everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam and today we're gonna show you how to sign up for a coin base account so it's very easy basically just click up the sign up here and we'll fill out all this information here first last name email address password state you're in and just agree to the terms and click account so let me just go ahead and do that and I will be right back with you alright we're back now once you've signed up you will receive a email link to verify that that's you so they'll send you an email you just confirm that email and then you just verify what state you're in and then just click click accept and you'll be good to go so if you're in a different country of course it all has to be for your countries information as well and just verify it so if coinbase is valid in your country i think it's valid in a lot of countries you can sign up for an account in your country now there is a referral link below in this description so make sure you click on that referral link it's very important because not only will they send you ten dollars of worth a Bitcoin they'll send me 10 dollars also so you get an extra ten dollars free just for you soon the referral link in the description now once everything's verified you'll come up to your account information with your dashboard here to buy sell and send them request Bitcoin I'll give you all the latest information on prices and everything so your next stage will be to add a payment method so you'd link your bank account and add your phone number to enable two-factor authentication this is very important because it'll make your account more secure and then once you buy bitcoin you can have it here transferred into your wallet I'll show up here so that's the next step to do it so will be to add your payment method if you're in the United States these are all different countries here that they have so you know in the United States you just want to add your phone number here and do the authentication and we'll do that now so just give me a moment I'll be right back okay so what will happen is you'll get a text message on your phone with a I think it's like a five or six digit you'll just enter that in to verify your phone number it's gonna give you a two-factor authentication so it makes your account more secure so the next thing to do is very easy is just to sign up your bank account so you can link your bank account to it it says you can also link a debit card I would not do the debit card because the transaction fees are higher they charge you extra so it's easier just to do it through a bank account it may take a couple of days for your funds to show up when you do a transfer into your point base account but it's or save you some extra money on the fees if you really must do the debit card it's instantaneously transfers it to your account but the fees are a lot higher so once you've linked your bank account and you can freely buy and sell the digital currency very easily from your wallet which I'll show you next all right back so it's very easy if you want to buy or sell so basically once you've linked your bank account say you want to buy a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin basically you click here to the Buy button I don't have a linked bank account so it won't take me to that but you can buy it very easily it'll say if you want to buy it in dollars or you wanna buy it in you know say you want to buy just point one of a Bitcoin or 025 of a Bitcoin you can do it like that but usually I just use it as so if I want to buy $100 worth I'll just click on the dollar size I want to buy a hundred dollars will tell me how much Bitcoin the transaction fee and then I'll click confirm to buy and then within a couple of days people take the money out of my bank account and I will have the Bitcoin in my wallet a few days after that so it will probably take about five to seven days before you actually get the bitcoins in your wallet where you can actually freely use them to spend them if you use the debit card it will happen immediately and you'll be able to spend them right away but you know keep in mind you'll probably end up paying about an extra you know two three percent I'm not sure exactly how much it works out to but that's what you're paying in the fees profusing their debit card but if you need it fast you can get it fast that way but that's about it it's very simple it's very straightforward it gives you your balance for your wallet information is on there if you buy a Bitcoin it shows up here there from here and litecoin here so we've confirmed the email we've done the two-factor authentication with the telephone number and all you do is just click here to add your bank account just routing number and account number it's very straightforward and you're good to go and that's it's very simple very easy you'll get your ten dollars worth or a free Bitcoin and your work for using my cold my referral link below and once again please like and subscribe to my videos I'll bring you more and more out as time goes on and also don't forget to look at big connects and sign up with big connect as well but once it's very important that you have some kind of wallet like a coin base or be on a nother exchange where you can transfer the Bitcoin into your big connect so you can start using that well thanks very much for listening to this video a great day bye for now