What are the safest and best crypto currencies? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and there are many more Thorsten Wittmann, I welcome you most warmly to today's edition of Fascination Freedom

Today in on the windy Faroe Islands and as you will see at the end again a few really great impressions here really spectacular nature As new as perhaps the Faroe Islands for you are also the subject crypto currencies Is there not so long in the market and then the question and the question was about our last currency of 3 crypto warnings we had Look at one of our other videos, you can see there not real Crypto currencies And then there was the question of Paula on Facebook, which of the other 797 crypto currencies are then recommended for and we believe we are now closely

Yes, and here there is firstly a homepage coinmarketcap this please feel free to look at it closer Since you so really see the biggest crypto currencies by market capitalization largest Coinmarketcapcom so to speak, as Reuters so, has become so very reliable information service, as regards the issue of crypto currencies highlighted or emerged Very good website, you can always view the current largest, not surprisingly at number one Bitcoins, followed by Ethereum and ripple and Litecoin

And these are the recommendations if you want to invest, you should proceed in the great pure Do not go to those who are at number 50, 60, 70 and maybe some acquaintance did you just suggested and says that you necessarily there just need to invest because the the number 1 is, be skeptical and cautious, because it is considered realistic enter a consolidation at some point and it is summarized Where I can still remember very clearly, as then, the search engines on the market came and maybe you remember a search engine Fireball I definitely remember it very well because I had at the time as the first ever used and then has just emerged who has the leadership here and where you just normally investigated Google, then there's Microsoft, yahoo and otherwise It is already extremely thin and also the absolute market leader Google, of course And I can very well imagine it to look similar in crypto currencies is that only a few are actually used and the others will be dropped at some point, because they are not really relevant

So if you invest here, then go there into the big time and coinmarketcap, because you always have a good overview of what is happening here in each case and as the spurious Crypto currencies, as I said, as we had already mentioned a few that not everywhere are tradable and have certain special cases and a currency function not optimal cover, which are here not with us Generally, you are also skeptical, we have no experience with crypto currencies We do not know what they look like in the long term werdenWird the really prevail? There are out there financial powers, which occur crypto currencies quite the Feet and there is perhaps powerful people and institutions who do not so like to see and from which we have no experience There has always been a speculative nature

Bitcoins was earlier this year at 973 $, is now over $ 4,000, which is not healthy, normal, natural growth, on the person here, just be careful and skeptical Do not put everything on one card, because as soon as it goes up, it goes also back down Which does not mean that there is no longer the cryptocurrency then, but it can perhaps a take some time until you get back is so far up and then comes again the next hype or, indeed, be healthy too skeptical here Do not put everything on one card, it may otherwise be bitter, but it can really be so, the crypto currencies will change the world forever We will see and observe, it will certainly be very exciting

Yes, see you in the next episode of fascination freedom Nice that you were there again today Now we see some great impressions on here, spectacular from the Faroe Islands Nature, hardly anyone knows it here, tourists almost nothing going on, very little, so very, very Interesting Yes, if you found it interesting again, subscribe you like to click the YouTube channel, below, sharing, you liken it like on Facebook and on YouTube and send it like on to your friends and yes I am pleased that you, when you next week are back with us I let me back something great for you come up with topics moderate, send me your love Questions and we grab these come to that

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