if you fell on this video it is because you had to search the BITCONNECT and the possibility to make some money or moderately money or a lot of money with BITCONNECT then you're falling well because on this video I'll do a tutorial explaining alphabetically how do small income or middle-income or large income with BITCONNECT possible is simply based on investment and on returns on daily interest So every day then to be at first you will have buy Bitcoin two methods on the first COINBASE COM you can buy such credit card Attention of bitcoins to the credit card there is a weekly ceiling 500 euros so two a week there weekly but good if you wanted 1,000 euros, well you can do that in fifteen days it poses no Second method concern you may well buy bitcoins on Kraken there for a very important step ahead and to achieve that is to go to on KRAKEN

COM FUNDING so the tab after you created the account on Kraken and you ben FUNDING going on and then, well you choose which SEPA then appears I'm not going to post it but at the bottom there is a SEPA in fact it is a RIB with numbers and what you save there RIB as new beneficiaries in your usual banking space as if it was actually to your landlord of your accommodation for pay your rent although it is the same register that RIB so watch still banks sometimes Default refused and although the Registration of European foreign recipients for example here you can very well spent quick phone call to your agency to ask if this option is enabled or no it does not eat bread and that you avoid taking a refusal site or the bank simply call you here before anything whether do I record a European RIB whether thank you thank you otherwise enable the option here that's very important once the RIB is recorded so below you save so on the account and you can program a transfer of the amount you want So from your bank account it will be a dollar amount that So amount will then appear at the homepage After connecting you will have here on this tab TRADE is the amount appearing in the scale you go, for example 1000 euros, well you're going to 1,000 euros registered here and below Attention 0 Bitcoin and yes because now second step you having to buy bitcoins as why, stocks, and we'll place an order here there 'NEW ORDER, "Buy" or "Sell" well, we will click on "Buy" we will make it appear green, then you simply click MARKET order to buy at a price of market is much faster and it is less restrictive than the market price at time T and then the amount So you want to bitcoin, say € 1,000, you will put 002 (to almost 130 euros) Or if you want outright buy with the amount of the balance you can put 02 Ah! It is it

and yes it increased the Bitcoin has increased an can be tested short you play like that to buy hair cell the amount of interest you if I 69 puts this one is 100036 it will be a little bit mathematics to try to find the right amount of bitcoin but hey it's nice you'll see it's not very complicated when you entered the number of Bitcoin you want to Well moment you click "BUY XBT with EUR" since the order will be placed is the market price had clicked market here and well the purchase will be done very quickly because you do not ask for less the market or more than whatever market it will happen quickly once they buy bitcoins will appear on the tab trade of earlier we go back a little back on you're going to trade in Table column and the balance forgiveness tab you're going to either your euros or maybe a few remaining Euros or a few cents but below against you find your bitcoin then that's second and third stages we will now create an account in order to BITCONNECT will send your bitcoin Bitcoin fresh then why click you link under the video link I give below the video you arrive here you Register with your information this is a classic you receive an email with a link to click so you click on your property confirmation and you come to the dashboard Here the personal space BITCONNECT and initially we will focus on the part of the bitcoin wallet and "Receive Bitcoin" thus "receive Bitcoin" for that one simply clicks on deposit bitcoin is the space created an address personal space created this address a personal address forgiveness that you can copy and then glued on So we will KRAKEN to click still funding this funding and then we will not do DEPOSIT WITHDRAW we will do so to send and not receive money but send and send it better than the Bitcoin is chosen here and that's clicked and the time you will see it is very simple we will be able to send Bitcoin here here so we can add an address so you type eg I do not know "to BITCONNECT" for example, you put the number you want is not it very personal and Then you do a "Stuck" (CTRL + V) and the address you have BITCONNECT generated here you save address So here it is already an email went there to confirm actually entering this new address this thing WITHDRAW alert at kraken thing blah blah blah forward click on the link I do not because I've done it anyway here so I choose the address that interests me here I choose the amount in bitcoin I want to send you can send everything perfectly ago freshly in bitcoin which are grafted and once it's done she comes you can send your bitcoin and they will then send not appear here here you will have made a pending transaction that is you're going the address of senders the number of bitcoin and confirmation that's when it's done you'll be here Bitcoin balance of exactly the same minus the small fees that KRAKEN takes the amount you had actually initially in "TRADE" (in balance) and it is logical therefore that's a Bitcoin one leaves place to go put them in BITCONNECT here once it's done well then it's pretty simple you will then its exchange Bitcoin by BITCONNECT which are the currency of BITCONNECT it is rather logical for it you go here at the BCC sub EXCHANGE dashboard and a little well such as Kraken, well you actually buy bcc at the current So here is left here is the LAST last known good and such value you buy a certain amount of BCC until actually good amount of your current Bitcoin is you'll be sending you can click it ALL goes well in that it will write the max amount of Bitcoin you I have not I have more because I have everything I finished my already the procedure I am trying to explain here but good So you have the bcc bcc you then allow you to go at the dashboard again go on collecting this interface opens this interface in which we will be able to choose you BITCONNECT is worth investing here so you can choose the amount and well here appear the amount matching dollars here so if you saisissiez eg 1 BCC (1 BITCONNECT) is here appear the amount of $ 178 if you want to wait a little bit you have a counter here suddenly down perfectly at the time to enjoy then a small table very important here dollar amount function corresponding well you are going to have different return operations in made money won every day 100 to $ 1,000 you earn address above between 1010 and $ 5000 you win 5 to 10 and 10,000 is much the same The higher the amount, the higher you can quickly recover the original bet here so once you have written the dollar amount you want and well that's where its 1200 $ 40 for example because I had four and some BITCONNECT well you click blah blah blah you PAY FROM WALLET BITCONNECT and then your balance BITCONNECT disappears because it is injected in any case it is the corresponding dollar Here are injected at very BITCONNECT Now interest in the transactions that you will have a every day here in the tab LENDING BITCONNECT well you're going to have so transactions that was yesterday Finally d -1 j least two votes if it is – a current J etc etc and although you will be amounts which is very interesting fact is so long as you can reinvest them daily either yes you immediately get out there every day so I could get out 17 dollars 73 17 dollars 98 could have them out and I could get them all but it does not interest me too me what I prefer to do is win the East yep reinvest in English in fact I'm the dashboard at all simply via the interface of departure each time when you connect the morning you click on that thing Ribes is da can invest your amount so click on all taxa shows the total amount of the day which was granted and you reinvest etc etc every day in fact there are two possibilities that's either you are very impatient and every day you harvest is good ROI but ultimately it's good our horse 10 to 18 18 euros maybe a day because we will say worth that on average each day we will have a 11 percent return is less stable, well you'll have a very fixed time everyone that's not sexy in the end because it's quota of the same bands amount but if you run on a running number 2 and well you by Action represented his share Excel table a table that I myself was inspired on another video that showed the price collection I found so there is not long in fact that's it's an addition so it's not a very complicated excel spreadsheet but that simple addition without capital injection well was there WITHDRAW furniture is in fact which can be sortable of wallet Hobbit collection is very 34 that is happy with the famous between 1 1% and 11 percent 2 2 interest here it's an addition simple that does not grow enormously by cons see if injecting all everyday and well there goes your investment dollars 1240 1250 first day I reinvested 1260 gerald believe they are 80 ha ha ha ha and there at the time and the interest it makes sense they are elementary math interest will swell to as and what is makes sense if the investment it grows the fixed interest fixed almost word for 1

2 to 2 to 3% is not huge in terms difference this thing obviously grown each day in terms of performance so you oh yes certainly nothing out WITHDRAW abl for all there and then when as a pee you are fed well and not get anything it could be in June it could be in July it may be to me + 10 it can be a time after and well instead of seeing zeros instead of we get to anything and bah you choose to start dating and yes beard investments 16,500 dollars here say and it's not in three years that's 28 June such a good guy you come to ope early summer 2010 8 tac I start out to spend good holiday and many under water cloud reaches amounts So here rather important we arrive quickly on on 100 more than 100 euros a day out everyone does as he wants it reinjected every day because we are impatient or because we need money or simply by big issues from when is I have a payback from when I'll get BBYL 240 low $ simple addition that there is a return on Investment in this column or any 1240 something approaching it well to February 1, 2018 and so in 1241 euros therefore corresponds to this first league in February 2018 is not in a long time almost half of January February hop was back on total investment so if I ever have I'm a little fearful and well I can already get daily investment up to 1200 41 euros arrived in February well I switches to I withdraw more nothing here you can do that too 103rd running that I have not city ​​but you can do this perfectly mix between a game and so where when I recovered analysis is there nothing I go out and I things would withdraw and well within the six-seven months history that amount then to wholesalers but the investment where everyone does as he wishes everyone is free now little thing before you leave it's very important I think whatever you do whether on beat connect either on trading either on internet globally or gambling I know, but that's good to spend he never amount you might need and yes it's very important I think not overemphasized must mentally you are ready really to lose money especially since we beat connect is not I know the shelter of such a system stop for x reasons it is a system that is a bit maligned by some who think that this is something dishonest process good to see anyway testimonies little bit everywhere on youtube are stayed in the direction of success but good if the system is disconnected from the overnight and WiFi must also be very good face and it is 100 Euro is worth 200 thousand euro may have helped to prepare training no longer see it's possible it could happen here but nothing ventured, nothing gained is one of my currency very soon please liker this video and follow me why not the one you want here ali salhi lease