hey how's it going guys today I want to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to get icon or icx so we're going to go ahead and jump in and all the steps that it's going to take to get icon and if you've never heard of icon or you're looking at other coins or you're interested in specific alt coins I highly suggest that you go to coinmarketcapcom and here you can see everything you need to see market cap price volume circulating supply change graphs I highly recommend the site this is the go-to for what you may invest in or what you want to learn about a specific coin or where it's headed so why I chose icon today is because I do a lot of videos about buy Nance Finance is a great exchange and if you go to trade volume and 24-hour rankings for exchanges you will see that that bitthumb bittrex bitfnex and binance are in the top 5 and gdax which only lists 3 coins so binance has made it to number one quite a few times but as you can see the second in volume right now his icon and it's trading at a pretty good price and it's came up really fast so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to get that specific coin from buy binance with almost every altcoin that you're gonna buy the first thing that you're going to need is a coinbase account now this account is just to be able to get Bitcoin ETH or litecoin what you're going to need to transfer for other alt coins so you get your coinbase account and I don't really recommend that you use this account to try to day trade or anything you'll lose a lot of money and fees so go ahead get your coinbase account set up if you already have it set up you're gonna be able to skip probably a minute of this go ahead get set up get verified I highly recommend you get verified I recommend that you use 2-step verification you have money and here you want to keep it safe that's the fat the best way you can keep it safe so once you have this all set up you're gonna go to buy and sell and you're gonna have to have your debit card or your bank account if you have your debit card it's gonna be instant you're gonna pay some fees if it's your bank account you're gonna be waiting around for like a week and a half if you want to rate it wait around for a week and a half that's fine if you want to bank transfer it in you're gonna pay a fee also but it's also gonna take some time because you have to go to the bank and you're gonna have to pay like a $20 fee so if you're doing under like seven hundred and fifty dollars and you want it now you got to get it in before something jumps up use your debit card and when you switch to your debit card you're gonna see on mine specifically it says instantly I believe if you switch this yeah see if you switch it to the bank account bye Bitcoin so we're not gonna be using Bitcoin because Bitcoin really loves to fluctuate and in the time that you would transfer this you could lose money if you want it really simple you could use ETH but I don't like to pay a lot of fees and I like it to be fast so I use litecoin which litecoin adds an extra step in this whole process because you have to trade the light coin on by Nance for Bitcoin or ETH but at least the price isn't going to fluctuate fast enough once it's there light coins gonna stick around and be the same if not go up so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna buy the light coin you know they say you can start with any amount of money I would say $100 is pretty good if you only got 50 that's okay if you got 25 you know you might make some money you might not but you know do whatever you can everything counts so let's say earlier today I put $10 in on light coin I paid for it I got the light coin instantly once I got the light coin I went to coin bases alternate site which is G Dax comm and as you can see we got the green lock we are 100% affiliated with coin base this is part of them so once we are here if you bought light coin or ETH or BTC go ahead and pick whatever tab it is that you bought which we bought litecoin so we go to light coin and then we have to deposit and the reason that we're depositing is because we're moving it from coinbase for free instantly and it'll tell you all that as you can see deposits from your coinbase accounts are unlimited processing time is instant and free and that's what you want free and instant so for your amount or for your source it's your LTC wallet and your amount is going to be some ridiculously long decimal number if you didn't buy a whole lot so you type that in and you hit deposit funds once you've deposited the funds it's gonna pop up right here that you have an LTC balance if you use US Dollars and you did a bank transfer and same thing you just transferring USD instead of litecoin so now that we have the LTC in GDAX we're not gonna pay that much money to transfer this out but to transfer it out you're gonna withdrawal it so you're withdrawing just like it a bank you're gonna withdraw your money but you're gonna send it somewhere so you're gonna go to LTC address which is this is where we need to send this so you're gonna type in the amount and you can at this max button when you actually have some and then you need a destination and a two-step verification code which I have set up with Google Authenticator so to get this address we're gonna have to find a website with this specific token or altcoin that you may call it so how did we find that if you were to go to this specific website and you want to figure out okay where can I get Ike on so you type in icon and you see icon I see X and then you go to markets you will see that Binance is really the only American place that you can get this round and it's like I said it's already doing pretty good maybe not but so let you know you need a Binance account and a lot of people binance isn't this or that well they're they're up there so they got to be legit and I use them and I have a lot of money in there so we go over to buy binance you log in or read juster whichever you need to do which we're gonna have to login to show you so I'm gonna go ahead and login and then you're gonna have this annoying puzzle that for some reason even if you're dead on it a lie all right and then we got to get the Google Authenticator code alright so once you're in go ahead and have that enabled I don't really mess with it it just does it on its own I'm red I'm verified so I have a crazy withdrawal limit and so once you're in the website you go to funds deposit withdrawals and that's telling you deposit and withdrawals this is where all your deposits and withdrawals are so because you bought litecoin if you bought litecoin there's a wallet for each specific coin because you bought litecoin go ahead to your litecoin deposit because you're going to be making a deposit into binance read the important messages and you'll see LTC deposit address copy the address and then go back to GDAX and your destination is that wallet address you just picked up and then you type in all that and hit withdrawal funds then your money goes to limbo so how do i you know you're freaking out word my money go why is it didn't show up instantly it's gonna show up it might take a couple minutes and you're probably wondering how i find it well just depending on what you sent over if you sit on litecoin if you type something in like litecoin blockchain info you're gonna get a website like this that's called litecoin or live block cipher comm so you go here and you type that deposit address back in and it's gonna give you an estimated on the write or a balance right here and that's the money that's waiting to go somewhere it's going to be received and sent and it needs six confirmations to show up so once you see this moved here which it doesn't take very long I promise you that unless the networks congested it can get all wacky so once that sent you're gonna get an email from finance that your money's received you're gonna get here you're gonna see you got some litecoin on your ear books and how much it's worth in Bitcoin so then you go to the exchange I use basic you can do whatever you want now this is the the part that people don't listen to so this is the warning you have to be on a desktop to use market buy you have to be on a desktop to use stop limit you have to market buy if you're not trading at a point zero zero one decimal so if you have under like ten dollars you're gonna have to market buy and pay some price that's made up that you're not gonna really know so you're gonna probably have to be on a desktop and that's gonna you know you're gonna have to that's gonna be what your goal is is to use a desktop you can use your phone once you got enough money in there and you can limit buy and sell but I like to use my desktop or a laptop or whatever but I don't think their app allows this either but I have an iPhone and I don't have their app so once you have the litecoin in you can go over here and you can type in LTC to Bitcoin same thing with ETH so you want to buy a Bitcoin you go to Bitcoin and you go over to if like I said if you don't have enough money and I've do a market price 100% buy LTC and you're gonna get what you get if you want to limit by just see what the price is at or sell you're gonna want to sell obviously what you're gonna see what the price is at and what you want to sell it so if you want to set the limit go ahead and set the limit and I'll make another video on that if you don't know how to do that but hopefully if you made it this far you can figure that out so once you've done that then you're going to type in icx which is icon and this is where you're gonna start buying and selling icon and you can get it for a fairly reasonable price and I'm pretty sure it's gonna keep going up but thank you very much that's my video and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments or send me an email follow me on Twitter Instagram whatever you guys need I'll help anybody out thank you very much bye