Right, but the problem now is that it's gonna Take a while at least this long Before we can break out of it, but essentially that's how long it took Going up the first time right, so let's just say you know we're on a 270 day cycle Then that will put us somewhere right around the beginning January to officially recover a Lot of these losses and to be honest I don't think this thing is done going down yet as you can see right there at 270 days you think I just make numbers up I really don't that lines up almost perfectly With the fork and so essentially if you're speculating that's when you would imagine Aetherium would start to pick up when some of that money starts to convert back over to the altcoins, but knowing that you know Actually we could do this I do apologize we would be on this part of the cycle so oh Boy this is where it gets tricky One or two that one more or less beef The two trajectories that we pick and actually we could even do the break down break up break down so it looks something like that But you don't get you don't get this kind of you know Lessons in your high school if you appreciate this kind of content you guys do me a favor click that thumbs up button we got 147 people watching live on the air 83 likes already I do appreciate you support you guys I just try to make this money have it make sense for you guys, right? so essentially When we do start to self-correct on aetherium these are the two paths that will take will either take a quick break out like that Or we'll take kind of a slow come Bob you later break out like that either One is still pretty good gonna Be pretty good as long as that seven does not break that line right there I don't think it will um we really don't have Anywhere down there for it to catch itself so if that seven breaks then essentially you know? I don't think it will long story short I don't think of it right, but that's a theory I'm right there It's not a buy right now But probably a week before Thanksgiving before November 22nd it will be But for now just hold off on it

It's gonna continue to go a little bit lower It's gonna get beat down into the ground Just like the rest of don't Percy is as big boys come and put their money in the big coin in preparation for the force last one in eo2 the BTC Hi, so here we can see it's almost like the exact same thing as aetherium let's just cut off the white real quick We don't need that right now Oh Boy it's been a lot of money lost you guys hopefully and this is the biggest thing I try to tell you guys you just gotta be disciplined to where You know when that green goes below that orange on the four-hour chart That's the markets way of telling you take your money off the table, please right Just like I told you guys I'm selling I made the video I'm selling a hundred mio Here's why that's why right and actually I'm pretty sure I sold it like Right there and that was why because I saw the 77 coming under the 231 which means it was getting pushed down from the inside out right But we don't need to look at that right now Now it's trying to flatline let's go ahead and draw our Fibonacci We don't have anything if I draw it from this cycle right here I don't have anything to catch it on right It's essentially broken from there

So we got to go all the way back all The way about to take you back Way back all the way back here That looks pretty good, so that's where we're at right now, but again the problem the problem the problem is We already broke that line so what's gonna happen Neil is about to fall flat on its face Over the next month to try to find some solid ground before it is forc right boom boom boom Check this out if we do this bam bam right Copy and paste it throw it up top Can you get it from it? Ah? Where's the last possible place right there yeah, okay, that's not bad November 14th is probably when this chart will start to turn around So I did bamm-bamm copy and paste that bam bam took it to the last possible place boom pin that down BAM there you go 1114 That's probably when you'll start to see neo pick up, but before it in It'll probably continue to break all the way down potentially as low as a 1/4 so 25 you know double O 25 28 Somewhere in there you'll probably catch it actually I'm sorry You'll probably catch it right about there if you can buy it under double O 30 Then that's a good buy as far as I'm concerned this thing will be Breaking down much much much more than what it's at right now So if you have it you might want to give it back to the market and buy it back under 30 30 K 3 300 cakes That'll be a good pickup for you going into the last couple weeks of November Well put the next 2 or 3 weeks guys a lot of these altcoins especially a smaller ones You're just gonna see them get redder and redder and redder Because the big money doesn't value speculation they put their money on the shore thing if you think about these horses remember think about think about the macro, right They want to bet The fix is in and the fix is in B 2x so they're gonna bet on a sure thing And that short thing is over here right now so a lot of these other horses But that one it's some people across the water like that the white horse over there You know some between these two white horses one of them ultimately will Reign supreme, but but until then you know they're all kind of racing together Right and so that's what we got to start looking at when we look at the this market is understanding how this Economy is being built together And speaking of an economy being built I do have a new report I just released about two days ago

You guys it's called the Crypt ah police report, and this thing is on our website Of Bitcoin calm and it is available for you right now you go to Boston Bitcoin comm $25 and and what I did is I started to use you know I'm saying a little bit of knowledge University of Notre Dame Business School gave me over the course of two and a half years And and started to break this thing out kind of like Wall Street does their money so we have health care we have financials we have Consumer products retail utilities industrial all these different industries that Bloomberg has about five hundred different charts on Where recreated on the blockchain? There they haven't been identified yet They don't have little tickers We don't have 24 hour you know talking heads bobble heads on TV talking about it, but I'm telling you right now everything is being recreated rebuilt and resurrected on the blockchain so crypt a police report starts To look at some of the top coins that are going to be leading that revolution right so, that's Definitely there for you If you so please I think it's a it's a it's a really good package I actually worked on it with the mods in the Facebook group and you know they all helped a lot and putting it together with that being said let's go ahead and Do a chat right now shout your country out We are coming back to you guys in about 20 seconds So go ahead and shout your country out if you're in a chat I want to see a kaleidoscope of nations 140 people rocking out live on the air right now Last thing we do have a new channel This is really really really exciting It's called BK & Co I Got a link in the description right there for you This is a channel

I put together Wait with my girl Nicole you know and We travel the world we just we just came back from Poland Reported a ICL video with the CEO Poland check that out Barbara into head, and this was more or less like behind the scenes look so you could just type in BK and coal on YouTube we got two videos up there about 20 minutes each And they just kind of go week to week so it's like a weekly flaw of uh You know life life and crypto you know we lived this life, right? So it's really cool really amazing, and I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences and then creating memories with this community I think that's one of the most awesome things that I've been able to do so far so I invite you on that journey With us craft a police report boss a Bitcoin comm number one Facebook group in the world I'm telling you We are making moves We are rewriting history Every day we wake up and come together in this crypt over so with that being said let's go ahead and see who we got rocking out on Live on here right now Tampa is big in the building Denmark was going on mighty Joe over there in Denmark holding it down Ireland Lithuania big Jack holding it down for Russia India who saw Georgia USA country girl down indulgent southern belle was going up Canada is big in a building USA I see you two times South Florida was going on badger state miss Shelley fiber Shout-out you know I bleed red and white Very Amarillo said of my kitchen table once upon a time said became we want you to be a badger I looked at Barry I said okay, you got a deal right here we go USA you finally counted a Brooklyn stand up Cali y'all day cash bill, Kansas Philippines Algeria Australia, Egypt Texas and Japan they said BK is big in Japan What's going on all the way on the other side of the world with that being said you guys I get excited man And you know I'm saying this is what the crypto space is about you know saying we literally have the entire world Connected through this one channel We are growing every date hundreds and thousands of members engaged every day supporting each other every day remember that we the people still have the power and That power is in the ability to connect with each other and to empower each other and to care about each other I tell you once you stopped Listening to the talking heads on TV with the voices in their ear to bobble heads on TV with the voices in their ear They can find 20 different ways to divide me from you, but not one way to bring us together I think that's a problem, so that's what I do every day on this channel I said if people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and people said they don't got no money, okay Well, BK I think you a boss you think you're a boss well Let's come here put the put put the put the money on the table BAM, so I'm gonna make some money That's what we do green over orange vibrate blow or sell both back Nick ain't no Wall Street banker use it now Let's make this money together let's empower each other as we increase our Affluence let us not decrease our Influence and commitment to empowering each other with that being said it's that time of the day son And now this the boss your boy BK

No matter Where you say from Brazil to the base telephone I ate all the way back out dude your money Good night Good morning, Inca day Thank you for joining me Thank you for your time Do me a favor take this video copy the URL right now and text it than anybody you care about one person Click your phone open copy URL and text it to one person so check this guy out

I think he could making some money That's what I'd do some days a week do that for me Do you appreciate my until we meet again stay cryptic y'all is