Hello friends, recently I have uploaded one video on earning Free Bitcoins That video is very informative and relevant to this Please watch that too and i have shared the link in description To continue with that today I will discuss on one more trusted, legit and very good earning website you can earn unlimited free BTC from this site

Now a days BTC prices are comparatively down so due to this they are giving lot of Free BTC/Sathosi's Please watch till end to know complete process The website is Ad BTC and the link I have share in Description so that you can join easily from there You need to click on register and once page is open you need to give Email id, BTC wallet address and password then click on register After login you will get page like this You need to solve one Simple captcha Now see how you can earn from this site

There are 3 options at left side pannel Surf ad, Autosurfing and Surfing in active window I will explain each method one by one, first click on surf ad and 1 add will appear on screen on which rates and time will be mentioned Click on start button and let the timer finish, you can exit from Ad tab after completing ad duration it will immediately add the BTC in your overall balance Lets see another example you can observe that balance is adding in realtime

In this you can open ad in separate window and continue with your work This was the first process Now lets see other processes like auto surfing and surfing in active window Click on autosurfing its also similar to surf ad It will show you some website and overall surfing amount In this also you can click on Start and let the other tab open and run these ads This was second process Now lets talk about third process which is surfing in active window This is also similar to last 2 processes but in this you have to open the Ad tab till completion you can not exit before completing ad else it will not run In this also you to click on ad links and after that 1 timer will run After watching complete add it will give you captcha and you have to select 2 similar images to claim free BTC Lets see another example Now lets see their withdrawal process, click on withdrawal and it will show withdrawal methods on this page methods are – To BTC, To faucet hub, Payer and Move to advertising balance you can also use this balance if your are using advertising services

you can also change the BTC wallet address on this page In referral system you can share your referral link to someone who wants to join this