People ask me: "What is the real difficulty of building a large mining farm?" These people have set up a computer They know the different used parts

And the strange thing is difficult to answer this because they are fully right Connect all the cables in the right way and gather all the components it's not very dificult The difficulty comes before that It is how to handle the logistics and preparing to build a farm of this scale Hello, I'm Philip Salter

I'm commanding the mining operations for Genesis Mining here in Iceland To mount a cryptocurrency mining equipment in your home and buy all the hardware in a store on the Internet, you expect everything to be delivered to your door, strip all the boxes, and connects everything ready You could put together a When trying to do it on a massive scale to build thousands of these machines in the same building, this is where things get complicated The reason is that the common way to buy things over the Internet does not work in a certain scale

If you try to buy ten video cards, no problem If you try to buy some 50, some refuse the request, and start buying thousands of them, nor believe in you They do not respond to your email You need to find a different form of delivery Of course we are on a large scale, so let's get right to manufacturers the various hardware components

We use very custom hardware We have a lot that did not work with us the way it is sold in physical and online stores, and we had to design and order our own hardware This is another dimension of "complicate things" because you need not only to combine a delivery date with a manufacturer and organize the freight and all that stuff You need to plan well in advance to design your product, talk to the manufacturer to make sure that he understood what you want You need to produce it and then deal with some problems that often occur, and then handle the logistics

The schedule of the entire project is steadily increasing, the volume of communication needed for the project is increasing more and more People do not provide it because they are not faced problems if you just analyze the technical side Are real-world problems faced with large-scale, and you need be in control from the start Otherwise, your entire project will suffer a great delay Luckily, we have a lot of experience here with these little annoying problems

And I say we've seen it all by now What can go very wrong it has happened at least once Therefore, we are very careful and think these issues early and solve them before they happen For example, we buy a little more of everything we need Because some will give default, they will be broken, others go missing, we lose some or something

The scary thing is when a building is almost gone, already held all major steps, everything seems fine and nothing went wrong Because you know that something will go wrong at this point You just do not know what and when And the more the end of the building is, the less time you have to fix I'd rather give something wrong in the beginning, a big problem corrects you, it takes a week and all is well