Hey everybody How's it going? I wanted to take the time to go ahead and shoot this video I know it's kind of off topic from the WordPress videos that I normally do but I have been getting everybody asking me, all my friends have called me and asked me, you know "How do I start buying coins?" "How do I start investing in Bitcoin, alt coin and and all this stuff?" I think it's really important that everybody participate and get involved

Even if it's only you know $50 or $100 of an investment, make that movement because I really think crypto cryptocurrency is going to be the wave of the future I mean, it really is, you know? Think about how we went from cash to credit cards and now they even got you know all kinds of pay with your phone and that kind of thing I think it's really gonna be really important to participate in this Don't go into it from an aspect of making money do it because you want to participate in the future of money and how that you're gonna shape the world by doing this I really believe that

So anyhow, in this video I'm going to teach you everything you need to know as an American to buy cryptocurrency It is a little bit difficult for Americans to be able to buy cryptocurrency We have to go through different channels and multiple different websites The first website that we have to start with is coinbasecom

There there are others There's bitstampnet, and there's a few others, but coinbasecom is one that's pretty simple to use The interface is easy enough to get around, and it really has a way to have a lower fee

When you avoid the fees you can really do yourself a big favor I made that mistake at first and it cost me quite a bit of money to use the coinbasecom transfers So you start at coinbasecom and you have to start off by applying for an account

They're going to ask you for information They're gonna ask you for your identification and all of that information Because it is kind of like banking you're gonna have to give him that information It's a little bit tough to get over but I wouldn't produce this video if I had already or I wouldn't be telling you to do it if I had lost my money or I had seen that I lost my money

Everything's been okay So you start here at coinbasecom, right That's the first thing you do Then, what you do is you're going to buy Litecoin

That's what you're gonna do It's this one here The reason why you buy Litecoin and not Bitcoin is because Litecoin transfers faster than Bitcoin does So if you buy Bitcoin I actually bought some Bitcoin and I had to wait about two hours before it actually transferred It made me really nervous that my money was in limbo for that long and I couldn't see it Litecoin, the speed is incredibly incredibly increased, to the tune of I think it only took like 15 or so minutes to transfer the Litecoin So again, the first step, you're gonna come here by this Litecoin You click on the USD You enter how much you want to buy, like if you want to buy a hundred dollars, you enter a hundred dollars there and then it tells you how much Litecoin you get, right

So you buy the Litecoin You click this "Buy Litecoin" button here Then it'll take you to a confirmation Now, I'm not going to do that right now because I don't want to buy any more coin I've already invested my cap and you should too

This really is kind of like gambling You'll feel like you feel at the casino So put your cap, set it and don't go over it Only invest what you're willing to lose 100% of okay? It's very important Don't overextend yourself hoping to make a lot of money because it may not happen, all right? I mean it's pretty much guaranteed but don't ever invest what you're not willing to lose All right? So you buy the Litecoin and once that's done you'll get, like I said, the confirmation screen It'll send you an email and everything will be confirmed The Litecoin will show in your account immediately all right

So then you'll come to this screen here (Accounts) where you have your wallets I'm gonna block out a lot of portions of the screen because this is my information, you know, I can't let it out But you'll see the missing pieces when you sign up for your account So you'll have the Litecoin here and then you click on that wallet You'll be able to see that the funds are there

So the next step is you're going to move the money from coinbasecom, the Litecoin, you're gonna move the Litecoin from coinbasecom to another website called gdaxcom The reason you move it to gdax

com is because the fees are far far lower in gdaxcom than they are on coinbasecom coinbasecom

You can omit this step and transfer it right off to the the third website where you'll actually be doing the buying That's up to you but you're gonna be paying a large fees I paid those fees a few times and it really takes a chunk out of your investment So we've got the Litecoin It's here and that's all good Like I said is going to be this website here called gdax

com So when you get here into gdaxcom up on the hand corner here you're gonna see this Litecoin Just go ahead and click on really any one of those that that's a Litecoin and then it's going to change this section right up here so that way you're looking at this information right here as litecoin okay so when you're in this screen you're gonna click on deposit because you're gonna be depositing the money from coinbasecom to gdax

com and it's not money it's Litecoin so you click on coinbasecom account and then your source is going to show right here so you're gonna select your source as being Litecoin and then you can see that I don't have any funds for Litecoin and that's that's okay I know but then the amount of Litecoin is gonna show up here and then you'll click "Deposit Funds" The funds will take a couple of minutes to transfer over from coinbasecom to gdaxcom, all right

Don't freak out I was very much so on edge when I did this the first couple of times "Where's my money?" I'm not a rich guy I'm just a regular guy like any, probably, most of you watching this video, so but don't freak out

Your money will pop up there shortly and when it does you're gonna see that you have a Litecoin balance right here Alright, so now that you've got the Litecoin balance in your gdaxcom account now you're ready to move on to the third website The third website is called by Binancecom

Binancecom is a company in China Feel however you want to feel about sending your money all over the world but what we're doing here with crypto currency is truly global You're gonna have to, I guess, get used to that It was something that I was a little leery of but I went for it because it's, this [Digital Currency] is really something that I believe in and I want other people to believe in it too That's why I'm shooting this video

and it's definitely not 10:58PM as you can see up here It's far later than that actually So anyhow, this is Binance

com This is the actual place where you will purchase your coins, okay So the other two are just for you to exchange your US Dollars into Litecoin and then you move the Litecoin from coinbasecom to gdaxcom to avoid the fees and then you move your money from gdaxcom to Binance

com to actually make your purchases and put your money into the market That's what Binancecom is there for Okay so what you're gonna do is when you get in this screen you're gonna find Litecoin and it's gonna say this LTC

This is something you need to be very very aware of what you're doing You need to walk down this hill Because if you make a mistake and you don't do one of these steps right you can, really, you can literally lose your money and there's nothing anyone can do about it There's nothing anyone can do about it Because you made a mistake

So you cannot make a mistake here okay? You'll find LTC It'll be on in this list here somewhere

Once you see LTC you click on "Deposit" This window will drop open and right here you're going to have your Litecoin wallet address, your deposit address You're gonna want to copy thisIt's got a button over here where you can copy it Personally I like to highlight it all the way and I actually paste it into a notepad before I paste it into the website, into gdax

com rather, just to make sure that I've copied it absolutely correctly Because again, you don't want to screw this up So you copy this [Deposit Address] then you go back to gdaxcom and you're gonna make a withdrawal from gdaxcom and then you're going to do a "LTC Address"

You're gonna pick how much You can click on this "max" right up here and it'll transfer the maximum amount for you automatically so you want to do that because you want to move all your Litecoin out of gdaxcom and you want to put it all in binancecom or you don't have to but normally that's what you're gonna do That's what I do and then you're gonna paste in here so you're gonna paste in that number that "Destination Number" (same as the [Deposit Address]) here but before you click any other buttons toggle between the screens and verify that the first four numbers are correct or the first four characters are correct Then verify that the last four characters are correct so that way you know you've got the beginning and the end copied correctly, okay

I don't want to hear any comments that you made that mistake I'll feel really bad Everything that you're gonna be dealing with here is going to work on a two-factor authentication as well so you'll have to have your cell phone right with you when you do these transactions because it's going to send you multiple codes and you need to enter those codes quickly They don't give you much time You're also going to have "Google Authenticator" but as you sign up for the websites they will tell you go get "Google Authenticator" Alright? So that's that Once "Google Authenticator" sends you the code you type the code in here

or you get an SMS message, text message you type the code in here You know you've got to click get code, I'm sorry it's late You've got to click get code first and then it's gonna send you a text message with the code

You enter the code here and then once you've made all your verifications, make another verification Make sure everything's correct and then click on "Withdraw Funds" So once you click on "Withdraw Funds" the funds are literally going go from your gdaxcom account to binancecom This process can take a little bit of time

Don't freak out! I started freaking out the first time, especially with the Bitcoin The Bitcoin, I didn't transfer a little bit, I transferred quite a bitt I wouldn't have wanted to lose that fast without playing in a market first So yeah, this can take some time The most it's taken me so far with the Bitcoin was about two hours

Llitecoin was a lot faster, it was about twenty minutes So that's it you're done with gdaxcom at this point and you're done with coinbasecom at this point Let me just recap

You started at coinbasecom You bought Litecoin You move the Litecoin from coinbasecom to gdax

com And now you just move the money from, or move the Litecoin, from gdaxcom to binancecom, all right? I'm sorry if you're upset that I'm going through it slow but I want to make sure I get these steps correct for you Just the same way that I hope you would use the same caution when you're going through this and step your way through it nice and slow

So once that process is all complete and the money [Litecoin] does move over into binancecom you'll be ready You'll see it pop up here , where you see "Total Balance" and "Available Balance" I'm gonna block all those out but where you see that you'll see that you have money Then also on up here by "Estimated Value" you'll see that you have Litecoin

It'll say LTC are you say "Estimated Value" and then it'll give you some information Now binancecom works off of Bitcoin, that's it There's only a couple of currencies that you can buy with, I'm going to show you that now Up in the upper left hand corner, left hand side, you hover over "Exchange" and then just go to "Basic"

You can check out the advanced once you have your account, you can click all over but I'm trying not to click around too much because they I have to block out a lot of stuff and editing is terribleWe're here in the "Buy Section", right, of Binancecom You can see, we've got charts and we've got all kinds of stuff But right up here you've got a search box

You click on that search box and you type in "LTC", right, and you get this "LTC to BTC" You click on it and then you're gonna see this pink button "Sell LTC" Now you've got Litecoin In order for you to purchase whatever coin you decide you want to purchase, you need to have either Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, which "BNB" is actually by Binancecom's coin and USDT

I haven't done any research on that (USDT) so I can't comment on that but I'll do research I did a little bit of a looking it up but I wasn't interested in whatever it was saying I only buy coin that I'm interested in what the coin does I'll cover that in another video I'm gonna shoot another video about what I know about the coins

So First thing you're gonna want to do is sell the Litecoin You've got to sell it for Bitcoin You can see that here and the amount you could select the "Max Amount" and then you've got this "100%" That means "100%" of your Litecoin you'll want to sell and it'll pop up right here And then you click the "Sell" and that'll instantly, pretty much instantly, transfer your Litecoin into Bitcoin

So now you own Bitcoin From there you can go back up here to this "Search Box" and you type in whatever coin you want to buy So let's say you wanted to buy XRP because Ripple is super popular I did buy some of that So you type in "XRP"

Notice also when you hover over these, you see where my mouse is up here? When you hover over these just to the left you'll see what it's going for in US dollars This has been really key for me because it's really hard to keep track "How many US dollars is this or that?" "Where am I gaining or losing money?" It gets a little crazy A lot to wrap your head around here But hovering over that is really being a good thing so that'll at least let you know what you're buying it for

The market is constantly, 24 hours a day, moving up and down up and down up and down every minute You may want to wait and see if it goes down a little bit to save yourself a little bit of money depending on how much you're going to invest Once you know make that decision and you can refresh this screen You just refresh it right up here re-load this page right up here and then this will refresh and so will this number this number will actually change Let me go ahead and refresh it, I'll show you

"XRP" There it is So it's still 98 cents So you click on "XRP" and now you're read You've got your Bitcoin that'll show up in this row Then when you click in this row it'll tell you the amount that you can buy

So you select whatever you want you can do if you hit "25%" it'll be 25 percent of your Bitcoin balance that's what you'll be buying and it'll tell you how much that is in XRP right in here You can do 50 75 or 100 Depends on how you want to split up your coin That's something I can't tell you I bought a few different coins so you may want to diversify like that it's totally up to you though

Then you click the green button "Buy XRP" Snd that's it Now you own XRP! You're in You're in the market You are then subject to the ebbs and flows of the market

Be ready for that You'll be on your phone watching it all the time Refreshing webpages like crazy Then from there you'll learn the dashboards and everything like that If you've got any questions leave them below

I'm not a hundred percent expert but I am getting my way around it I'd be happy to answer any questions Again this this information is really pertains to Americans I'm not sure how it works really in many other countries but I know that the people in the other countries have more website options that they can go to There's one that's a that's pretty full-fledged it's called E-Toro But you you've got to have a 500 dollar minimum to get in in with them

This method you can literally get in four 75 or 100 bucksYou can get in the market and start buying That's, I think, all the information I'm just trying to think if I missed anything I didn't make notes for this

I wasn't even planning on shooting this video but it was just information that and I wanted to get out because I felt I had to get it done Please share this with your friends Share it with your friends Get them involved too Get yourself involved! Be excited about it and start talking about it

Make this movement away from the regular banks It's it's gonna change the world for the better I really believe that and that's why it's keeping me up at night! So thanks again, I really appreciate all you guys watching For my regulars, my subscribers, oh man, I appreciate you guys through the years supporting me, I really do! It's been awesome! The comments, oh, are amazing! Absolutely amazing! So yeah, thanks again share this video with with people you care about Share this video right now right now

Share it and they will thank you for it and you will thank you for it Alright bye bye 🙂