what's up everybody in this video I'm gonna talk alone and solely about bit connect if you don't like pic connect let me know in the comments what you want me to cover next and I'll do a video on that I'll do my proper research and I'll make a video on that I plan on doing a video every day I give away $100 worth of Bitcoin every single week so make sure you comment below your Bitcoin address like the video and subscribe and turn on bail notifications all that good stuff if you are new to this channel welcome I make videos around crypto currency trading investing lending you name it live in the Quan life that's what this channel is about so if you like that make sure to subscribe today I'm gonna do a one thousand dollar loan this is my seventh day in bit connect and uh I did my first loan at 5:45 pm

so I still need to get my interest for today for the seventh day so far I've made five hundred and nine dollars from the from the lending program and today I'm gonna receive 15 percent on the five thousand that I've put in plus I get plus I get an extra 02% so that gives me 17 percent today on the five grand so that's another $100 not bad for the first week I would say and for that reason I'm gonna invest another 1000 and I'm gonna show you guys how to do that right now so if you want to sign up the first 20 people that sign up with this link that I have in the description and in the comments I do a cash back three four or five percent depending on how much you invest link is in the description let me show you how to get started with this once you've set up your link your account and everything you go ahead and deposit bitcoin sent a Bitcoin to this address and once it's in there you get it in this Bitcoin wallet from there you go to exchange and then you exchange it basically you buy BCC so you do all and it selects all the Bitcoin you have I don't have Bitcoin anymore because I already exchanged it but here you see it's in DIC Connect for me it's gonna place an order and you just have to wait for the order to go through and then you're good to go from that point you have big connects and then you can go into lending lent big connect what is important to know here is that you can start with $100 up to a thousand you get the volatility software interest which is this this graph right here every day it's a different percentage that's based on the markets and uh but over the past thirty days it's been 11 percent on average so that's important to know and then here you can insert whatever amount you want to invest so let's say you want to do a dozen I'm gonna do ten ten because that's what I've what I'm gonna do today and if you look here for ten ten that's why I do ten ten and that 1000 I get an extra point one percent daily it so again next for one point zero point one percent daily on top of the volatility software interest it's Jana I I'm gonna have my capital release in two hundred and thirty nine days and then you basically get your investment back that is the reason why I'm giving so much Bitcoin away here is because the five thousand that I put in I'm gonna get back after a hundred and seventy nine days so all the money I give away it doesn't matter because I get my investment back that's why I get to get so much Bitcoin away to you guys plus with the five ten I get an extra point two percent daily so let me do the calculation here for for decent amount this amount of days at one point zero one percent plus you see here plus 0

1 percent is my profit is $2,600 and this is the ROI and this is the profit with principal is thirty six hundred dollars almost thirty seven hundred dollars in two hundred and thirty nine days it's not bad plus you can call them fun every day and then open up a new on contract every single day so I'm gonna do this a month now I'm gonna do ten fifty I think that's that's about it yeah I'm gonna do ten fifty here pay so many days damn okay we're in now we're at let me refresh this we should be at six thousand now okay so now I have a total investment of 6080 this is my seventh day on the platform and tomorrow twenty four hours after I did this loan I'm gonna get my interest let's see what I'm gonna get tomorrow tomorrow I'm gonna get point seven seven percent plus the point zero one so tomorrow on this one thousand ten dollar loan I'm gonna get zero point eight seven percent plus I'm gonna get on the five thousand ten law or five thousand thirty loan I'm gonna get 097 because I get an extra point two percent every single day so if you guys want more update updates on that let me know in the comments I'll do an update once in a while I don't want to spam you guys too much with this this bit connect stuff if you want free Bitcoin I'm gonna give away another $100 next week I'm probably gonna I'm probably gonna increase the amount of Bitcoin that I'm gonna give away over time as I grow this bit connect investment I really want to do this bit connect thing with you guys for you guys so I continue to give away probably bigger prizes in the future so make sure you subscribe if you want cryptocurrency updates and some free Bitcoin subscribe to the channel if you want that spot on the bit connect community link in the description and send me an email if you want that cash back and I will send you that directly already send out some cash backs to other people that have signed up so that's all cool tomorrow I'm probably gonna do a video about a ripple how to buy it I got a request somebody wanted to know it's rather complicated for them so I'm gonna do a video on that if you want to check that out turn on Bell notifications so you don't miss when I upload and I see y'all next video stop settling start living according life piece don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources and if you like this channel please consider donating pick one address this in the description box as well any donation is much appreciated for channel growth thanks an offence and see on the next video