what's going on guys a lot of people have been asking me how to buy a Bitcoin what's the easiest way to buy a Bitcoin I'm gonna talk about it in this video how I'm buying Bitcoin and what's the easiest way to do it so stay tuned so obviously there's a lot of different ways to buy Bitcoin there's ways of buying it easy there's ways of buying it hard there's secret ways to do it but the easiest way right now to buy a Bitcoin to buy aetherium to buy litecoin is to use a website called coinbase dot-com so you're gonna go over here took coinbase dot-com it's very simple very easy actually there's a link down below if you use that link you'll get 10 free dollars when you sign up and I'll also get 10 free dollars so it's a win-win for both of us I actually didn't know about this until later on I didn't get $10 when I sign up for my account I wish I would have cuz it would have been nice little 10 dollar bump there but you can see once you sign up for Bitcoin you go to their website you'll pop this up right here this is the dashboard the coin based dashboard and you'll see here everything that's going on you can see what I got right now I got some Bitcoin I got some aetherium I got some light coin there in my coin base account I'm actually needing to transfer this out and put it into my wallet soon but this is what I have right now in my coin base this is basically gonna give you information of the price of Bitcoin the price of a theory in the price of a light coin so there's a couple different ways to buy Bitcoin with your coin base account you can buy with a checking account or you can buy with a credit card so when you use a credit card there's gonna be a limit I think it's like seven or fifty dollars per week until you have your account for a while and also they're gonna charge you for fees so let's say I want to buy a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin that something to be point zero one three da-da-da-da-da Bitcoin and I'm gonna click there by instantly and that'll give me $100 worth of Bitcoin the one cool thing about Bitcoin cryptocurrencies in general is you don't need to buy one entire coin so the price of Bitcoin is seven thousand dollars right now seven thousand three hundred and thirty six dollars so to buy one coin you have to spend seven thousand dollars but I can buy $100 worth and it gives me a fraction of a Bitcoin so it's really cool you don't need to go all-in just like stock mark you don't you can buy fractions of coins so if I want to put our dollars in every single week I can do that I don't need to go and buy every single coin and put a huge investment right up front so once I buy it's gonna get me filled there it's gonna charge me actually see the fees here the fees it'll be a $3 and 84 cent fee there and a subtotal in total so once that's all added up there one thing you have to think about so right here it's showing the prices at seven thousand three hundred and thirty six if I go over here to another website called G Dax it'll give me the exact price right now actually at the moment and you can see the price so you're overpaying they're almost $3000 so you gotta be careful you don't want to buy too much you can obviously the fees and stuff will hit you there but this is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin quick and easy and just do it like that I'm gonna talk about in a different video how to buy Bitcoin using G Dax but for this video we're gonna talk about just how to buy it how to sell it very simple very easy have a different payment method set up there you buy there by the Bitcoin once you buy it'll be instantly put into your coin base account and then from there you can change that you can send it around and do different things and then once you get that it'll show how to send the Bitcoin to your wallet how to send the etherium all that stuff you can set up a vault in different ways up your account selling it's the same idea say if I have 570 Bitcoin there and I want to sell it into my USD so if I want I'll be 500 bucks I would sell a point 0 68 sell the bitcoin instantly 500 dollars I'm gonna pay the fee there and after total payout be 400 dollars and 92 cents so right now coin base is the simplest the easiest way to buy a Bitcoin to buy etherion to buy litecoin and they'll probably be adding more all coins in the future but this is the easiest way to do it right now using coin based calm I just want to show you guys how I'm buying it how I'm selling it there on coin base I'm gonna make another video talking about how to buy and sell using G Dax and how to get away with not paying the fees so stay tuned for that if you guys haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button very simple very easy way to buy a Bitcoin right here using coinbase calm hit the link in the description there's a link I'm in the first comment if you sign up through that link like I said you'll get $10 I'll get $10 so help me help you why not get $10 free for both of us so I'll talk to you guys later on