alright what's up John back again and in this video we're talking about how to actually go out and buy Bitcoin using coinbase alright so for those of you don't know you know you're brand new to cryptocurrency what you need to be doing is is essentially like the stock market alright so what you have to do is you have to go out to an exchange you know whether that's you know in the stock markets through TD you know fidelity whatever the US companies are I'm going out in Canada so it's a little different but we have to go into it an exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin all right so the kind of the best company for beginners is coinbase here just because it's it's simple to use it's the biggest so what I want you to do it down below is whether there's gonna be a link for you to click on it'll take you to coinbase vanessi actually sign up through that link you're gonna get ten dollars worth of free Bitcoin when you spend a hundred dollars alright so you buy a hundred dollars worth and you're gonna get one hundred and ten dollars worth all right so they see what you're going click that link you have to create an account you know so it just initial account setup process you enter your details your name all that kind of stuff from them they're gonna need to verify your account so they're gonna walk you through it um but they'll verify your account you'll have to send them like you're at your ID to make sure that you know you're a real person you know this is a legit thing so you you do need to prove that you are you know who you say you are and then you need to upload either a credit card or your bank account in order to pay alright so they're gonna walk you through all that once you have your bank account or credit card set up and everything is verified you're gonna be taken to a page that looks like this alright and you know what you need to do is you need to come to where it says buy and sell rest humor taken to this page and this three can buy and sell Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin and essentially these these are the three biggest crypto currencies there's hundreds of different ones out there but these are the big three and the three that you should stick to if you're brand new alright so I'm here in Canada and you know unfortunately for some reason Canada's slow to like you know adopt all these new things so I actually can't hook up my bank account so I can only hook up a credit card and when you hook up a credit card your weekly card limit is like two hundred fifty dollars right so I can only put in two hundred fifty dollars a week into this which is kind of unfortunate but if you're in the majority of different countries you can put in if you hook up a bank account you can put in a lot more so it's completely up to you bank account also charges less fee alright if you hook up a credit card it's like four percent fee so ideally if you can hook up a bank account if you can't credit cards fine as well so in order to buy all you do is really simple you know by obvious left which one you want to buy I might recommend you know Bitcoin if you're first starting out your payment method click there and then all you do is you come down here and you type in how much you want to buy so if I want to buy you know hundred dollars worth all right so that's gonna be point zero zero four for Bitcoin all you do is you know bite click this button buy Bitcoin instantly and you know you can see the fee here you know three dollars and 84 cents and then what you could buy is going to be directly put into your ear um your wallet which is become order to accounts it's going to go to your Beast TCU wallet all right so it's pretty simple you know if you buy if you go ahead and buy you know aetherium it's the same same deal and then it's going to go to your to your eighth wallet alright so very very simple you know set up your account verify and all you have to do is buy right so the strategy that I'm talking about and this is buying in a holding fill a long term so this is strategy one all right so what were me doing is we're gonna be buying on Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin niver I recommend and we're going to be holding that for you know five ten twenty years down the road right so the whole goal is to not sell this the whole goal is to just you know accumulate and hold and have the Bitcoin appreciate right so you know because as you can see if you if you bought so we're Bitcoin here you know if you bought Bitcoin a year ago you would have bought it for let's just say eight hundred dollars it's now seventeen thousand right I mean that's just completely ridiculous right so that's that's why you want to hold because I feel like in the future Bitcoin is gonna be easily over a hundred thousand dollars per coin and that's I don't know how long it's gonna take to be three years can be fires can be ten years I really don't know but I think eventually it's gonna get there which is why we want to hold it so the I mean if if the price is going to be going to over a hundred thousand dollars it doesn't really matter what price we get it at but you know we do want to give herself a margin of safety so we want to make sure we buy it at the best possible time so I mean it's not complicated off the you know read charts very very simple what you're gonna do is every time Bitcoin etherium or litecoin dip so you know the price decreases you're gonna buy some right every time it dips it's you're gonna buy some and that's just going to allow you to give yourself a margin of safety and get the best possible price so what that kind of looks like a Bitcoin here I first got into Bitcoin it was a boat 65 it was right in a boat sea before this it was about $6,500 I got into Bitcoin net and that was because if you look here so it was right here alright so this is the price of the bitcoin that's slowly going up right so right here that's going up and then it takes a dip right that's where you want to buy it that's actually where I bought it was the kind of rate interval here at 65 like great and I'm out here so you want to flip for the dip anytime it dips you want to buy it right if we're going along here dips you buy it we're going up up up up dips you want to buy it same thing here it goes by it up here dips by it and you're simply gonna buy it and you're going to hold you know 7/4 theorem right aetherium i got into it was about three hundred and thirty dollars so i was about right here right so like here it goes up takes a big dip you want to buy it goes up it takes a dip you want to buy it same thing here right and you know you're just gonna slowly accumulate more and more right and over the long term that's gonna turn into a lot of money alright litecoin i got in it was a boat it was trimming sideways so it was like 50 you know – $70 for the longest time and it started breaking above and then it really kinda had $100 it was there for a little while and actually got in a boat you know reading around $100 right when the dip happened here right so the general stretch that I was using here was I was just gonna buy it and hold it for forever essentially I didn't really plan on selling it but you know because you know litecoin here it essentially went from a hundred to over three hundred dollars in you know a week so I she made you know a hundred percent on that so why is she and you know a week or so so I ended up did taking profit there but you know the majority of the time I'll just buy it and hold it I'm obviously if it makes a ridiculous return in a short period of time you want to lock in some profit but I mean just buy it at a good price hold it for a long term right Bitcoin I it was right around 6500 we're right in the dip here ended up selling around 10,000 because there was a good return and you know a few weeks but I mean obviously if you were just a hole that you get a better return you know I have a theorem as well same with litecoin right if you traditionally if you just buy it and hold it you can get a better return so that's just the strategy that I'd recommend if you're just getting started just buy it hold it right so that strategy one buying and holding like we talked about in the intro video whenever you buy and hold it you're not gonna make any like dollar money until you sell it right and the whole goal here is not to sell so this is just a long-term wealth generation dread of generating strategy so you know so we want to I'm a big believer and you want to um you know diversify so you want to have your money in different areas you don't want to go all in one thing right because I that that is too risky so that's where strategy to in free come into place so we're gonna have our a long term our long term strategy one real long term and this is just gonna you know slowly increase over time right so but we also want to have daily you know some sort of daily income coming in like you know what's real estate with dividend paying stocks you're getting roughly income right so that's what we want in crypto is wealth and that's what we want to diversify into other you know other passive income generating things right so what I normally do is I put about 33% of my money into strategy one sold is buying and holding strategy to I put another 33 and rs3 another 33 so that's generally how I allocate my my capital up so you can follow it if you want if you don't want to that's completely fine but this is just what I do so I put 33% in just buying and hold and fill long-term and then I put the remainder into something that's gonna pay me every single day right passive income every single day that's what I'm getting to the next video that's gonna be it for this one just you know set up your columbia's account if you spend $100 you can get $10 free and then just start you know any time either Bitcoin a theorem or litecoin dip by a bit right very very simple I'll just buy it and forget about it almost right over time that's gonna make you a lot of money alright so that's gonna be strategy one and this can be it for this video very very simple process so we're gonna go into strategy number two now and three as well so let's come here for this video and I will see in the next one