We are going to revolutionize the hotel industry and change your perception of profitable investments We present to you the international project HotelChain

It combines the classic hotel business and brand new blockchain technology The first hotel will be situated in the capital of Russia It will be located in one of the highest skyscrapers in Europe only 15 minutes away from Red Square Five hotels in five different countries will be developed by 2019 HotelChain will have its own cryptocurrency called HotelChain token (HTL)

Buying HTL investor will become a co-owner of a hotel room or several rooms depending on the size of the investment HotelChain token holders will enjoy the following benefits: 1 leasing tokens at 120% per annum 2 make a profit trading tokens on the exchange 3 pay with tokens within the HotelChain network 4

stay in HotelChain for free in case of holding 10 000 tokens We offer you not just to stay at our hotels, but to earn money with us! Join our growing community today!