Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to late night in bitcoin today is January the 13th 2018 yeah it's 4:00 am

in the morning in the East Coast 1:00 am in Los Angeles where I am strong hand the emotion people be in motion and that is what this very special video is all about this video is gonna be about all the usual news and all the usual for coverage and Bitcoin flood and everything that's going on I want to talk about the event I was just at here in Los Angeles the Bitcoin Meetup it was a great time I want to thank Anders for putting it on I want to thank tor for for taking me there and I want to thank and excuse me all the people who were in attendance in Century City tonight it was packed it was sold out and yes you did it there was a cover charge to get in and it was sold out that's how popular Bitcoin is that's how people how many people want to talk about Bitcoin and I was very flattered that quite a few people who came out found out about it because of watching this show so there are a lot of people in Southern California watching this show my experience in Southern California here in Los Angeles and in San Diego at San Diego last weekend with Bitcoin it's been amazing and it was very onic unexpected I knew a lot of people cared about it here I am just really as bullish as I've ever been after talking to people here in Southern California on the ground and that's what this video is about because there are a lot of people out there who said oh a Bitcoin is about to enter a bear market and they they give a lot of statistics they talk about a lot of Wall Street stuff they talk a lot of macro I guess here on the level on the street level I mean when you meet all these new people who were wondering you know how do I store it on my crease or how do I buy it from coinbase how'd I do this how'd I do that and then you have people that are veterans that have been in a little bit longer and everyone getting together and just you know feeling the excitement at one of these events and just you know there's all sorts of different topics everything you can imagine people California have asked a lot about the Lightning Network that has been enlightening I spoke about crypto dividends people were interested in that they were interested in obviously the be rhodium the the private everything people asked about be cash people I mean there's all sorts of interest there's all there's so many different levels of knowledge some people still don't know that you can split a Bitcoin into different into smaller pieces it is very it just exciting and there's so much opportunity to teach people I mean if you already know about this stuff and if you can market this stuff be in motion go to these events put on these events Network the networking that goes on is amazing and if you're an entrepreneurial person you're gonna be able to get together and people you're gonna come up a business ideas people were willing to pay me right there to help them set up a transit stop okay and so they if you know how to do that someone will pay you to do it someone will help you and someone will pay you to you'll be able to help someone right then and there one of these events there are all sorts of different levels of experience coming to these events but the excitement is there with everyone people aren't coming because they hate cryptocurrency they're coming because they're very interested they're very curious they want to know how to get to the next level and they're all they're proactive people so I encourage everyone all across the United States all across the world to put on these events now if you check on the you check out the links section book and they don't have to be big giant events either in San Francisco I was speaking in a big giant corporate event I'm not even talking about that I am talking about grass level meetups these are the best this is where you feel the freakin enthusiasm and you and you start to wonder would it what are people talking about with a bear market when these people here are trying their best to buy it and they can't even buy it and and they're trying to educate themselves and it's great they're just did people want to learn people want to learn people wanna buy now in yesterday's show this week a big coin we had guests on from Bristol England from Calgary Canada and from Melbourne Australia you can check out the link section below to see this weekend big when he was a great show I bring up those cities with each one of them said the events there have been bigger and better than ever the grassroots events that the meetups there and it's just growing and growing so on the ground at the person-to-person level we see great growth and great excitement and remember in the end of the day that's what matters individuals buying this stuff and holding this stuff not playing Trading gains are thin and creating uh you know institutions getting in that's great also but someone that if people have to buy regular people have to own it and regular people do own it regular people do hold it I met people there that I'm a specific person said thank you for doing these shows I've been watching you since 2016 or 2015 and I've you know it when he specifically spoke about the show where I said you know you should get ten Bitcoin for $4,000 total and this person implied to me that he is now at the elite level and he says he got one then he got 10 and he got 16 and he got 21 and he's just really flattering the people have been paying attention and that you know now I'm just saying get one the name of the show is the one Bitcoin show I mean if you end up with one Bitcoin you're in you're gonna be in good shape in the year 2024 and then probably 2020 also so and then again and traveling all around the world as you know I do and I've got to keep on traveling all around the world I mean I mean Tel Aviv I mean Seoul Santiago Los Angeles what are they all have in common not much but they all have people who are pumped up about Bitcoin and all the events I've been to there in Seoul Tel Aviv is the same thing it's the same thing people are pouring into it people are lining up at Bitcoin ATMs people at the events and Seoul we're pulling out we're pouring out Korean why to buy Bitcoin from people right there than in there so you go to these events you'll be more bullish than ever put on these events you'll be adding stuff to the community so I link to a photo from tonight's event below a tour and I he's from Baltimore as you can tell just like I am originally but he lose out here now who knows maybe I'll have a place out here I mean I would have I want to have eventually you know different apartments and different cities all over the place not owned above rental but if you know about short-term rentals all over the world I'm interested in it I'm interested in Southern California I just I don't spend any time on the east coast or in the winter anymore that's enough of that I'm not into the cold I'd like more places during winter and during the hot summers if it's mild it's good anyway that I digress but who knows I will come to your town if you have a legitimate event like I'm gonna be in st Louis over 13th and 15th of April okay that was just announced someone just emailed me about st Louis this guy's email me have foreign wouldn't get back to you you want to have a st

Louis event when I'm there let's do it let's do it other personalities from YouTube should be encouraging this kind of stuff too and going out of their way to try to attend some of these things if you're traveling around see if there's a meet-up try to attend the Meetup I'm trying to do that it gets people enthusiastic you know it it's really flattering to know that you have people who know you in different cities and you and it's great to give back even more in person and it adds to the ecosystem it adds to the great vibe they're gonna become happier Bitcoin holders they're gonna get more people into it so so if you are a prime know other personalities watch this and stuff but go out and again and at the end I and Kaufman and I and Michael Krieger who's a Bitcoin personality now we're gonna be speaking in Boulder at the boulder meetup on April the 25th that's an example right now I'm sure it's gonna be rockin there and actually Corey who's at the world from the network who I think he'll be there too I think you'll be there I'll hopefully he'll be there he lives somewhere out there and maybe a big old Robert will come out to who knows he's out there in college we've got a lot of people in Colorado and I again so suggest places to go you never know when I'm gonna end up in your city and you can see from my enthusiasm that these things are very worthwhile people come away networked they come away better informed and and again I'm telling people you know control your private key keep it on the treads or and not everybody knows that right way and yes and I encourage people I say if you control your own private key you get the crimp of dividends what are these crypto dividends I explain what they are as interest and there's there's so many different levels there's so many different things to talk about at these things and it makes a difference and your enthusiastic effort so it was a great night in Los Angeles tonight it was a great of the Saturday last Saturday in in San Diego and again we're standing so late you know it's supposed to go six to nine o'clock we're there until ten o'clock I mean just talking before after taking photos it's it's a really it's a good community event if you're a shy person maybe this is a way to get out into the real world there's your health tip of the day your health tip of the days you can't be you can't live in a hole all the time you could be you can be positive in your house I'm sure but it is good to meet real people it is good to interact with people and these are kind people these are nice people these are understanding people I mean there's smart sheet people there's dorkier people there's cooler people there's all sorts of people are crazy people like me this is energetic people you know it's it's good people make and I'm at your event I promise you I'm gonna make you feel comfortable because it's just like just like now you feel like you're talking to me right now and I hope you do it's just like I'm just like this in person people say it's the same thing is to say I ask people I'm like am i insane you think I'm that they say you're exactly the same it's the same energy stop you're saying down that like button and everything like it's would you pound out like but seriously people so yeah it's really both the bottom line is and we but we got this a take away from yesterday's show and you actually mentioned in stuff they wrote today that you know if there's a lot of people going these things it's bullish on the ground and is very bullish so you can you can hear about the trends and technical analysis says that X Y Z's it's gonna go down but when you start meeting people and you start seeing that people really want to buy this stuff in different countries I mean and I saw it firsthand in Australia I saw it firsthand in Israel I saw it firsthand in South Korea and Europe and Spain and Portugal I've seen it in the United States and I'll say it in South America soon enough I mean I talked to people from Argentina and Chile all the time and so it is it's very encouraging it's very encouraging that's that's what it's about on the ground so damn be excited put on these events go to these events tell me about these events let's let's make it more a bigger community let's take it beyond the Twitter to real life because he does make a difference and also you're gonna come if you attend these things and you've got um an entrepreneurial mindset which I very much encourage you're gonna come up with ideas with new business ideas with me you're gonna create new businesses you're gonna solve some of these problems maybe you'll be the guy who comes up with I'm gonna create the device that's going to provide everybody's a for Bitcoin every every fork that comes out or I'm gonna someone was asking me tonight I own a certain all coin I can't stand no device lets me store it again I'm like so just come up with a device like a tresor where you can save every single cryptocurrency that's on the coin market at site and i know that 98% of them are completely ridiculous but people want it and it'll get people in the habit of storing their Bitcoin off of exchanges to not so if they take their 50 raw coin off the exchange they're gonna definitely take their big point off of it too so it'd be nice if there's an option anyway enough I'm giving you ideas right now and that's inspired by all the great people in Los Angeles tonight so palnet like button Los Angeles thank you very much for a great night it was a great presentation as a great time I'm Adam I should've bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below we will be back I'll say hi to you in the chat soon but we will have another show I will have another show in a few more hours and Saturday that'll be the regular Saturday show it might be late at night who knows what it will be on Saturday good night everyone public