Hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day, let's go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content today We're going to be talking about how to transfer a btc-e th and LTC to any wallet address for free using coin base So I know we made a previous video I'll put it in the description below on how to buy Bitcoin ether or light coin without paying any fees But let's go ahead and do our 100 dollar giveaway before we get into our video here If you don't know we give away $100 every single day on our channel all you have to do is be subscribed with your post notifications On and then leave a comment answering the thought-provoking question at the end of this video in the comments below And then of course like this video This is the winner for today if this is you go ahead and send me a message on Twitter And I'm gonna go ahead and give you that $100 So let's go ahead and talk about how to transfer BTC eth or LTC to any address any exchange for free using coinbase What you guys are gonna? Do is create a G Dax account once you've already got a coin base account created create a G Dax account It's owned by coinbase and then make sure that your account is verified Once you have a G Dax account what you're gonna Do is you can click the pairing that you'd like to use so you've got Bitcoin ether and litecoin? So let's say we're gonna be doing BTC here what you're gonna want to do is have the Bitcoin in your coin base Wall as you can see I've got a little test amount here of about $24 of Bitcoin here in my coin base wallet and I'm gonna go ahead and click deposit in my G Dax click coin base account and then type in the exact amount that you'd like to deposit So I'm gonna be depositing 1 6 4 7 8 4 and then once I deposit these funds It's instantly gonna be credited to my G tax account so as you can see here I now have the funds here I paid no fee so far and this is the cool part This is the little trick that I'm going to show you guys so now you can click withdraw and then you can send it to any BTC address at this point and pay absolutely No fees so I'm gonna put a BTC address here put the amount you can click max Put your two-factor code make sure you have all of your accounts secured I did a video on that and then withdrawal funds And you'll pay no fees whatsoever so this works for litecoin and ether as well so for the dollar giveaway question at the end of this video Which is now I'd like to ask you guys a question so pretty much I I know I've shown you guys all of these great exchanges all of these techniques But my question to you guys is what is your guys's opinion on the next generation of exchanges? What is gonna be the technology behind the next generations of exchanges that you'll see in the marketplace because? At this point obviously most exchanges are pretty similar And you know some have different features like being Decentralized or not having certain fees or using their own coins so that eliminates fees? But what do you guys see the future of exchanges like in the future so that's the $100 question for today guys? Hope you guys enjoyed this video

Hope it brought some some value to some of you guys and other than that That's it for today guys I'm gonna be doing a live stream tonight We're gonna be doing our market analytics talking about bitcoins price and where that's going and other than that guys it's done for this video snipers out