hey what's going on everybody its Kyle um yeah so a lot of people have been buy bitcoin with paypal buy bitcoin gdax buy bitcoin on coinbase buy bitcoin in pakistan buy bitcoin online buy bitcoin no fee buy bitcoin without id buy bitcoin with gift card buy bitcoin in usa buy bitcoin now hitting me up asking me how to buy Bitcoin because I've been obviously buying and trading a lot of Bitcoin and dealing with altcoins and all this other pretty cool stuff lately and I've had a lot of people text me so I wanted to buy bitcoin buy bitcoin cash buy bitcoin at atm buy bitcoin app buy bitcoin anonymously buy bitcoin australia buy bitcoin at walmart buy bitcoin at bittrex buy bitcoin android pay buy bitcoin adder buy bitcoin albany ny buy bitcoin and hold just make a video that way if any of you guys want to know how to buy Bitcoin then you can just follow these instructions basically cuz it's actually super easy to do and as you guys can see bitcoins actually up right now it's up buy bitcoin blockchain, buy bitcoin bangla 2017 buy bitcoin by paypal buy bitcoin bitcoins buy bitcoin by paytm buy bitcoin bittrex buy bitcoin bangladesh buy bitcoin bahamas buy bitcoin bahrain three hundred and forty-one dollars since last month it was it was four thousand three hundred dollars like two days ago and now it's four thousand six hundred dollars so um yeah basically you're gonna want to go to coinbase okay buy bitcoin bitstamp buy bitcoin credit card buy bitcoin cambodia buy bitcoin chile buy bitcoin croatia buy bitcoin coinmama buy bitcoin circle buy bitcoin cc buy bitcoin cheap price buy bitcoin canada buy bitcoin debit card which is this um you're not gonna see this when you first sign up you're gonna see the sign up page I probably should have put it up as the sign up page but you know long story short go to coinbase all you got to do is just fill out a buy bitcoin deep web buy bitcoin dark web buy bitcoin debit card no verification buy bitcoin dominican republic buy bitcoin 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money where's my Bitcoin wallet yeah see I have ten dollars in 38 cents but I don't keep my money on coinbase I usually just use coin based as an exchange then I move my my my earning my own my Bitcoin to I'm trying to find where is my wallet well anyway I have a little private well oh here it is right here how long this thing right here this is a little this is called a ledger nano okay buy bitcoin very cheap buy bitcoin via blockchain buy bitcoin via credit card buy bitcoin via paypal buy bitcoin virtual card buy bitcoin via paytm buy bitcoin with cash buy bitcoin without fees buy bitcoin with no fees I don't you guys can see the am i holding upside down so yeah basically it's like a little USB Drive you know it has like push buttons and security and the reason that you want to put your Bitcoin on a Hardware wallet is because if you leave it on the exchange it some Bitcoin is still going up Wow as I'm making this video Bitcoin has gone up like like five dollars or four dollars five dollars but yeah so you want to definitely keep it safe and what I'm gonna do for you guys too is um I'm buy bitcoin with credit card instantly buy bitcoin with coinbase buy bitcoin with bank buy bitcoin with paypal 2017 buy bitcoin with paypal 2018 buy bitcoin xapo buy bitcoin yellen gonna leave a link below it depends on where you're watching this you might be watching this on my Facebook I originally made this for my Facebook friends but I might put this on youtube so if it's on Facebook I might drop the link in the comments or just send me a message because I have a referral code that basically for referring a friend they will give you buy bitcoin youtube buy bitcoin yellen video buy bitcoin yellen testimony buy bitcoin yellen sign buy bitcoin yellen hearing buy bitcoin yellen speech buy bitcoin zero fees $10 in been free Bitcoin if you buy $100 or more if they only do it one time but you know if you don't want to use my link totally cool guys just go to coinbase com sign up you're not gonna get the $10 but you know and if you want to use my link you can that'd be awesome because you'd get $10 and I would get $10 so that's really cool guys you know I'm helping you help we're helping each other so yeah so if you want click the link get in contact with me if you need buy bitcoin zebpay buy bitcoin 101 buy bitcoin 1 august buy bitcoin 2010 buy bitcoin 2017 buy bitcoin 2016 buy bitcoin 711 buy bitcoin 2018 buy bitcoin 2019 any help figuring out what to do with your Bitcoin or how it works or what places accept Bitcoin I could you know steer you in the right direction if you guys are interested in trading Bitcoin if you want to go down that route I could point you and you know show you some pretty good youtubers a couple you know good-good blogs and uh good Facebook groups you can join that give it that have given me pretty good signals so yeah that's really it that's that's really all it is you sign up for coinbase you buy your Bitcoin and you know likewise should you choose to cash out like say you know you want to sell your Bitcoin and you want to put it back into your bank account well then all you do is you go to sell and you just enter the amount you you know sad one well I don't have it in here but say I had that four hundred fifty dollars oh you just sell it instantly and the last time I sold it back to my bank account it literally took one day so it's basically the equivalent of like a regular bank transfer or like a PayPal so I was able to get the money back in my account in one day so that's basically it guys that's how you buy and sell Bitcoin if you don't want to do trading guys when I first got into Bitcoin it was twenty two hundred dollars and that was just a few months ago and it's you know already pretty damn high so alright guys that's basically it and I hope that helped if you guys want the free ten dollars click my link get in contact with me if you need you have any questions and that's how you buy bitcoins so the next time anybody asks me I'm just gonna show them this video all right guys so until next time peace out