Look at that It's HackChain this weekend, Scotland's first BlockChain hackathon The teams have been working all weekend developing solutions to real world problems using blockchain but lets go and find out if they're any good HackChain 2017 Blockwegians speaking to BlockChain Beyoncé I'm not even in the shot, you are don't worry Summarise your idea in 5 seconds So basically our idea in 5 seconds is medical records – fast, secure, and easily accessed with an audit log

Here is the world changing concept – you keep your data on a different database and blockchain enables you to have full control over it so it's your data and blockchain can give you a chance to authorise who can see them or not What's your idea, your solution? We're trying to find a new way to raise money for charities by giving incentives to donors How will that change the world? We're trying to encourage people to donate more generously by giving them something in return And also making sure that of the donations more of the funds will actually go to helping people, nothing lost along the way How did you all work together? So we only had one coder guy, it was a bit of difficulty for him as well but with our help and a lot of his work we managed to build something, a prototype for it That was going to be my next question, so did the coder potentially work the hardest? In my opinion yes I think he's used to it What is the idea or the project? So Ethefux is a replacement for the current credit system

Instead of everything being a mess where different lenders have different info and they put it through a credit bureau and then have to somehow mesh it all together You have it all in one place in sequential order, all of the loans that someone has taken out that are identifiable to them and the best part is that the borrower at no point gives anyone their private key so they are in control of their data even if the lender gets compromised by hackers The motivation behind it was the Equifax data breach, which compromised about 50% of America's credit card credentials, email addresses Scandalous So we're basically taking their mistake, fixing it and putting it on blockchain

How was working with the team, who was the hardest to work with? Tom What is your solution, in summary? You know those wee tokens you get at the store where you can sort of pick out three different charities, we just thought we'd just done that probably half a dozen times each and no one seems to remember what charity it is that we've been giving to So we thought if we put that on the blockchain you have a simple app you can see where the tokens are being cached We're empowering customers to have control on how companies use their money to donate to charity So you're changing charitable donations with blockchain? Yep Who worked the hardest? Probably these two guys TrustChain, winners How do you feel? Shocked Can you explain to us your solution? Sure, we found the problem to be you cannot really trust most reviews so the solution we are Trying to implement is by linking transactions to reviews making users be only allowed to review once per transaction that would make it a little bit more complicated for people to just get into the web and just say whatever they want, however many times they want On a product or a service online? On a product, or a service, or business yes We're trying to increase reputation of the system So you're creating trust around these customer reviews online with blockchain? Yes And so you won, how was the experience, are you glad you gave up your weekend? Yes I think it was a surprise, we just met each other on Friday night

We were discussing about how to manage reputation, but really how to increase transparency and honesty, how do we transact with each other in an honest way Well done guys and good luck next week Thank you