Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is November the 4th 2017 delayed gratification learn it golden hold strong hand long term thinking buy in whole 2020 be a 20% value your wealth in Bitcoin alright I want to get out all those sayings check out the links below people get a trade or crypto a stir your wallet calm get get a shirt from cryptography tea all sorts of affiliate links below you can put stuff down there and of course you need a trade or you need a storage device these things are very important this is Bitcoin basics here alright this week in Bitcoin was yesterday check out that show links to all many of my shows are below and of course links to everything that I talk about in this show is also below I cannot see the chat unless you do a super chat and then I'll answer your question but I do see venture mink towels in there I see his his little saying anyway yesterday was this week a Bitcoin and we had some great guest on Richard Hart was one of the guests we had a Mitchell from steamin and we had Robert from be gold but people like there's certain people out there that really get a kick out of when and Richard Hart he's such a smart guy people should be learn and we've talked about some really wild things yesterday's just yesterday's show isn't for everyone but there are people out there that just want to see Richard get into an argument and like win and beat people and you know what's really disturbing about that is they what you're really missing out on life if that's what you get from Richard Hart if you get jollies from seeing him be someone because you should be learning about big coin from him this guy and I we're like on the same page way he's a bi and holder basically he both he said he likes friendly forks you you can be increasing your wealth because of him but instead you want to treat this like a football game or something like that it is it's embarrassing it's like there are a lot of people out there who have anger involved with may combine it with Bitcoin and it's just to me is you guys get rid of the anger get rid of the hate I don't know what's up this isn't about beating people this is about learning so if you take Richard as a person as a spectator sport you're you're really you're part of the 80% basically I mean people in the 20% of like wow this guy's smart I can learn a lot from him I can increase my my wealth because of this person so take a positive spin on that and yeah there's my uh there's my page and also yesterday we learned about the SMT tokens on Steam it and I'd link to that below I was I didn't I know about this that steam the steam the actual cryptocurrency steam apparently and I haven't checked out the link that I linked it below but you're gonna be able to kind of treat it like a theorem with the ICO with the ERC 20 tokens again it's interesting I bring this up because in the past I could you know I and I don't know how it's all gonna go down but it's so funny I asked me so have you guys have you like talked about this yet and they start talking about it during the summer and he kind of admitted they had it really marketed it yet in a good way they they just mentioned at the Steam fest in Portugal my point is is when this information leaks finally when people really get a grasp but it'll you know all the speculators are gonna all those lovers of steam are gonna have a real reason to love it and so it'll pump again so if you're getting steam for free like I do because I'm on steam it never buy it but if you get it for free it's probably gonna go up in value students this you should get ready to dump it all the bitcoins were going up so much in value that you probably are going to get your bitcoins worth of it because you should always value your wealth and Bitcoin but I have a little bit I have some because I keep earning some because people like my Steam it feed so yeah when it gets up to Tupac surprise is something like that um some more of it I don't know I get it for free so I don't have to worry too much but I think this SNT token is interesting I might I might experiment with it all right so we'll see someone had an interesting comment that described that my strategy as masterful in action that was left on my comments under one of my videos and I said yeah that's pretty good masterful in action have a meister full in action all right all right now Matt like button people all right so you know it's funny I'm Richard also when I did when he was going to show you yesterday he broadcast a show at the same time with much better video quality of course on his channel and I read some of the comments and someone is like talking about me like god that guy must be on drugs or something again a reminder to everyone out there I despise drugs I just have a lot of energy and this is just me I don't judge your drugs at all I don't I don't even drink anymore have a very healthy lifestyle i fast at least 22 hours every single day and I am I'm like on a streak since the year 2013 and I you know occasionally do a 48-hour day once a month at least a 48-hour fast I've done with three over 72 hour fast I eat very only eat once a day so yeah the complete opposite of drugs drugs don't become a drug addict that's for the 80% okay but just just putting that out Nina there's some people who are new to the channel they had they're probably wondering how can this guy be up at 4 which is almost 5 am

in the morning here in Israel and I'm visiting Israel I'm from Baltimore originally but I love it here in Israel baby found that like button with Israeli big coin community alright let's talk about the curve Riaan a Bitcoin community for a second here I will be in Korea in November late November early December and hanging out that December 4th you'll be able to hang out with me and solve but but my source on the ground there has given me unique everyone's wondering like why are the Koreans pumping be cash what what is going on with this be cash pump well I've got the behind-the-scenes information I'll link to it below I just did a steam it post about it so you can upvote that if you like it but but on this very show I am going to read to you what he wrote me because it is so awesome it must be read hi Adam I have a lot of friends who recently invested in be cash I've also looked at many crypto forums here in Korea it is clear that there are many more be cash and altcoin investors right now than Bitcoin holders mmm 80 percenters versus the 24 centers even in Korea Mei bet I decide that far okay first the general sentiment is of astonishment sadness and confusion many cannot understand why Bitcoin has gone up recently and all coins with the exception of D cash has generally gone down they cannot understand how Bitcoin that used to trade for about five thousand US dollars some weeks ago and look ridiculously expensive has gone up to seven thousand US dollars in a space of a few weeks while all coins which seemed undervalued have gone down have gone further down I look at the Korean forums and the technical analysis done by the forum users and readers is quite laughable as for B cash there seem to be primarily two reasons for the Korea pump first people are generally very confused about the 2x hard fork many people think it is a legitimate technical conflict when in reality is an attack on the Bitcoin full full nodes and the core developers Koreans are not taking sides the many felt that be cash will act as a hedge against Bitcoin price crashing prior to enduring the two acts hard fork alright I'm commenting now so there are many Koreans who are using is a hedge also as I have predicted more people are going to it I mean it's silly are going to use it as a hedge but whatever it's gonna pump it and here we go they're already doing in Korea okay going back to it be cash will act as a hedge against Bitcoin price crashing prior to and during the 2x Hartford there is a small minority who thinks that to act may succeed ie new new 2x chain will become Bitcoin second is the Jihan woo factor otherwise known as Rocket Man whoo it is very clear to me now that many Koreans follow woo through Twitter and forums this is largely because woo has visited Korea many times now and done numerous interviews especially through social media Koreans do not see woo as a leader but many believe that he has substantial influence many koreans anticipated a pump Bhaiji vibe whoo especially prior to and during the hard fork I look I look at the crypto forums and a lot of the users are explicitly screaming for a pump of be cashed by Jihan it is amazing unfortunately this is the level of discourse that is going on right now in Korean forums and social media that email that information is absolutely fascinating and just gives you insight into some of the mentality behind this and it's just that the part about rocketmail woo is just amazing so there you go there's some logic there people if you still hold your be cash a crypto dividend it's gonna pump some more it looks like and this is why this is part of the reason why Korea is a big market and this panel that like button if you like this type of unique international flavor I mean you're only gonna get this type of thing here and I'm gonna bring it to you live when I go over there to Seoul and – Busan and it's it's gonna be a wild adventure indeed so thank you my guy on the ground the Korea who wants to remain anonymous for that and again you could read over that on steam it it is linked to below all right let's talk about I guess I was I kind of hit on this before there's like this I guess I'm cooked Bitcoin jealousy out there some people who just don't like Bitcoin that it's done well some people who own Bitcoin who wish they got in earlier and they use terms like you're just lucky you're just privileged and then it's you know we're talking about like people like the wincle vibe ruther x' who are already wealthy people who got in early and who've done very well you know you guys gotta get it you gotta get over that the rich there's nothing wrong with being rich in fact you should thank the wincle vines you should praise the Winklevoss and you should try to be like the wincle by that should be your freakin goal okay i mean ii hate them it is is not good for you stop hating the rich is a big step to becoming rich okay I mean and I assume you want to become rich I assume you want to be successful with all of this I mean if you don't want to be successful I don't know really what to say to you I don't know what you're I don't know I mean they they bought in early and you could have bought it early too I mean people I mean you go back to my archives from 2014 I'm not telling people to buy you in early it was quite early there and people know it's too late but I mean again people back then we're complaining also so I mean the wicked I and other people took risk and they got rewarded all right I mean this is fair in our in our Bitcoin world I mean the complainers can still complain they're free to complain but they're not gonna get bailed out they're not they can't go to the government and say tax those rich people there's no government in Bitcoin you can't punish the successful people I mean they're gonna lose out and the people of action the people who just don't sit there the people who just don't take talk to talk the people who really even Bitcoin like I did are going to get rewarded and that is the glory of the Bitcoin world compared to the world that we were used to wear all those complainers do well because they get the government to force theft upon people like me but here there is no force that and if you've got a good attitude if you're willing to take smart it calculated I wouldn't even call them risks you're gonna get rewarded here the buy-and-hold is is it gets rewarded if you know logical thinking here gets rewarded and you can complain if you want to but you're not gonna be able to take from me here and that is just I love it I love this world I love what has been going on here and I love I absolutely love how much I've been rewarded and I hope you guys have who have been listening to me have been rewarded too and it's never too late it's never too late okay andy hoffman has a seat at cryptic old central comm I just took some time to read over a bunch of his post you guys got to go over there you got to subscribes got a seven day free trial going on sign up but here are the titles that I really enjoyed hard Forks only highlight the one Bitcoin scares to the immutability okay I butcher that treasure your route Bitcoin I like that one just wait until the billionaires come in the big coin that one is really interesting because he he points out how you know there's some billion there a lot of billionaires out there down a thousands or something like that I forgot how many but clearly it only takes a few of them to just pour millions in to make a difference and it's clearer than a lot of them now are still old like Warren Buffett and talking about gold or whatever but there are going to be more and more ones they're gonna wake up and that people haven't really talked about that so I'd like that article of his Bitcoin trading in $50 increments due to scarcity I'd like that crypto dividends the universal basic income for smart people that one he got from a saying of mine and guys don't you love how everyone is using the crypto dividend term I mean don't you just love it I love it because you know there was so many of those great complainers that I was just alluding to who are like you can't use that term it's not right and now everybody uses it it's universally used again you got to be a doer in this space where he can be a complainer but the doers get rewarded and hey man I'm getting rewarded I love it everything okay so do i and then finally another one of his a thought-provoking piece of Handy Kaufman's do I regret my experience with precious metals oh and that is a question many people wonder when they think of Andy Hoffman does he regret his time with prayer so he's got a post about that so check him out Andy Hoffman that's a guy who's a doer you know two years ago he wasn't in the Bitcoin at all now look at it now it's a major huge factor in his portfolio and he got into it whatever one and a half years ago and he's been rewarded greatly because of it and look how he's jumped on this thing and look I mean he I mean it's never too late it's never too late people and you should look up to that dude right there and then instead of being a hater and a complainer would owe him in stick with his silver well whatever dudes don't be a complainer go with it baby all right here's the long-term thinking quote of the day from Twitter i link to it below if you stopped buying a cup of coffee a day you'll say fourteen hundred dollars a year if you stopped buying coffee in Bitcoin you'll save 14 million dollars in a few years you guys understand that I hope I really hope buy-and-hold people don't be one of those impulsive people oh yeah look at that new shiny think I can get others my Bitcoin on it or be like king of the trolls I got it I got it my coffee with my Bitcoin look what happens when you do that dudes I mean if you wait hold it big it's golden hold have a strong frickin hand email me at Adam trace or at Adam at trace or help calm if you need a crypto consultation if you need help setting up your trays or you can if you need to be pumped freaking up this is the kind of stuff you're gonna hear from me it's well worth it baby all right okay on and here's some thoughts I was having here I just I just broke root some of this stuff down on every trade there's a loser on the other side okay actual real people are giving a precious Bitcoin for crypto dividends so you know when we get our crypto dividends and when we dump them there are people on the other side giving a Bitcoin giving us more Bitcoin for a crypto dividends why they're doing this I don't know I'm not part of the 80% I don't understand and and they're more of them out there they're more remember 80% is more than 20% so they're always going to be there they're going to keep giving us Bitcoin for crypto dividends and whatever other nonsense we get like sting I mean there are just people out there who just can't grasp the concept of gold and hold buy and hold long-term thinking savings I mean just society has been conditioned into stuff in such a way that they are impulsive and must take it just want to waste I don't know I don't know and the best part about this is that it is going to continue in our space because there is even though I warn people not to do this don't waste your Bitcoin on these things you're making me richer you're giving me I'm giving you B – you're giving me Bitcoin Thanks there's no government or regulator to stop them from doing this this is this is all them it's their fault they're gonna have to take responsibility for themselves they will keep losing we will keep winning and this is the fair way of life people this is the free market you got to use your head here someone just did a super town I got to see I got I gotta check out what that is who is this shutting from the sky and lek TRO neum is a scam yeah dude yes of course it's a scam yeah and I'm sorry you got ripped off I think you were the guy that left a comments and you got ripped off don't waste your big Co don't just do something with your Bitcoin for the heck of it people like this guy did unfortunately this cloud money stuff I don't even know what the heck it is if someone says give me your Bitcoin I'm gonna do X Y & Z with it that's a sure sign that you're about to be ripped off you should never do anything with your Bitcoin you just hold it baby you just hold it you don't invest it in things it could understand the crypto dividend concept that I came up with your we are getting rewarded with new coins that people are giving us think point four for some reason okay I mean that alone is in Crete giving you ten percent returns on your Bitcoin without it going up in value yet and this whole world is changing people bitcoin is going up in dollar value all the time look what it's done in the last year it's 10x in the last year this is amazing stuff why would what other type of return are you looking for with big connect BS and all this other BS that people are posting on the comments it's it's a complete waste people you hold you have a strong hand don't be part of the 80% you'd be a smart person for God's sakes oh my god or just any late smart people don't and you like the Winklevoss brothers they don't buy big connect they don't buy where they don't have cloud mining they buy the real thing and they own 1% of Bitcoin they own 1% of it all the Bitcoin has ever been created that's unbelievable you should be proud of them you should be emulating them stop hating winners it's not if you hate winners you end up buying into all these scams with from all the losers remember that all right so let's let's go back where was I talking so yeah and the government in here in Bitcoin I'm warning all this and it's unfortunately the government isn't there to warn you about this stuff you got to learn the hard way like this guy who just gave me two bucks learned ok and I'm trying to warn you guys not to learn the hard way but there's people in the 80% we're gonna learn the hard way so here I love this world again because this is where smart people are rewarded all the smart people had dreamed of this world because in the only in the regular world we created wealth for everyone the people who create wealth get hated on they taxed too non-stop and are not ruh are are though the people the leeches of the world are the ones who are rewarded from stealing from us but here we are the ones who are rewarded the smart people the people who actually have patience and long-term thinking are not impulsive don't go out there and have ten kids and expect me to pay for their ten kids that doesn't work so come if you got ten kids come on over here make me richer come on over here baby enter our world 80 percenters come and play baby I'm ready for it cuz I'm doing nothing but holding and you're making me richer and I love it okay so yeah these people gonna keep on coming they're gonna keep on being impulsive and we're gonna be benefiting from rational long-term thinking um people asked me Adam do you keep on buying Bitcoin are you buying big corn at $7,500 Adam and I say why why showed up first of all I bought a lot of it when it was three hundred four or five hundred dollars but I keep getting it for free thanks to the 80% thanks to crypto dividends so I have so much Bitcoin already dead I'm getting so much when I get my crypt of dividends and when I turned it and when I choose turn them in the Bitcoin there's no point for me to spend on fiat I mean no I don't buy Bitcoin anymore because I'm getting it for free I'm getting up quite a bit of it from every time they do these hard works if something changes in the future maybe but what's the point what's the point now for me so that there's your that's how the sit that's how also the situation is the people who took risks like me quite over two years ago one year ago people who took so so called Tory's virtual calculator is who thought long term get reward look how we get rewarded here it's unbelievable this is the way of the world baby this is the way it's supposed to work in the free market baby I love it the rich get richer and if you don't like that go complain to Donald Trump and get welfare from him or something I don't know go live over there I don't know that's not here Donald Trump is a control here go cry to Hillary Clinton or something she'll write your book pound that like button alright so here is um here is a link fresh fact link of the day April 7 2015 the art of the video I made and it's linked to below scrap your IRA our IRA buy Bitcoin on that day bitcoin was worth two hundred fifty three dollars it has gone up 29 times in value since April the 7th 2015 when I told people scrap your IRA buy Bitcoin and by the way I did have a sum why are agent I completely liquidated oh and I got penalized by the government and then it's gone up 29 at times of value so again how do you get back then people are worried about these you know penalties and stuff I got cashing out and people are asking me about about these Bitcoin IRAs and stuff and I'm just like dude what's the I don't even understand the point of these things anymore and I know so many summit guys are tied into them because they put money into them for 30 years now or something and I guess I feel bad for you I mean I guess you're stuck with this you know this tax penalty but whatever I mean in reality have you done have you done cashed out some of it and taking the penalty back then and it's going up 29 times and value what the heck's the penalty I mean it's it's totally been erased so that's a real interesting a flashback today cuz I know most I tell people check out my archives most people don't but occasion I'll get comments and people late like my god Adam you have been so right about this buying the whole thing it's so easy it's so simple and yeah I have been saying it for quite some time and as you can tell by my excitement you know people say you're working on drugs no it's excitement because I did the right thing back in 2014 15 and 16 and now I got a lot of Bitcoin so this is like pure happiness students pure anyhow I've always been is energetic or whatever and but it's a good feeling trust me it's a good feeling and it's never too late alright and look I see someone bringing up Trump in the comment section now don't worried about those people if you worry about politics you're wasting your life trust me your weight you you're gonna get stuck into Doom and just just study Bitcoin learn Bitcoin don't get into this you know this craziness with with politics but I did bring up some politicians there because that's who the 20% love I mean that's 24 the 80% that that's what they were like but they're there that's their daddies that's that's who gives them that stuff that's their reason for existence I mean they couldn't they couldn't live their lavish lifestyles you know living off a section 80 and having like uh having a great SUV I mean this is you see in the Baltimore City all the time he supposed to feel bad for these people come to my world people come to my world people I love it I love it here I don't have to deal with your SUVs and your satellite TVs and you're living off of the freaking Section eight I mean and I love not seeing that I love traveling the world walking around here in Israel safely walking around nineteen you know not seeing these people who are gonna mug me they think they get $11 they get $10 they spend $11 that's the way of the eighty percent I love not having to deal with those that type of 80% that I'd had to see a lot in Baltimore it's just insanity all right don't mean eighty percent of if 2x does not happen by the way then I can see be cash pump and and Bitcoin dump a little I mean it's only temporary and I link to a Twitter about that I think I don't even know what that Twitter links about that's from whale Panda I'd like well panda so it must be good and again who cares if it and by the way if Bitcoin crashes down the $5,000 what's it matter D why do you care you're not Sol until after 2020 having anyway long-term thinking we're gonna have turbulence you know it would hit seventy five hundred dollars today or something I don't even know because I'm just thinking long term that's the mentality you got to have people and again here is an 80% mentality tweet i link to it below this person actually wrote this stop spreading this foot first let me back up a little bit ties n was praised was actually praising my buy-and-hold strategy on twitter so this this guy chimes in this 80 percenter chimes in you know i friend his SUV is section eight an SUV I guess stop spreading this false idea of getting rich easily when you do 3x with a coin you sell it nobody has kept Bitcoin since the beginning so this guy cannot even fathom why someone would hold on to something once it's gone up three times in value that you must sell once it goes up three times the value you gotta sell you got to cash out and then no one has the you know no one has the the control the self-control to actually hold on the Bitcoin for the long term nobody he says nobody has kept Bitcoin since the beginning I have never sold a Bitcoin never never I bought my first Bitcoin in 20 my first – I don't need 2013 I remember telling all my friends about it 20 I have this Bitcoin alright so this guy this just shows you gives you a peek into the mentality of the 80% and what we're up against we're not up against it they're supporting us this is just I mean we have to deal I mean you can be frustrating when you hear people say such ignorant things like this guy says but you got to take a positive outlook on this you really can't get frustrated you can I get frustrated something but you can't get frustrated you've got to turn it around and say you know what these guys I can't help them they're part of 80% they're making me welter wealthier this is the way of life this is the way of the free market this is the way it's gonna work so this guy can keep spreading his nonsense if he wants to you know saying that people it's impossible for people to hold he's so freakin impulsive he can't hold on once it goes up three times I mean what would I show my Bitcoin I bought some at 250 and then it went up to 750 every time just would have sold everything at 750 would I be a happy camper right now would I look very smart right now no I'd be would be foolish look and just think of it that way people think of it that way when you're tempted to sell when you know it's it's coming out with paper on them it's worth so much more now I should just cash out now and get me some BA some steam or some well you know whatever so nonsense no no all right so anyway there is the final thing is a link and this link kind of inspired a lot of today's video is to a stefan molyneux video and he he is very frustrated with the tax situation even though he's in Canada but you know people are just you've gotta tax the rich you gotta tell the rich are already being taxed they're already funding the whole shebang okay so you know if you cut taxes on them you'd have a more productive Society okay deal with it that's what goes on in our world so again if you're in this world you have to deal with it over there you can get Trump to do favors for you or whatever but so so anyway Molyneux is he says that you should thank the rich say thank you for your service rich thank you for yourself don't hate the rich people somali who talks about that they don't be jealous he is a world where the rich or vilified don't be part of that world he talks again he uses a term how people love to to toss around the terms luck and privilege luck and privilege that is a crutch for the 80% okay that's your crutch 80% so if you want to play with your luck and privilege crush and complain go ahead go ahead I'm just going to enjoy this world I'm going to encourage people to come to this world to buy and hold and to become wealthier with this world where wealthy people are not vilified where wealthy people are rewarded so pound that like button if you want to be wealthy if you're on your way to becoming wealthy if you understand that you got a fine hold and you can't be impulsive and you can't rely on others if you're gonna want if you want to be successful okay that's the bottom line i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video really share this freaking video because this video was freaking awesome i put some new video here every single day check out the links section everything i talked to is linked to i will see you guys later bitcoin baby