Felipe Hey how's it going? How's everybody? Richard, I would like to start the interview, could you briefly describe As you get involved in the industry What has been your experience so far Seeing this exponential growth and expansion we have seen I mean, even if you only talk about what happened this year Well last year in October I decided to start a Podcast because I wanted to learn about The futuristic industries like 3D printing Artificial intelligence Bitcoin and etc So I started and my first interviewee was Kay Matato bitcoin

com And I probably heard about Bitcoin in 2013 I thought "What's that? And you know a friend of mine told me on that "What do you mean? I do not understand" So I clicked it again and through podcast I began to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain And as more companies entrevistaba The more I realized that it was foreign exchange and money not only It has many different uses So I started interviewing more and more I started going to a local meeting in Austin Texas Given by Factom Learning and reading about it on the internet And I think like a lot happens, you become obsessed with it, and it's all so fascinating So you keep learning more and more about it I've been doing interviews for a while longer I wanted to get more involved and contribute So I thought what I can do? You know, you could try starting a company Well, I'm not a developer [developer] but could do And I said, you know, I like to bring people together And expand the development of the industry so that's why I decided to give the conference Yes it is I did not want to go alone Bitcoin because there are ethereum All these new use cases is out there So my goal is to attract a spokesman to talk about these cases of use of Blockchain Some will be using for example for the transportation industry, you know to expedite transport cargoes We also saw a company that allowed borrow money against their criptomonedas without liquidating We have some companies that use ethereum I want to show all uses of Blockchain Demonstrate how you can put your identity in a Blockchain so you can have control over medical data You know, I'm seeing through interviews all possibilities of Blockchain And I know that most people do not have the time or interest To see what is happening in the system And as I make these podcasts I can see from a panoramic view See a view from 10,000 feet Everything is being done And I want to put that knowledge from my head into the hands of people So that they can get excited about it They can see how it is changing the world And they can know that it is not just money There are also many more things You know, that depends I am talking to you I realized as in Venezuela there are people who Criptomonedas want to use versus people who Colombia or Chile or people in the United States I do not think that all use cases apply for everyone Some cases apply to some and not others For example Monero and Zcash They can be extremely important for People living in different countries They have trouble moving money, there are capital controls For others perhaps not very important ethererum Or maybe in America For real estate or large contracts, it might be something important Perhaps for some countries may be remittances Say Pakistan, Dubai, UAE They are having a problem with remittances coming out very expensive Perhaps a remittance payment with a route other than Western Union would be a great solution for them So that's what I've seen There are so many different uses, it is amazing An important fact is that our audience will have a beginners class on ethereum and Bitcoin For those who do not know anything about Because I have seen that education is doing a great lack You know, you try to use the wallet I do not know what to send or receive or buy and sell It took me months to understand that O exchange using You know, people ask me all the time Where can I get Bitcoin? I can not afford a full Bitcoin People do not even know that one can buy fractions So probably one of the most important things is that you will have lessons for beginners As it is a wallet and stuff As for the exhibitors, there will be exhibitions 25 minutes And we will take all day from 9am to 6pm We will have a main hall And a main meeting room We have about 50 exhibitors And let's add a few more so there will be many different topics You as an audience can choose the topic, I want to know how such Blockchain used in the music industry Or maybe I want to see how it goes with the theme of remittances You can choose the way you want and exhibitors who want There will be a lot of diversity Many different things Yeah, I just mean This event is not for the computer or developers [developers] They not for people who are experts This is for people who know a little or very little about the subject But I'll make sure it's suitable for all levels We probably have a class for teens You know, because they are the future I never see represented at the conference so we will have one for them Do not be afraid if you know nothing And you want to learn, see, this is how you involucraras and meet different people involved Miners, investors, Companies and other owners and see a wide variety of people We hope to come more than 800 people The sale of the tickets are going very well So we will be a full house and this will be a very good event I wanted it to be a convenient and Dallas is a direct flight from almost anywhere in the country The weather is good at the time I just want to be a great event for all Criptomonedas want that, Bitcoin, are everywhere That's why I'm doing this conference To improve the industry And to do that is accepted by all sides, and if I do my part How can that happen? Richard, thank you very much for being with us today Thanks Felipe was good talking to you